CTET CGTET English Practice Set | CTET MCQ Questions

Super Teachers Eligibility Test English Practice Set

1. Choose the option that is nearly the same in meaning Ancient

(a) new

(b) mint

(c) aged

 (d) sage

 Answer : (c)

2. Choose the option that is nearly the same in meaning Plenty

(a) lot

(b) scarce

(c) gift

(d) bonus

Ans: (a)

. 3. Choose the word that can join the two given sentences Write Properly. Don’t write at all.

 (a) but

(b) and

 (c) so

(d) or

 Answer : (d)

4. Choose the word that can join the two given sentences She is pretty. She is proud.

(a) but

(b) because

 (c) while

 (d) not

Ans: (a)

5. Identify the verb in the given sentence The leaves were yellow and sticky.

(a) leaves

(b) were

(c) yellow

 (d) sticky

 Answer : (b)

6. Choose the plural of the given word knife

 (a) knife

 (b) knifes

(c) knives

 (d) knifey

Ans: (c)

7. Choose the correct spelling

 (a) ricieve

 (b) recieve

(c) riceive

(d) receive

Ans: (d)

8. Choose the correct spelling

(a) posess

 (b) possess

(c) posses

 (d) posseis

Ans: (b)

. 9. Choose the incorrect spelling

 (a) loner

(b) mathemetics

(c) grammar

(d) arithmetic

 Answer : (b)

 (a) argument

 (b) bickering

(c) discord

 (d) quarry

 Answer : (d)

11. Choose the option to which you cannot add-er at its end and form a new word. (a) soon

 (b) quick

(c) time

(d) wich

Ans: (c) .

12. Choose the best option to complete the given sentence There aren’t …………….people here

(a) much

 (b) many

 (c) a lot

(d) some

Ans: (b)

13. Choose the best option to complete the given sentence You should……………your home work.

(a) make

 (b) do

 (c) work

 (d) give

 Answer : (b)

14. Choose the correct word order

 (a) I lent my pencil him

 (b) My pencil I lent him

 (c) My pencil him I lent

(d) I lent him my pencil

Ans: (d)

15. Choose the option to which you can add-ly at the end to form a new word.

(a) soon

(b) late

 (c) now

 (d) fast

Ans: (b)

16. Which prefix can be used with the following words? take, chief, behave

 (a) non

(b) dis

(c) in

 (d) mis

 Answer : (d).

17. Fill in the blank with correct preposition He deals…………….rice

. (a) in

(b) with

(c) at

 (d) on

Ans: (a)

. 18. Which suffix can be used with the following words? spoon, mouth (a) ily

(b) y

(c) er

 (d) ful

Ans: (d).

19. For the question below, choose the best answer Shall we go to the gym now?

(a) I’m too tired

(b) It’s very good

(c) Not at all

(d) I suppose you can

Ans: (c).

20. Which is the adjective in the given sentence? The tall girl met a boy.

(a) tall

 (b) girl

(c) met

 (d) boy

Ans: (a.

21. Which is not an antonym of the given word? lovely

 (a) tall

 (b) ugly

 (c) drab

(d) awful

Ans: (a).

 22. Choose the best answer What is your city like?

(a) I have no idea

(b) It’s small, but nice

 (c) I like it a lot

(d) I don’t like it

 Answer : (b)

The best answer is ‘It’s small, but nice

. 23. Identify the adverb in the given sentence The wicked boy slapped the girl loudly.

(a) wicked

 (b) boy

 (c) slapped

 (d) loudly

Ans: (d).

 24. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word drought

(a) flood

 (b) dryness

 (c) brought

(d) river

Ans: (a)

25. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word ability

 (a) feasibility

 (b) unability

(c) disability

(d) inability

 Answer : (d) The opposite of ‘ability’ is inability.

26. Choose the correct word order

 (a) Music jack loves

 (b) Music loves Jack (c) Jack loves music

(d) jack music loves

Ans: (c)

27. Choose the correct pronoun It was my brother who went with………. (

a) her

 (b) she

(c) he

 (d) his

 Answer : (a)

28. What are words that spell the same backwards called?

 (a) Anagram

 (b) Abbreviation

 (c) Crossword

(d) Palindrome

Ans: (d)

29. Choose the plural of the given word

(a) box

 (b) boxer

 (c) boxes

 (d) boxes

Ans: (d)

 30. Choose the singular of the given word Leaves (a) leave

 (b) leaf

(c) levee

(d) None of these

 Answer : (b)

1. Adjective of Body

(a) Corporal

 (b) Bodly

(c) Corporeal

 (d) All of these

 Answer : (b

2. As unstable as……………

(a) water

 (b) mule

 (c) mercury

 (d) air

Ans: (c)

3. Give one-word substitution to the following Life history of a man written by himself is called

 (a) Bibliography

 (b) Calligraphy

 (c) Biography

(d) Autobiography

 Answer : (d) Autobiography is a life history written by oneself

 4. Change the following into passive voice Rita writes a letter to him everyday.

(a) To him a letter was written by Rita everyday

(b) A letter was written to him by Rita everyday

(c) A letter is written to him by Rita everyday

(d) He is being written a letter by Rita everyday

Ans: (c)

. 5. Change the following verb into Noun Approve

 (a) Approving

(b) Approval

 (c) Approved

(d) Approves

Ans: (b)

. 6. Choose the correct figure of speech in the following sentence ‘Fair is foul and foul is fair

(a) Hyperbole

(b) Oxymoron

 (c) Metaphor

(d) Simile

Ans: (b)

7. Which of the following was a ‘Nature Poet’?

(a) Edger Allen Poe

(b) William Wordsworth

(c) Wole Soyinka

(d) Walt Witman

 Answer : (b)

. 8. Name the famous poet who wrote the following lines “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high……..”

(a) Sarojini Naidu

 (b) Toru Dutt

(c) Rabindranath Tagore

(d) John Milton Answer : (c) .

 9. ‘The Castaway’ is famous short story written by which of the following author?

 (a) Ruskin Bond

(b) Khushwant Singh

 (c) E.V. Lucas

 (d) Rabindranath Tagore

Ans: (d) ‘

10. Choose the Synonym for the following word Derogatory

(a) Resolution

(b) Solace

 (c) Humiliating

 (d) Forlorn

Ans: (c)

11. ‘Poos Ki Raat’ is written by which famous author?

(a) Munshi Premchand

 (b) Sarojini Naidu

 (c) Jai Shankar Prasad

(d) R.K. Laxman

 Answer : (a)

13. Point out the Figure of speech used in the following sentence Integrity is the backbone of character

(a) Simile

 (b) Metaphor

(c) Apostrophe

 (d) Oxymoron

 Answer : (b) ‘

14. Find out the grammatically correct sentence

 (a) This is the road to go

(b) Let us aim to do good

 (c) Take down his address in your copy

(d) I wrote to him yesterday

 Answer : (d) .

15. The poem ‘On his Blindness’ is composed by which of the following poets?

(a) P B Shelley

 (b) John Keats

 (c) John Milton

 (d) Robert Frost

Ans: (c) ‘

16. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word

 (a) Elucidate

 (b) Exeggarate

 (c) Exile

 (d) Exonerate

Ans: (b

17. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word

(a) Enunciate

 (b) Gullible

 (c) Infallible

(d) Instegate

Ans: (d)

18. Complete the sentence with appropriate word Your hand writing should be

(a) Intelligent

(b) Intelligible

 (c) Intellectual

 (d) Introvert

Ans: (b)

19. Give the proper relative Pronoun in the following sentence All………….glitters is not gold.

(a) which

 (b) that

(c) who

 (d) whom

 Answer : (b)

20. Find out the appropriate meaning of the given word Etymology

(a) Act of spying

 (b) To free from blame

(c) Likeness of a person

(d) A study of the origin of works

 Answer : (d)

21. Find out the appropriate meaning of the given work Inimitable

 (a) Incapable of being reached

b) Incapable of being believed

(c) Incapable of being imitated

 (d) A list of goods

 Answer : (c)

. 22. Choose one word for the following expression ‘A lover of mankind’

(a)  Theist

(b)  (b) Veteran

(c)   (c) Philanthropist

(d)  (d) Omnipotent

(e)  Ans: (c)

. 23. Find out the incorrect sentence

 (a) The apples are grown in many different countries

(b) Books are essential to a student

 (c) Chess is a game which requires great patience

 (d) The Sharmas live at Elgin Road

Ans: (d)

24. Find out the incorrect Sentence

(a) Is this my pen, or is it yours?

 (b) We got at dawn and had breakfast at eight to o’ clock

 (c) We have a holiday on Christmas

(d) Come back in an hour’s time

Ans: (d)

25. Use the correct form of verb in the following sentence He…………in Allahabad for five years.

(a) lives

(b) has been living

 (c) have been living

(d) living

Ans: (b

26. Choose the correct meaning of the following phrase Beck and call

(a) Came to nothing

 (b) Under absolute control

 (c) Under all conditions

(d) To rebuke

Ans: (b)

 27. Choose the correct Antonyms for the following word Expedite

 (a) Hostile

 (b) Reluctant

(c) Delay

 (d) Rigid

 Answer : (c)

28. Fill in the blank with the correct Preposition The Judge acquitted him……. the murder charge.

 (a) off

 (b) of

c) for

(d) from

 Answer : (b)

29. Fill in the blank with the Past Perfect Continuous Tense The doctor was very tired as he ……… alone.

 (a) has worked

 (b) had worked

 (c) has been working

 (d) had been working

Ans: (d)

30. Find out the correct word of the asked grammatical category of the given word ‘Adjective of Accent’

(a) Accentuate

(b) Accentual

(c) Accentuated

(d) Accentuation

 Answer : (b

1. Choose the correct Antonym for the word given below Debtor

(a) Reluctant

(b) Rigid

 (c) Static

 (d) Creditor

 Answer : (d)

 2. From verb from the Noun given below Dependence

(a) Depending

 (b) Depend

 (c) Dependable

 (d) Depender

 Answer : (b) „

3. “Indian Weavers” is a poem written by which of the following?

 (a) Sarojini Naidu

 (b) Cecil Spring Rice

(c) Charles Mackay

d) Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Answer : (a) „.

 4. To make more rapid in speed

 (a) Speedier

 (b) Accelerate

 (c) Affianced

 (d) Abdicate

Ans: (b)

. 5. Mental weariness from lack of interest.

(a) Exile

 (b) Ennui

(c) Enunciate

 (d) Expiate

Ans: (b)

6. Find out the grammatically wrong sentence

(a) He feels bad about the defeat

 (b) All the boy scouts wear half-pants

(c) He hopes to secure good marks

 (d) Gavaskar is the Bradman of India

 Answer : (d)

7. Supply the correct Preposition in the following I prefer Chaucer……. Spenser in reading English Poetry

 (a) than

 (b) from

(c) to

 (d) into

 Answer : (c)

8. Find out the grammatically wrong sentence

 (a) Let me put my sign here

 (b) These cattle are mine

(c) He examined the book closely

(d) He has no knowledge of and no interest in music

Ans: (a)

9. Choose the correct Synonym for the word given below. Treason

 (a) Disloyalty

(b) Passion

 (c) Miserable

(d) Disappear

 Answer : (a)

10. What does the following sentence mean? Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru loved to be up with the lark.

(a) Nehruji woke up early in the morning

 (b) Nehruji was punctual

(c) Went to bed early

 (d) Did not wake up early in the morning

 Answer : (a)

11. Synonym of the word Cajole

 (a) Coax

(b) Evince

(c) Congratulate

 (d) Clarify

 Answer : (a)

12. Which is not a quality of good handwriting?

(a) Legibility

 (b) Distinctiveness

 (c) Spacing

(d) Absence of uniformity in the size of letters

Ans: (d)

13. Remedial teaching involves

 (a) teaching and testing

 (b) testing continuously

(c) teaching, testing and reteaching

 (d) teaching difficult topics

Ans: (a).

15. Choose the correct answer. What is rote learning?

 (a) Mechanical or habitual learning without understanding properly

(b) Learning with great zeal and enthusiasm

(c) Learning without interest

(d) None of the above

 Answer : (c)

16. Choose the most appropriate meaning of the given phrase Fabian policy

 (a) Dictatorial policy

(b) Democratic policy

(c) Market policy

(d) Policy of using gradual reforms

Ans: (d)

 17. What is noun of the word „Pedagogic‟?

 (a) Pedagogically

(b) Pedagogical

(c) Pedagogue

(d) None of these

Ans: (c) .

18. Choose the appropriate answer. What is the bitter truth of school education in India?

(a) High quality teaching and learning

 (b) Emphasis on memorization and completing a pre-determined syllabus

(c) Government and private schools are equally good

(d) Every child in school is paid attention for his growth

Ans: (c)

19. Name the poet of the poem The Solitary Reaper

 (a) P.B. Shelley

 (b) Keats

(c) William Wordsworth

 (d) Coleridge

Ans: (c) „

20. How many words are wrongly spelt in the sentence below? The nurse wraped a bandege round his head.

 (a) 1

 (b) 2

(c) 3

 (d) None

Ans: (b)

21. Choose the most appropriate answer „You are probably sleepy, because you………‟

(a) are yawning a lot

(b) went out for lunch

(c) ate too much chocolates

(d) watched a movie

Ans: (a)

22. „King Lear‟ was written by

a) Tennyson

 (b) William Shakespeare

(c) G.B. Shaw

(d) T.S. Eliot

Ans: (b) „

23. Identify the correct reported form of the given sentence. My friend said, “You must accept this gift.”

(a) My friend asked that I must accept that gift.

 (b) My friend said that you must accept that gift

 (c) My friend requested that I must accept the gift

(d) My friend insisted that I must accept that gift

 Answer : (d)

. 24. Verb of Alternation

 (a) Alternative

 (b) Alteration

 (c) Alternate

 (d) Altermatively

 Answer : (c)

. 25. Certain parts of the following sentences have been underlined and marked. Select the part containing an error This is not

(a) / the first time

 (b) / I am hearing of

 (c) / your insubordination

 Answer : (c)

27. Choose one word for the following expression „At sixes and sevens‟

 (a) Scattered

(b) Under control

 (c) Foul or fair

 (d) To apologise

Ans: (a

28. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most suitable word given below. Much that was ………..in ancient Indian culture has already perished.

(a) useless

 (b) violent

c) religious

(d) prevalent

 Answer : (d)

29. “Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey” is a poem composed by which poet?

 (a) William Butler Yeats

 (b) Edgar Allen Poe

(c) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

 (d) William Wordsworth

Ans: (d)

30. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word

 (a) Microscope

(b) Opaque

 (c) Mosaice

 (d) Monarchy

 Answer : (c) 

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