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A, An, The Quiz Online Questions And Answers  Direction [Q. No. 1-19] : Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate articles :

1. Ritu is ……most active girl in ……family.

(A) the, a

(B) the, the

(C) a, the

(D) a, a

2. …..sun rises in ……east.’

(A) A, the

(B) The, the

(C) The, a

(D) An, a

3. Honesty is ……best policy.

(A) an

(B) the

(C) a

(D) none of them

4. Every country has…..parliament.

(A) the

(B) an

(C) a

(D) None of these

5. ……India of today differs from ……. India of yesterday.

(A) An, an

(B) A, a

(C) The, the

(D) A, the

6. …… Apple Cart is …..historical novel.

(A) An, a

(B) A, an

(C) The, a

(D) An, the

7. ……. boy met ….man with ……. elephant.

(A) A, the, a

(B) A, an, the

(C) The, a, an

(D) An, the, a

8. Copper is… useful metal.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) none of them

9. He is……. honour to his country.

(A) an

(B) a

(C) the

(D) all are correct

10. The children found……. egg in the nest.

(A) an

(B) the

(C) a

(D) all are correct

11. English is easy language.

(A) a

(B) the

(C) an

(D) none of them

12. sun shines brightly.

(A) A

(B) An

(C) The

(D) None of them

13. French is ……language of…. people of Engl

(A) an, a

(B) a, the

(C) the, an

(D) an, the

14. Rohit is……. untidy boy.

(A) an

(B) a

(C) the

(D) no article

15. He is….university student

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) all are correct

16. He is……. M.A.

(A) an

(B) the

(C) a

(D) no article

17. He reads in……. H.E. School.

(A) an

(B) a

(C) the

(D) no article

18. Akshay is ……. open-minded man.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) none of them

19. Ganga is……. holiest river of India.

(A) A, an

(B) The, an

(C) The, the

(D) An, the

Direction [Q. No. 20-35) Fill in the blanks with suitabi determiners given below the sentences.

 20, villages were washed away by floods

(B) None

(A) One

(C) Any

(D) Many

21. There were…… passengers in the second class sleepe


(A) either

(B) both

(C) twenty

(D) any

22. There is…… truth in what he says.

(A) little

(B) every

(C) some

(D) much

23. There are…… books on the table.

(A) few

(B) some

(C) every

(D) little

24. Nature’s beauty is for….. of us to admire.

(B) each

(A) every

(C) any

(D) all

25. The cow is…… sacred animal.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) none

26. Only….. students passed the entrance test.

(A) many

(B) three

(D) any

(C) every

27. There are four clubs here and …… club would feel honoured

to have Vinod as its member.

(B) either

(A) neither

(C) any

(D) few

28. ……..member of the group was given a driving test.

(A) Any

(B) Many

(C) Every

(D) Each

29. boys are absent today.

(A) A lot of

(B) Much

(C) Many

(D) Every

30. You can buy…… pair of trousers. Both of them are equally


(A) any

(B) few

(C) either

(D) little

31. I was too tired to do…… work.

(A) any

(B) some

(C) single

(D) all

32……. countries are preparing for war.

(A) All

(B) Many

(C) Every

(D) Each

33. Every student in this class is poor in studies.

(A) single

(B) much

(C) all

(D) both

34. I have read…… book in this library.

(A) each

(B) either

(C) every

(D) lot of

35… leaders who are sincere do not get any opportunity towork.

(A) Some

(B) A few

(C) All

(D) The few

 Grammar Model Paper For Exams 2022

1. “Would you open the door please?”

 (a) She asked me to please open the door.

 (b) She requested me to open the door.

(c) She requested me to please open the door.

(d) She asked me open the door.

Answer – D 

2. He said, “Sita, when is the next train?” (SSC CGL, 2016)

 (a) He said to Sita when the next train was.

(b) He asked Sita when the next train was.

c) He asked Sita about the next train.

 (d) He asked when the next train is.

 Answer – C

3. Today I accomplished my task successfully.

 (a) Today my task is accomplished successfully

. (b) Today my task has been accomplished successfully.

(c) Today my task accomplished successfully.

d) Today my task was accomplished successfully.

Answer –  B

 4. She was advised 15 days’ rest after her surgery.

 (a) The doctor was advised her 15 days’ rest after her surgery.

(b) The doctor has advised her 15 days’ rest after her surgery.

 (c) The doctor advised her 15 days’ rest after her surgery.

 (d) The doctor had advised her 15 days’ rest after her surgery.

 Answer – C

5. When did he return my books?

(a) When were my books returned by him?

 (b) When will my books be returned by him?

 (c) When has he returned my books?

d) When are my books returned by him?

Answer – A 

6. She looks after the child. (SSC CAPFs SI, 2016)

 (a) The child are looked after by her

 (b) The child were looked after by her (c) The child is looked after by her

 (d) None of these

Answer –  C

7. People call him a fool.

(a) He has been called a fool.

 (b) He is called a fool by the people

(c) The people have been calling him a fool.

 (d) We all people have called him a fool.

Answer – B 

 8. The most useful training of my career was given to me by my boss.

 (a) My boss has been giving me the most useful training of my career.

 (b) My boss gives me the most useful training

(c) My boss is giving me the most useful training.

(d) My boss gave me the most useful training of my career.

9. We have decided to open a new branch.

(a) To open a new branch was decided by us.

(b) To be opened a new branch has been decided.

 (c) It has been decided to open a new branch.

 (d) It may be decided to open a new branch by us.

Answer –  D 

 10. I can teach Nalini. (SSC CAPFs SI, 2016)

(a) Nalini can taught by me

(b) Nalini could be taught by me

(c) Nalini can be teach by me

(d) Nalini can be taught by me

 Answer – D

11. He said to him, ‘Do not go there.’ (SSC CAPFs SI, 2016)

(a) He told him to go there.

(b) He told him to not go there.

 (c) He told him not to go there.

(d) He forbade him not to go there.

Answer –  C

12. Rita says that Kishore sang a song. (SSC CAPFs SI, 2016)

(a) Rita says, “Kishore sang a song”.

(b) Rita said, “Kishore sang a song”.

 (c) Rita says, “Kishore had sing a song”.

(d) Rita told, “Kishore sang a song”.

 Answer – A

13. I said to him, “Why are you working so hard?”

 (a) I asked him why he was working so hard.

(b) I asked him why was he working so hard.

 (c) I asked him why he had been working so hard.

 (d) I asked him why had he been working so hard.

 Answer – A


1. _____ an old legend, King Shirham lived in India.

 (a) In the event of

 (b) Due to

(c) According to

(d) In reference to

 Answer – C

2. _____ she is clever, she often makes mistakes

 (a) Despite

(b) Since

 (c) Although

Answer – C

(d) Yet 3. ____ you hear the President’s speech?

 (a) Have

 (b) Has

 (c) Had

 (d) Did

Answer – D

4. Mr. and Mrs. Joshi go for a ______ walk just before dinner.

 (a) vibrant

 (b) brisk

(c) vivacious

 (d) slow

Answer – D

5. The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went _____ it.

 (a) into

 (b) about

 (c) for

(d) through

Answer – D

 6. We must _____ help to the people hit by the cyclone.

(a) contribute

 (b) summon

 (c) impart

 (d) render

Answer –  D

7. The government must _____ all resources of energy.

 (a) collect

 (b) gather

 (c) muster

 (d) harness

Answer – D

 8. The Greenland ice sheet is _____ at the rate of about 12 cubic miles a year.

 (a) smelting

(b) condensing

(c) melting

 (d) freezing

Answer – C

 9. It is our duty to get ______ the truth.

(a) to

 (b) over

c) into

(d) at

Answer – D

10. Mount Everest has earned the _____ distinction of being the world’s highest garbage dump. (SSC CGL, 2016)

 (a) marked

 (b) disgusting

 (c) dubious

 (d) dismal

Answer – C

11. The clerk asked for my _____. (SSC CGL, 2016)

 (a) determination

(b) destiny


(d) designation

Answer – D

 12. The boys were _____ to hear that we were going to build a bridge. (SSC CGL, 2016)

(a) delight

 (b) delights

 (c) delighted

 (d) delighting

Answer -C

13. This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, _____?

 (a) hasn’t he

 (b) hasn’t it

 (c) isn’t it

(d) isn’t he

Answer – C

 14. Go home immediately _____ your mother is looking for you.

 (a) after

 (b) so that

 (c) because

 (d) but

Answer – C

 15. Let us sit down _____ the shade of a tree for sometime.

 (a) inside

 (b) below

 (c) in

(d) beneath

Answer – C

 16. Please write to me _____ this address.

 (a) upon

(b) at

 (c) to

 (d) on

Answer – B

 17. Google is one of the most popular search engines, it is _____ by the Internet users. (a) utilized

(b) effected

 (c) examined

 (d) flabbergasted

Answer – A

 18. I convey my thanks _____ the members of the club.

 (a) for

b) of

 (c) to

 (d) about

Answer – C

19. I’m not so successful _____ she is.

 (a) then

 (b) as

(c) like

 (d) than

Answer – B

20. He slipped _______ his old ways and started drinking again.

(a) off

 (b) by

 (c) in

(d) into

Answer – D

 21. ‘My India’ by Corbett deals ______ the author’s familiarity with and love of India.

 (a) in

 (b) of

(c) at

 (d) with

Answer – D

22. Octopuses are mostly shy and _____ harmless to human beings.

 (a) generally

 (b) mainly

(c) completely

 (d) rarely

Answer – A

23. The Prime Minister insisted ______ fuel prices in the Cabinet meeting.

(a) to raise

(b) on raising

(c) in raising

 (d) at raising

Answer – B

24. Medical science has _______ almost everything except death.

 (a) surrendered

(b) conquered

(c) controlled

(d) crushed

Answer – B

25. The plane was ______ five hours late.

 (a) evenly

(b) almost

 (c) keeping

 (d) allmost

Answer – B

26. A wiseman _____ not pretend _____ know everything.

 (a) did, to

(b) may, in

(c) does, or

 (d) does, to

Answer – D

27. She was so _____ that she was _____ by all.

 (a) stupid, admired

(b) proud, respected

 (c) excellent, warned

 (d) talented, praised

 Answer – D

Synonyms GK


 (a) fluidity

 (b) politeness

 (c) clarity

(d) fluency

Answer – C


(a) implicate

 (b) elude

(c) charge

(d) manifest

Answer – C


 (a) accuse

(b) praise

 (c) appreciate

 (d) judge

Answer – D


 (a) confusion

 (b) deception

(c) flood

(d) weapon

Answer – C

5. PREPONDERANCE (SSC Combined Graduate Level, 2011)

(a) pre-eminence

(b) dominance

 (c) domineering

 (d) preoccupation

Answer – B


(a) good

(b) wholesome

 (c) unproductive

 (d) profitable

Answer – C

7. PERSPICUOUS (SSC Combined Graduate Level, 2011)

a) relevant

(b) precise

(c) brief

(d) clear

Answer – B


(a) cordial

 (b) unselfish

 (c) careful

 (d) specific

Answer – A


 (a) showy

 (b) sad

 (c) silly

 (d) snobbish

Answer – C



 (a) determination

 (b) day-dream

 (c) reality

 (d) realization

Answer – B

11. FLAUNT (SSC CPO, 2011)

 (a) cut

 (b) deceive

 (c) exhibit

(d) blame

Answer – C


(a) conduct

(b) blessing

 (c) character

 (d) response

Answer – A


(a) conclusion

(b) climax

(c) abyss

d) cultivation

Answer – B


(a) tremendous

 (b) dynamic

 (c) treacherous

 (d) peaceful

Answer – D


 (a) sore

 (b) unpleasant

(c) splendid

 (d) dissatisfied

Answer – B


(a) short

(b) roundabout

 (c) circular

(d) different

Answer – B


 (a) repulsive

 (b) revolting

(c) cunning

(d) callous

Answer – D


 (a) scarcity

(b) familiarity

 (c) closeness

 (d) relation

Answer – A

19. LIABILITY (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff, 2011)

 (a) debt

(b) debit

 (c) asset

 (d) credit

Answer – A

 20. APPEAR (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff, 2011)

 (a) see

 (b) allow

 (c) seem

(d) enter

Answer – C


 (a) insist

(b) persuade

 (c) flatter

 (d) recommend

 Answer – C


(a) taste

(b) aroma

(c) sight

(d) touch

Answer – B


 (a) false

 (b) frail

 (c) foul

(d) flattering

Answer – A

 24. confuse (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) explicate

(b) perplex

(c) mix

(d) divert

Answer – B

25. IMITATE (SSC CISF Constable (GD), 2011

(a) follow

(b) copy

 (c) think

 (d) allude

Answer – B


 (a) echo

(b) mimic

(c) imitate

 (d) simulate

Answer – C

27. LAUD

 (a) like

 (b) acknowledge

 (c) praise

(d) record

Answer – B


(a) clear

(b) ailment

(c) incapable

(d) obstruction

Answer – D


 (a) submissive

 (b) stubborn

 (c) strong

(d) changeable

Answer – A


(a) encourage

 (b) grow

(c) see

(d) maintain

Answer – B

31. PURGE (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) evacuate

 (b) pressurize

 (c) thrust

(d) float

Answer – A

32. SHEATH (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) weapon

 (b) hide

 (c) encourage

(d) coat

Answer – C



(a) place

 (b) keep

(c) rest

 (d) replace

Answer – C


 (a) economical

 (b) delicate

(c) splendid

(d) hungry

Answer – A


 (a) reason

(b) occasion

 (c) intention

(d) preparation

Answer – C

 37. Genre (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) celebrity

(b) common man

(c) category

(d) pleasant

Answer – C


 (a) awesome

 (b) remarkable

 (c) considerable

 (d) excessive

Answer – B

39. Gruff

(a) Hard

 (b) Rough

 (c) Tough

 (d) Sturdy

Answer – B

 39. Irreverence

(a) Disrespect

(b) Cruelty

 (c) Unkindness

(d) Invalidity

Answer – A

 40. Vindicate

 (a) Open

(b) Ventilate

(c) Justify

(d) Recommend

Answer – C

 40. Momentous

 (a) Important

 (b) Temporary

(c) Fleeting

 (d) Monumental

Answer – A

41. Infaturation

 (a) Emotion

 (b) Passion

(c) Imagination

 (d) Compassion

Answer – B

42. Consignee

 (a) Delegate

(b) Nominee

c) Representative

 (d) Messenger

Answer – B

43. Tramp

 (a) Wanderer

 (b) Cheat

 (c) Traveller

 (d) Pilgrim

Answer – A

 44. Quiver

 (a) Quarrel

(b) Quicken

 (c) Waver

(d) Tremble

Answer – D

45. Paradox

 (a) Paradise

(b) Question

 (c) Puzzle

 (d) Challenge

Answer – C

Antonyms Questions and Answers 


(a) harmony

 (b) serenity

 (c) acceptance

 (d) placidity

Answer – A


(a) serenity

(b) slavery

 (c) serfdom

 (d) subordination

Answer – B


 (a) reduction

(b) humiliation

 (c) depression

 (d) debasement

Answer – C


 (a) dull

 (b) shining

(c) weary

(d) tired

Answer – A


 (a) employment

 (b) indisposition

 (c) strength

 (d) weakness

Answer – C


 (a) natural

 (b) plastic

 (c) cosmetic

 (d) apathetic

Answer – A


 (a) self-government

(b) dependent

(c) defensive

 (d) neutral

Answer – B


 (a) rude

 (b) insensitive

 (c) indifferent

 (d) sympathetic

Answer – D


 (a) obstruct

 (b) advance

(c) linger

 (d) guarantee

Answer – B


 (a) carefree

(b) impetuous

 (c) safe

 (d) impure

Answer – C

 11. Fidgety (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) composed

 (b) restive

 (c) twitchy

(d) antsy

Answer – A

 12. Bland

 (a) blah

 (b) insipid

 (c) tame

 (d) lively

Answer – D


 (a) test

(b) dislike

(c) like

 (d) interest

Answer – C


 (a) standing

 (b) speedy

 (c) moving

(d) fast

Answer – C


(a) real

 (b) ambitious

 (c) unbelievable

 (d) imaginary

Answer – A


 (a) unscrupulous

 (b) dynamic

 (c) rapid

 (d) enthusiastic

Answer – C


 (a) strong

 (b) noisy

(c) incomplete

(d) violent

Answer – B

32. Sue

 (a) absolve

 (b) litigate

 (c) indict

 (d) solicit

Answer – A


(a) hasten

(b) depart

(c) begin

(d) change

Answer – C


 (a) failure

(b) loser

(c) predecessor

(d) predator

Answer – C


(a) opposition

(b) adjustment

 (c) confirmation

 (d) agreement

Answer – D


(a) lenient

 (b) crabby

(c) polite

 (d) unreasonable

Answer – A


 (a) shift

(b) build

 (c) repeat

 (d) hide

Answer – B


(a) mercy

(b) bestiality

 (c) cruelty

(d) humanity

Answer – D


(a) honest

(b) unclean

 (c) heartless

(d) hateful

Answer – A


(a) repulse

 (b) cease

 (c) control

(d) quell

Answer – D


(a) profuse

 (b) prolific

(c) profound

(d) profane

Answer – D


 (a) miserly

 (b) gluttonous

 (c) plentiful

 (d) extravagant

Answer – D


 (a) commencement

 (b) renewal

 (c) ongoing

(d) interruption

Answer – A


 (a) inefficient

 (b) soft

 (c) fragile

(d) weak

Answer – D

 45. Candid

(a) Outspoken

(b) Frank

(c) Devious

 (d) Disguised

Answer – C

46. Culpable

 (a) Defendable

 (b) Blameless

(c) Careless

(d) Irresponsible

Answer – B

47. Survival

(a) Evolution

(b) Development

(c) Creation

(d) Extinction

Answer – D

48. Demented

 (a) Sensible

(b) Sensitive

(c) Sensual

(d) Sensuous

Answer – A

49. Timorous

(a) Trembling

(b) Cowardly

(c) Bright

(d) Bold

Answer – D

 50. Panicky

 (a) Confident

(b) Sober

(c) Quiet

(d) Calm

Answer – D

51. Mournful

 (a) Playful

(b) Joyous

 (c) Laughable

 (d) Humorous

Answer – B

 52. Prudent

 (a) Silly

(b) Unwise

 (c) Idiotic

 (d) Poor

Answer – B

 53. Agony

 (a) Pleasure

(b) Laughter

(c) Bliss

 (d) Ecstasy

 Answer – A

One-Word Substitution Questions and Answers 

1. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence

(a) statesmanship

(b) diplomacy

(c) hierarchy

(d) protocol

Answer – D

2. An object or portion serving as a sample

(a) specification

(b) spectre

(c) spectacle

(d) specimen

Answer – D

3. A hollow object used to contain something (SSC CHSL, 2017)

(a) platter

(b) salver

(c) plate

(d) receptacle

Answer – D

4. To struggle helplessly

 (a) flounder

(b) founder

(c) fumble

(d) finger

Answer – A

5. A post with little work but high salary

 (a) director

(b) trustee

(c) sinecure

 (d) ombudsman

Answer  – C 

6. A person who writes decoratively

 (a) calligrapher

(b) collier

 (c) choreographer

(d) cartographer

Answer – A

 7. To take someone somewhere suddenly and quickly (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) rush

 (b) whisk

 (c) fly

(d) flit

Answer – B

8. Quibble

(a) premedicate

(b) prenominate

 (c) prevaricate

(d) preponderate

Answer – C

 9. One who compiles a dictionary

 (a) geographer

b) lexicographer

(c) lapidist

(d) linguist

Answer – B

10. A test in which cells from diseased organs are removed and tested

(a) biopsy

 (b) autopsy

 (c) operation

(d) amputation

Answer – A

11. List of issues to be discussed at a meeting

 (a) schedule

(b) agenda

(c) time-table

 (d) plan

Answer – B

12. That which cannot be easily read

(a) illegible

 (b) incomprehensible

 (c) unreadable

 (d) unintelligible

Answer – A

13. A person who loves wealth and spends as little money as possible

 (a) curmudgeon

(b) money-grabber

 (c) scrimp

(d) miser

Answer – D

14. Full of criticism and mockery.

 (a) discrimination

 (b) ridicule

 (c) satire

(d) contempt

Answer – C

15. To give one’s authority to another

 (a) assign

 (b) delegate

(c) represent

(d) designate

Answer – B

16. A figure with many angles or sides

 (a) hexagon

 (b) octagon

(c) polygon

 (d) pentagon

Answer – C

 17. One living on vegetables

 (a) vegetarian

 (b) herbivore

 (c) carnivore

 (d) barbarian

Answer – A

18. The practise of having many wives

 (a) bigamy

 (b) calligraphy

 (c) polygamy

 (d) polyandry

Answer – C

 19. A strong dislike

 (a) reciprocity

 (b) entreaty

 (c) animosity

 (d) malice

Answer – C

20. The Mahabharata is a long poem based on a noble theme

 (a) summary

(b) story

c) narration

 (d) epic

Answer – D

21. One who is always doubting

(a) sceptic

 (b) deist

(c) rationalist

(d) positivist

Answer – A

 22. A collection of slaves

 (a) coffle

 (b) crew

 (c) company

 (d) cortege

Answer – A

23. A word or practice that has gone out of use

(a) obsolete

(b) absolute

 (c) outdated

(d) old-fashioned

Answer – A

24. One who is new to a profession (SSC CHSL, 2017)

 (a) nuance

(b) pun

 (c) tyro

(d) vandal

Answer – C

25. A supplement to a will

(a) furlough

(b) adjunct

(c) effusion

(d) codicil

Answer – D

26. A drink usually made from a mixture of one or more alcoholic drinks

 (a) cocktail

 (b) mocktail

(c) liquor

(d) bisque

Answer – A

 27. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately

 (a) particle

(b) sibilant

(c) syllable

(d) letter

Answer – C

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