Lucent One Liner Gk Bihar Special General Knowledge in English

  1. Under which article the advocate general is appointed in the states? —Article 165
  2. Where is Tilka Manjhi University? —Bhagalpur
  3. Which national waterway from Allahabad to Haldia passes through Bihar? —National Waterway-1
  4. Where is Hotel Management Institute located in Bihar? —Hajipur
  5. What is the folk dance performed on Holi called? —Jogira
  6. Who is known as the father of land reforms in Bihar? —K. B. Sahay
  7. What is the number of polytechnique institutes in Bihar? —13
  8. When did personal courier postal services start in Bihar? —In 1991
  9. When was the first Janashatabdi Express train launched in Bihar? —19th June, 2002
  10. Where was the first All India Radio Centre established in Bihar? —Patna
  11. In the light of recommendations made by which financial commission, the fiscal liabilities and budget management Act-2006 implemented in Bihar? —12th Finance Commission
  12. When did rail transportation start in Bihar? —In 1860
  13. When was Archaeological Museum, Nalanda established? —In 1917
  14. When was Patna Museum established? —In 1917
  15. When did Gaya Airport become international airport? —In 2002
  16. When does pre historic era start in Bihar? —40,000 B.C.
  17. Who inaugurated the first radio station of Bihar? —Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  18. When and where was the first sugar mill of Bihar installed? —In 1903, Madhaura (Saran)
  19. What is the length of rail track per thousand person in Bihar? —0.04 km
  20. What is the total area covered by natural forests in Bihar? —6,845 sq km
  21. Whose birthday, 1st July is celebrated as Doctors Day? —Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
  22. When did Congress led by Shrikrishna Singh form the first government in Bihar? —20th July 1937
  23. What is the total length of national highways in Bihar? —1,913 km
  24. How much distance National Highway-2 covers in Bihar? —210 km
  25. When and by whose assistance was the Barauni Thermal Power Plant installed? —In 1964, Soviet Union
  26. What is the ratio of total length of national highways in Bihar to all of India? —4.9 percent
  27. Who built the Rohtasgarh Fort? —Shershah
  28. When was Rajendra Agriculture University established in Bhagalpur? —In 1970
  29. Where are the saltpetre producing places Saraiya and Manjhi located in Bihar? —Saran
  30. When was the Kahalgaon Thermal Power Plant built? — In 1972
  31. Where is Shershah’s tomb? —Sasaram 732. What is the name of oldest canal of Bihar? —Son canal
  32. In which year Bihar faced its worst earthquake? —In 1934
  33. Shrikhida Hydel Power Project is being built in which district? —Rohtas
  34. Which city has the lowest gender ratio in Bihar? —Munger (876)
  35. Navinagar Thermal Power Plant is situated in which district? —Aurangabad
  36. Which district has the lowest population density in Bihar? —Kaimur (848)
  37. Which district has the lowest population in Bihar? —Shekhpura
  38. When was the first printing press established in Bihar? —In 1850
  39. Which was the first printing press of Bihar? —Mutahkobra
  40. What was the silver currency in Mauryan era called? —Aahat
  41. Which is the most popular Sufi community in Bihar? —Firdausi
  42. Where is cement industry located in Bihar? —Dalmiya Nagar
  43. Which three districts started the Sakshar Bharat Mission in Bihar in 2010? —Bhojpur, Khagariya and Begusarai
  44. What is the number of statutory cities in Bihar as per census data? —139
  45. Where is Savanna grassland found in Bihar? —West Champaran
  46. What is the total length of roadways in Bihar? —1,04,689 km
  47. Which is the coldest city of Bihar? —Gaya
  48. Which city has the best female literacy in Bihar? —Madhepura
  49. When was Bihar State Electricity Board established? —In 1958
  50. When was Bihar State Agriculture Development Corporation established? —In 1966
  51. Which city has the highest male literacy rate in Bihar? —Rohtas
  52. Which is the most literate district of Bihar? —Rohtas (73.37 percent)
  53. Which oil field has been connected to Barauni Oil Refinery factory through pipeline? —Naharkatiya (Assam)
  54. Where is Duri silk produced in Bihar? —Purnea
  55. Which district of Bihar has the largest forest area? —Rohtas
  56. Which city has the highest population density in Bihar? —Sheohar
  57. Which city has the higest population in Bihar? —Patna
  58. Who became the first disciple of Mahavira? —Jamaali
  59. Which city recorded the maximum growth in urban population? —Begusarai (426.89 percent)
  60. Which was the first Bank of India? —Allahabad Bank
  61. Where is National Jute Manufacturing Mill located? —Katihar
  62. When was the first Prohibition Act passed in Bihar? —In 1938
  63. Who was the first Lokayukta of Bihar? —Justice Shridhar Basudeva Sahni
  64. Where is the Trade Commission Office in Bihar? —Patna
  65. Which was the main centre of Brahminism and education in North India during the Upanishad era? —Videh
  66. Lohat, Riga, and Hasanpur are associated with which industry? —Sugar
  67. For how long will the Bihar Industrial Policy-2011 be effective? —5 years
  68. What was the name of Mahavira’s daughter? —Priyadarshana
  69. Which foreign company established the first sugar mill in Bihar? —Dutch
  70. What is the total number of Judges in Patna High Court including the Chief Justice of Bihar? —30
  71. Which crop is produced second to paddy in Bihar? —Wheat
  72. Since when is the National Mission on Medicinal Plant celebrated annually in Bihar? —Since 2008
  73. When was the sixth financial census published in Bihar? —In 2016
  74. What is the language of broadcast from Dharbhanga centre of All India Radio? —Maithili
  75. Rajpur canal is a branch of which canal? —East Koshi Canal
  76. When was the Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation Ltd. (Comfed) established? —In 1983
  77. Where is Durgavati Reservoir Project situated? —Rohtas
  78. What is the gender ratio of Bihar as per census-2011? —918
  79. What is the growth rate of Bihar in agriculture and animal husbandry sector in 2014–15? —6.02 percent
  80. What was the fiscal deficit of Bihar in 2015–16? —` 12,061.58 Crore
  81. When was Koshi Project completed? —In 1965
  82. Saran Irrigation Canal is built on which river? —Gandak
  83. The forests of Bihar are divided into how many parts in context to forest conservation? —Three parts
  84. Where is Barnar Reservoir Project located? —Jamui
  85. Which districts of Bihar produce China clay? —Bhagalpur and Munger
  86. Where is Rice Research and Development Institute situated in Bihar? —Arrah
  87. Where is Tasar Silk Industry located in Bihar? —Bhagalpur
  88. Which bird sanctuary of Bihar has been included in the world wetland? —Kabar Bird Sanctuary
  89. When did Turkish rule start in Bihar? —In 1203
  90. Who is credited for the establishment of Turkish Empire in east India? —Bakhtiyar Khilji
  91. Where is Jaiprakash Narayan University situated? —Chhapra
  92. Which year is called the year of great division of population? —The year 1921
  93. Which district has the lowest female literacy rate in Bihar? —Saharsa
  94. Which district has the lowest male literacy rate in Bihar? —Katihar
  95. When did the publication of newsletter ‘Amrit Varsha’ start in Bihar? —In 1987
  96. Who was the first editor of ‘The Search Light’? —Sayed Haider Hussain
  97. The livelihood scheme for the extremely poor has been initiated with whose assistance in Bihar? —World Bank
  98. Daslakshan festival is primarily associated with which community? —Buddhist community
  99. Which currency had a stamp of peacock, mountain and half moon engraved on it during the Mauryan era? —Aahat

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