bihar one liner gk samanya gyan gk in english for all exam

  1. Where is the new factory of Sonalika Tractor built in Bihar with the assistance of International Tractors? —Fatuha
  2. When was Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University established? —In 1961
  3. When did the publication of newspaper ‘Biharbandhu’ start? —In 1874 604. Where in Bihar, Tin is found? —Gaya
  4. Whom did Buddha make his first disciples in Bodhgaya? —Tapas and Bhallika
  5. Hazipur is situated on the banks of which river? —Gandak
  6. When was Patna Museum established? —In 1915
  7. Who was the composer of Phag-Raag songs? —Nawalkishor Singh
  8. Where is Jayprakash Narayan All India Institute of Medical Sciences situated? —Patna
  9. Where is Fire clay mineral found in Bihar? —Bhagalpur
  10. Where is mica found in Bihar? —Gaya
  11. What was the salt tax taken in cash called in the Mauryan era? —Hiranya
  12. When was Gaya Museum established? —In 1970
  13. When was Lalit Narayan Mithila University established? — In 1972
  14. Which district is the largest producer of paddy? —Rohtas
  15. When was Bihar State Road Transportation Corporation established? —In 1959
  16. Where is uranium found in Bihar? —Gaya
  17. When was the formal announcement of formation of Kisan Sabha made? —4th March, 1928
  18. What is Aadhaar scheme associated with? —Providing unique identity card to Indian citizens
  19. Which is the largest district of Bihar? —West Champaran
  20. Which Indian state lies on the Indo-African plain? —Gujarat
  21. When did the revolt of 1857 start in Bihar? —12th June, 1857
  22. What was the minimum wage under MGNREGA in 2015-16? —` 177
  23. Who played a vital role in passage of Prohibition Act-1938? —Dr. Jaglal Chaudhry (The then health minister)
  24. Since when is the Bihar Transformative Development Project Jeevika-11 operational? —August, 2016
  25. What is the number of livestock in Bihar according to Census 2012? —329.39 Lakh
  26. What is the new name of Motihari railway station? —Babudham Motihari
  27. Where is Bauxite found in Bihar? —Munger
  28. Who was the first independent Chief Minister of Bihar? —Mahamaya Prasad Sinha
  29. Which district has the highest urban population in Bihar according to census-2011? —Patna
  30. Who is known as the dialect expert in Bihar? —George Gearson
  31. Which archaeologist carried out excavations and discovered ancient sites on a huge scale? —Cunningham
  32. Copper statue of Buddha has been found at which place? —Sultanganj (Bhagalpur)
  33. Which branch of monsoon is responsible for rainfall in Bihar? —Bay of Bengal branch
  34. Where is oil refinery factory situated in Bihar? —Barauni
  35. Which is largest producer of sulphur in Bihar? —Rohtas
  36. When and where was the first session of Congress organised in Bihar? — In 1912, Bankipur, Patna
  37. Raja Rammohan Roy, the founder of Brahmo Samaj, achieved his Persian education from which place? —Patna
  38. What kind of climate is found in Bihar? —Hot Monsoon
  39. What is the aimed date to make Bihar an open defecation free state? —2nd October, 2019
  40. Which dance is performed on the occasion of birthday celebration? —Pawadiya
  41. Atish Deepankar was a professor in which university? —Vikramshila
  42. What is the total number of District Councils in Bihar? —38
  43. What percentage of total area of Bihar is covered by water? —3.9 percent
  44. Where is Pali Postgraduate Research Institute situated? —Nav Nalanda Mahavihar, Nalanda
  45. How many districts are there in Bihar? —38
  46. Who was called ‘Sthanik’ in Mauryan era? —District administrator
  47. How many dairy cooperative societies were there in Bihar in 2015–16? —19.5 thousand
  48. What is the share of canal irrigation in total irrigated land in Bihar? —47 percent
  49. Where is the historic Nepali Temple? —Vaishali
  50. What is the total number of Panchayat Committee in Bihar? —534
  51. What is the cumulative number of Panchayat and rural courts in Bihar? —8,398
  52. How many Municipal Corporations are there in Bihar? —12
  53. How many Panchayats are there in Bihar? —86
  54. What was the total length of railway tracks in Bihar in 2015-16? —5400 km
  55. Where is Kala Bhawan situated in Bihar? —Purnea
  56. What was lacking in the national movement prior to Mahatma Gandhi in Bihar? —Unity in Communities
  57. Mukhyamantri Nishakt Jan Vivah Protsahan Anudan Yojna was started in which financial year? —2015-16
  58. When was Bihar Human Rights Commission established? —3rd January, 2000
  59. Which river is known for changing its route? —Koshi
  60. When was Mukhyamantri Nishchaya Swayam Sahayata Bhatta Yojna launched in Bihar? —2nd October, 2016
  61. Where is Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan situated? —Digha (Patna)
  62. Where is Magadha University situated? —Bodhgaya
  63. Where is J. V. L. Mega Food Park located? —Rohtas
  64. Bihpur (Bhagalpur) is associated with which movement? —Quit India Movement
  65. Which city in Bihar has the maximum number of canal irrigation facility? —Bhojpur
  66. Where is Messer’s Pristine Food Park located? —Mansingh (Khagariya)
  67. Where did Buddha deliver maximum sermons? —Shravasti
  68. Where is Homeguard Headquarter and Training Center situated? —Muzaffarpu
  69. Where has been two statues of Yaksha found in Bihar? —Patliputra
  70. Where has New Stone Age bone tools been found in Bihar? —Chirand (Saran)
  71. When was State Women Commission formed in Bihar? —In 2001
  72. Where is Bihar State Judicial Academy Training Institute situated? —Gaayghat, Patna
  73. When was National Food Security Act implemented in Bihar? —1st February, 2014
  74. What was Bihar Sharif earlier known as? —Udantpuri
  75. When was Peasant Oil Coupon Scheme started in Bihar? —June, 2008
  76. When was the Life Insurance Corporation of India founded? —In 1956
  77. Bihar secretariat was established in which year? —1912 A.D. 679. What is the total number of sugar mills in Bihar? —28
  78. What was the last invasion of Shershah? —Kalinjar
  79. How many divisions are there in Bihar? —9
  80. What is the number of universities in Bihar? —12
  81. When did Bihar Public Service Commission come into existence? —In 1949
  82. What is the number of blocks in Bihar? —534
  83. Shiny black clay pots were found in which place in Bihar? —Buxar and Chirand
  84. When is education day celebrated in Bihar? —11th November
  85. Which dynasty followed the Maurya dynasty? —Shunga dynasty
  86. Where is Gupteshwar Shiva Temple? —At the Hills of Kaimur
  87. Who appoints the advocate general? —Governor
  88. What is the length of Mahatma Gandhi bridge? —5.575 km
  89. How many members in the legislative are nominated by the Governor? —1/6 of the members
  90. Which language was the mode of communication in Nalanda University? —Pali
  91. Which Mahajanpada was a union of eight kingdoms? —Vajji
  92. Where are the first instance of sixteen Mahajanpadas of Buddhist era found? —Dioghnikaya
  93. The information about Nalanda University can be found in the works of which foreign travellers? —Fa-Hien & Hiuen Tsang
  94. When was Patna High Court established? —In 1916
  95. Where is the vermillion industry located in Bihar? —Lakhisarai
  96. What is produced in Dilawarpur factory? —Cigarette
  97. Under which article of the constitution of India, the Panchayati Raj institutions give reservation to scheduled casts and scheduled tribes? —Atricle 243 (D)
  98. When did the publication of the Times of India start in Bihar? —In 1986

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