BPSC Bihar Lok Seva Ayog Samanya Adhayan Practice Sets (English)

  1. What has the Greek traveller ‘Magasthenese’ referred Patliputra as in his book ‘Indica’? Ans: Polibrotha
  2. Which site of Bihar has been recently included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites? Ans: Nalanda Mahavihara
  3. Where is Ghodakatora lake situated? Ans: Nalanda
  4. On which tree is the Laccifer lacca insect found? Ans: Lac tree
  5. How many tourist circuit has been recognised by the Bihar Tourism Ministry? Ans: 8
  6. Where is the 400 year old Chaitnya Mahaprabhu Temple located? Ans: Patna City
  7. Where is the Badi Panvati Devi Temple, one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Goddess Durga located? Ans: Patna
  8. Where is Buddha Memorial Park built? Ans: Patna
  9. When was the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act-2015 implemented? Ans: 28th August, 2015
  10. When were Begusarai, Munger, Purnea and Katihar awarded municipal corporation? Ans: In 2009
  11. Where is Kanwar Lake located? Ans: Begusarai
  12. When did Bihar Public Service Commission become functional? Ans: 1st April, 1949
  13. Where is the Shiva temple of Koteshwar Nath situated? Ans: Jahanabad
  14. Where is Kesariya, the site where Bhuddha’s pillar was found in excavation, located? Ans: East Champaran
  15. Where is Katragarh? Ans: Muzaffarpur
  16. Where is the tomb of Malik Ibrahim Bayan? Ans: Bihar Sharif
  17. What is the total length of National Highways in Bihar? Ans: 4,595 km
  18. The red sandstones used in building the Royal Palace in Mauryan era were from which place? Ans: Chunar in Uttar Pradesh
  19. During the rule of which Karnat king was the register management developed? Ans: Hari Singh
  20. Where is Mundeshwari Temple located? Ans: Kaimur
  21. Who is the author of ‘Gehu Aur Gulab’? Ans: Ramavriksha Benipuri (1994)
  1. Which place is known as silk city of Bihar? Ans: Bhagalpur
  2. Where is Nakti Lake situated? Ans: Jamui
  3. Who was the founder of Bihar School of Yoga (Munger)? Ans: Swami Satyanad Saraswati (1963)
  4. Where is the Khanqah built by Hazrat Makhdum Shah in the 13th century located? Ans: Fulwari Sharif, Patna
  5. How many national parks are there in Bihar? Ans: 1
  6. When was the student tree plantation scheme launched in Bihar? Ans: 15th August, 2006
  7. In which financial year the Bihar government started the Bihar Homeland Scheme? Ans: 2010-11
  8. Where is the Buddha Samyak Darshan Sangrahalaya located? Ans: Vaishali
  9. What is the rank of Bihar based on total area? Ans: 10th
  10. Who was the first chairman of Bihar Public Service Commission? Ans: Rajdhari Sinha
  11. Where is Kakolat Waterfalls located? Ans: Nawada
  12. Under whose leadership the Bihar Youth Association was formed in the Bihar students conference? Ans: Prof. Gyan Saha
  13. Who built the Birla Mandir, Patna? Ans: Rajbaldev Dasji Birla
  14. Insect is reared on the leaves of Arjun tree for which kind of silk production? Ans: Tasar silk
  15. Under which scheme a sewerage treatment plant and advanced water treatment network will be set up in Bihar? Ans: Smart Ganga City Yojna
  16. After which battle, Lord Clive and Mughal Emperor Shah Alam-II signed a treaty on 12th August 1765 in Allahabad which gave the diwani rights to the company in Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa? Ans: Battle of Buxar
  17. Sulphur is extracted from which mineral? Ans: Pyrite
  18. Which Buddhist pillar is also known as Raja Ban ka Deora? Ans: Buddha Stupa in Kesariya
  19. Where in Patna the remains of the Royal Palace of Mauryan era have been found? Ans: Kumhrar
  20. Padmashri Siya Devi, Kaushalya Devi, Ganga Devi, Jagdamba Devi, Bhagwati Devi, Maina Devi, Laal Baba and Shahshikala belong to which field? Ans: Mithila art
  21. Which artist’s painting have been exhibited in Japan? Ans: Shashikala Devi
  22. Which fish has been named the state fish? Ans: Deshi Magur
  23. Which Muslim ruler banned the Hindu pilgrimage? Ans: Akbar
  24. Which Maithili author received the Sahitya Academy Award for his first book in the year 2000? Ans: Saketanand
  25. Which soil is rich in iron? Ans: Red-yellow soil 7. In which inscription has Ashoka mentioned the causality of Kalinga war? Ans: Shila Rajadesh
  26. Which Sikh guru was born in Patna? Ans: Guru Gobind Singh
  27. According to which scholar the main reason behind the battle of Kalinga was to acquire the region of elephants? Ans: Kautilya
  28. Where is Udaypur Lake situated in Bihar? Ans: West Champaran 11. Which revolt is known as Ganganarayan Hungama? Ans: Land revolt
  29. In which financial year, the Bihar Animal Science University bill-2016 notified? Ans: 2016-17
  30. On which date Prince of Wales visited Patna? Ans: 22nd December, 1921
  31. When was the district of Santhal Pargana formed? Ans: 30th November, 1856
  32. Which Indian did Robert Clive appoint Nayab Deewan of Bihar? Ans: Shitab Rai
  33. For which project, Nepal and India signed a treaty in 1959? Ans: Gandak
  34. Under which scheme is the Hanuman Nagar Barrier Dam built? Ans: Koshi Project
  35. Which stone age site is known as Shwetpur, Kotigram Kushpallav, Vishalnagri, etc.? Ans: Chechar
  36. When is Bihar Earth Day celebrated? Ans: 9th August
  37. Which Pala ruler donated 200 villages to Nalanda Mahavihara? Ans: Dharampala
  38. Which Pala ruler is known as the second founder of Pala dynasty? Ans: Mahipal
  39. Which Pala ruler defeated Pratihara ruler Vatsraj and Rashtrakuta ruler Dhruv? Ans: Dharampala
  40. The earliest mention of arrival of Turks in India can be found in which book? Ans: Tabakat-i-Nasiri
  41. Which practice was banned by law in Akbar’s regime? Ans: Sati pratha
  42. Which famous Irani tourist visited the Shaif Khan Madarsa? Ans: Ahmed Bahani
  43. Which renowned German researcher has done a research on Mithila painting? Ans: Eric Smith
  44. Which king is known as ‘Part of Kali’, ‘universal’, ‘Reincarnation of Parshuram’, ‘Bhargava’ ‘ekrat‘? Ans: Mahapadmanand
  45. Which ruler changed the capital of Magadha from Patliputra to Vaishali? Ans: Shishunag
  46. Which ruler made Patliputra the capital of Magadha? Ans: Udayin
  47. Which ruler built Patliputra? Ans: Udayin
  48. Where is Bhagwa Chaur located in Bihar? Ans: Saharsa
  49. Which ruler is known as the founder of second Afghan Empire? Ans: Sher Khan
  50. Which ruler is known as forerunner of Akbar? Ans: Shershah Suri
  51. Which ruler played a vital role in establishment of Nalanda University? Ans: Kumargupta-I
  52. Under which Mauryan ruler Magadha faced a famine of 12 years? Ans: Chandragupta Maurya
  53. Which ruler built the kingdom of Magadha an empire? Ans: Bimbisar
  54. Who is credited to give the name ‘Patna’ to Patliputra? Ans: Shershah Suri
  55. Which ruler restablished Patliputra as the capital of Magadha after which it remained so? Ans: Kalasoka
  56. The tomb of Shershah is an excellent specimen of which style of art? Ans: Sur style or Afghan style
  57. Which community had developed ‘Charvak Darshan’? Ans: Lokayat community
  58. Where is graphite found in Bihar? Ans: Jamui
  59. Which emperor had a formal coronation? Ans: Farukhshiar
  60. Who is known as ‘Premchand of Bihar’? Ans: Anup Lal Mandal
  61. In which year the division in congress start on the basis of its policies? Ans: 20th Century
  62. Which freedom fighter organised the Bihar Students Council? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  63. Which pillar inscription is known as ‘Rani ka Abhilekh’? Ans: Pillar texts of Kaushambi and Prayag
  64. Which park has been declared the first plastic free zone of the state? Ans: Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna
  65. Asia’s largest and world’s second largest rhinoceros reproduction center is located in which park? Ans: Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna
  66. In which decade the population growth of Bihar was negative (–0.97%)? Ans: 1911-1921
  67. Which country shares its border with Bihar? Ans: Nepal
  68. When was the women equality granted autonomy in Bihar under Bihar Women Welfare Society? Ans: April, 2006
  69. When was State Archeological Directorate established? Ans: In 1962
  70. Jarasandh belonged to which dynasty? Ans: Vrihdrath
  71. Which empire’s rule is known as golden period of Mithila? Ans: Karnaat dynasty
  72. Which item has a brand name of Kaushiki? Ans: Silk Thread
  73. What kind of forests are listed under government preservation? Ans: Conserved forests
  74. Which Jain literature has mentioned the 16 Mahajanpadas for the first time? Ans: Bhagwati Sutra
  75. The Nangi strike was done by prisoners of which jail? Ans: Chhapra jail
  76. Which theatrical is composed by Bhikhari Thakur? Ans: Videshiya
  77. Which district of Bihar is the largest tea producer? Ans: Kishanganj
  78. Which river is known as Sumagadhi? Ans: Sakri river
  79. Which river is also known as Lakhandei and Karnali? Ans: Ghaghra (Saryu)
  80. On which river was the Indrapuri barrage built in 1968? Ans: Sone
  81. Which city is known as Siraj of India? Ans: Jaunpur
  82. What does a fish shape denote in Mithila art? Ans: Sexuality
  83. Where was the first Buddhist Council organised? Ans: Rajgir
  84. The achievements of Rudradaman-I are described in which inscriptions? Ans: Junagarh
  85. Which inscription mentions Ashoka as ‘Buddha Shakya’? Ans: Maski
  86. Which inscription mentions Ashoka as ‘Priyadarshi’? Ans: Bhabru
  87. What was the age of Parshwanath when he relinquished his home? Ans: 30 years
  88. Under which article the governor recommends President’s rule in the state? Ans: Article 356
  89. Under which article can the president announce President’s rule in a state? Ans: Article 352
  90. Which epic was compiled in the Third Buddhist Council? Ans: Abhidhammapitak
  91. Which is the rule book of Buddhism? Ans: Vinaypitak
  92. Which book describes the philosophy of Buddhism? Ans: Abhidhammapitak
  93. The first information about the Mahajanpadas is found in which book? Ans: Agantur Nikay & Bhagwati utray
  94. Which poet is known as Kalidas of Bihar? Ans: Bhikhari Thakur
  95. During the rule of which Lodi king, Dariya Khan, the governor of Bihar, revolted? Ans: Ibrahim Khan Lodi
  96. Whic texts prove that Ashoka had built separate hospitals for humans and animals? Ans: Girinar texts
  97. The governor appoints the members of council of ministers on whose recommendation? Ans: Chief Minister
  98. What was the minimum age prescribed for a person to enter Buddhist Sangha? Ans: 15 years
  99. Which two prominent leaders of Bihar were associated with Harijan Sevak Sangh? Ans: Jagjivan Ram and Jaglal Chaudhary
  100. Under whose chairmanship the congress committee decided to launch the civil disobedience movement on 9th may 1930? Ans: Anugrah Narayan Singh
  101. Under which law was Dr. Rajendra Prasad arrested on 9th August, 1942? Ans: Indian Security Act
  102. Where was the freedom fighter Jubba Sahni from? Ans: Chainpur, Sitamarhi
  103. Keshav Prasad Sinha was associated with which revolutionary conspiracy? Ans: Gaya Conspiracy
  104. Who was the first Muslim ruler to successfully invade Bihar? Ans: Bakhtiyar Khilji
  105. Who became the ruler of Magadha after the death of Shishunaga? Ans: Kalasoka
  106. Kaushambi inscription of Ashoka is in which state? Ans: Uttar Pradesh
  107. Which Indo-Bactrian attacked Patliputra in 185 B.C.? Ans: Demetrius
  108. Who started collecting tax from Tirhut region after establishing his rule over Bengal during the reign of Iltutmish in 1211 A.D.? Ans: Gayasuddin
  109. In which session of Congress was the bill associated with Patna University passed? Ans: 1976 Lucknow Session
  110. On which date Annie Besant visited Patna as a part of Home Rule Movement? Ans: 18th April, 1918
  111. What was the irrigation tax collected from the farmers of Champaran called? Ans: Pan tax
  112. On which date a strike was organised in Bihar during the Khilafat Movement? Ans: 19th March, 1920
  113. Which leader from Bihar accompanied Mahatma Gandhi in the Salt Satyagrah in April 1930? Ans: Girvardhari Chaudhary (Karo Babu)
  114. Where was the revolutionary leader Baikunth Shukla from? Ans: Jalaalpur (Vaishali)
  115. Who was the leader of the women’s procession carried out in Patna on 9th August, 1942 during the course of August revolution? Ans: Bhagwati Devi
  116. Who founded the Bihar Scientific Society in Muzaffarpur? Ans: Sayed Imdad Ali
  117. Who is the composer of Chandayan? Ans: Mulla Daud
  118. Which ruler was also known as ‘Sinhsen’? Ans: Bindusar
  119. Which empress is also known as ‘Gopa’, ’Bimba’, ‘Bhadrakachha’ etc.? Ans: Princess Yashodhara
  120. What does a bamboo figure denote in Mithila art? Ans: Reproduction
  121. Who endeavoured the second session of Bihar regional congress? Ans: Shri Deepnarayan Singh
  122. In which agricultural sub zone does the monsoon arrive first? Ans: Zone-II
  123. Where is Jayprakash Narayan International Airport situated? Ans: Patna
  124. Which ruler ultimately made Kosal a part of Magadha? Ans: Ajaatshatru
  125. From whom did Chandragupta liberate the people to earn the name ‘liberator of India’? Ans: From the Greeks
  126. Which type of airport is the Chunapur Airport in Purnea? Ans: Defence
  127. Who is the author of ‘Indica’? Ans: Megasthenese
  128. Who gave the first information about the Bodhi temple and granite railing in Bodhgaya? Ans: Cunningham
  129. Who is the author of ‘Khulasat-ut-Tawarikh’? Ans: Maharaja Kalyan Singh
  130. Who took the title ‘Hazrat-i-Ala’ after he became the ruler of Bihar? Ans: Shershah Suri
  131. Who built the lion pillar at Vaishali? Ans: Ashoka
  132. Who burnt down the Nalanda University? Ans: Bakhtiyar Khilji
  133. How many ecosensitive zones have been listed by the government for preservation of wildlife, birds and environment? Ans: 13
  134. After a rigorous austerity of how many years did Mahavira attain enlightenment? Ans: 12 years
  135. Which British rulers commented on the condition of India during the British rule? Ans: Katherine Mayo, Eldous Huxle, Charles Andrews and William Digby
  136. Who is called the father of Indian Archeological Science? Ans: Cunningham
  137. Who built the Qila-i-Kuhna Mosque and where is it situated? Ans: Shershah, in Delhi
  138. Which is the festival of the Brahmin clan of Mithila? Ans: Kojagra
  139. The Purnea district falls under which earthquake affected zone? Ans: Zone-V
  140. Which king is also known as Sandrokotes, Androkotes and Sandrokoptas? Ans: Chandragupta Maurya
  141. What does a banana denote in the Mithila art? Ans: Sensuality
  142. Which city was elevated to the rank of Municipal Corporation in August 2016? Ans: Chhapra
  143. How many times Rabri Devi has become the Chief Minister of Bihar? Ans: Three times
  144. Who built the Shiva Temple in Baikunthpur? Ans: Raja Mansingh
  145. What do the figure of elephant and horse represent in Mithila Art? Ans: Wealth and prosperity
  146. Who was the first governor of Bihar in independent India? Ans: Jayaram Das Daulat Ram
  147. What was the name of Vidyapati’s mother? Ans: Hasini Devi
  148. When was Mithila Sanskrit Vidyapeeth founded? Ans: In 1951
  149. Where was the first sugar mill of Bihar installed? Ans: East Champaran
  150. Mission Rainbow was started in how many districts of Bihar? Ans: 14 districts
  151. Which district is the largest cultivator of Barley in Bihar? Ans: East Champaran
  152. Where is the Shaktipeeth Manglagouri Temple situated? Ans: Gaya
  153. Which river is known as ‘Hiranyavaah’ and ‘Sonbhadra’? Ans: Sone
  154. What does Bihar mean in Hindi? Ans: Buddhist Monastery
  155. Which river is considered impure or unlucky according to Hindu beliefs? Ans: Karmnasha
  156. Where is the industry established under Hindustan Fertilizers Ltd? Ans: Barauni
  157. When and where was Bhikhari Thakur born? Ans: In 1887, Kutubpur (Saran)
  158. Where is a grand fair organised in ‘Pitrapaksh’? Ans: Gaya
  159. Where was Delhi-Meerut pillar texts earlier? Ans: Meerut
  160. What is State Tenancy Act also known as? Ans: Batayidaari Act
  161. When was Reserve Bank of India founded? Ans: In 1935
  162. 109 pictures of Thanka paintings are preserved in which museum of Bihar? Ans: Patna Museum
  163. What type of art is Thanka? Ans: Tibetan style
  164. Shishunaga was the Minister (Amatya) of which Mahajanpada? Ans: Kashi
  165. Who was the best ruler of Shishunaga dynasty? Ans: Kalasoka
  166. What do swan and peacock represent in Mithila paintings? Ans: Peace and harmony
  167. Who was the chariot of Siddhartha when he renounced his home? Ans: Chhandak
  168. What was the name of Siddhartha’s horse when he left home? Ans: Kanthak
  169. 12. Where were Siddhu and Kanhu hanged? Ans: Barhet
  170. Which festival is celebrated on the occasion of birthday of the 10th Sikh guru, ‘Guru Gobind Singhji’? Ans: Prakash Parv
  171. Which other crop is cultivated alongwith paddy in the irrigated regions? Ans: Wheat
  172. Where is Simariya fair organised? Ans: Barauni
  173. What was the name of Vidyapati’s father? Ans: Ganpati Thakur
  174. What is the motto of Akshar Aanchal Yojna launched in September 2009? Ans: To enhance female literacy
  175. Where is Chhinamastika Temple, Uchhauth situated? Ans: Madhubani
  176. Who was the first person from Bihar to sit on the throne of Delhi? Ans: Shershah Suri
  177. How many times has the President’s Rule been imposed in Bihar? Ans: Eight times

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