bihar general knowledge in english all exam bihar gk in english

  1. Where is Sugauli Sugar Mill located? —East Champaran
  2. What was Mahavira known as in his childhood? —Vardhaman
  3. Which epic is in the form of catechism (question and answer)? —Abhidhamma Pitaka
  4. When was the Nawada Museum founded in Bihar? —In 1974
  5. When was Jharkhand granted statehood after separation from Bihar? —15th Nov., 2000
  6. Who emerged victorious in the tripartite struggle? —Gurjar Pratihar
  7. Which river separates Magadh and Anga Mahajanpad? —Champa river
  8. What was the total number of branches of Regional Rural Banks in Bihar till the end of September 2016? —2,092
  9. When was the notification of formation of Bihar issued? —22nd March, 1912
  10. What is the average population per branch of Scheduled commercial banks in Bihar till the end of March 2013? —22,491
  11. When did the Bihar government start the Mukhyamantri Niji Poudhshala Yojna? —In 2013
  12. What percentage share of branches of Scheduled commercial banks in the country was recorded in Bihar in June 2016? —6.0 percent
  13. What was the revenue generated from the cities in the Mauryan empire known as? —Durg
  14. Which place records the highest rainfall in Bihar? —Kishanganj

180 cm 315. Which city of Bihar was most influenced by The Quit India Movement of 1942? —Patna

  1. What percentage of commercial banks of Bihar were functional in rural areas till the end of March 2016? —55 Percent
  2. Gaya is situated at the banks of which river? —Falgu river
  3. Where in Bihar did Mahatma Gandhi organise his first movement (Peasant Movement)? —Champaran
  4. Pawapuri was the capital of which place in the era of Mahajanpad? —Malla Republic
  5. Where is Jayprakash University situated in Bihar? —Chhapra
  6. When and where was the renowned shehnai player, Bismillah Khan born? —21st March 1916, Dumraon Nagar (Buxar)
  7. Which river is known as the sorrow of Bihar? —Koshi river
  8. What is the real name of renowned shehnai player Bismillah Khan? —Kamruddin Khan
  9. Where is Mahant Ramsharan Das Library located? —Samastipur
  10. Where did Mir Qasim transfer his capital to in 1761 from Murshidabad? —Munger
  11. Who is the composer of ‘Mirutal Ahwaal’? —Mulla Behbehani
  12. On the banks of which river did Buddha embrace austerity? —Anoma river
  13. How many committees of 5 persons each for urban administration have been described in Indica, authored by Megasthenese? —Six committees
  14. What was the official currency of Mauryan era called? —Pann
  15. Which states are more populated than Bihar according to census-2011? —Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra
  16. What was the person who commanded the army in the battlefield known as in the Maurayan era? —Nayak
  17. Where did Buddha establish the Buddhist Council? —Sarnath
  18. Which round table conference was held in 1932? —Third
  19. Who was the in charge of maintenance of arms and security in Mauryan empire? —Ayudhagaradhyaksha
  20. When was the Patna High Court established? —3rd February, 1916
  21. Where is Ajgaivinath Temple located? —Sultanganj, Bhagalpur
  22. What was the rental army known as in Mauryan empire? —Bhritak
  23. Where is Arabic & Persian Institute situated in Bihar? —Patna
  24. When was the Mukhyamantri Gramin Payjal Nishchaya Yojna started in Bihar? —27th September, 2016
  25. Which kind of art is associated with the painting of a fisherwoman? —Patna Kalam
  26. What is the male literacy rate of Bihar according to census 2011? —73.39 percent
  27. What was the capital of Kalinga? —Toshali
  28. When did the Tana Bhagat Movement start? —1914
  29. When was the new currency Euro launched? —In 1999
  30. When was Mukhyamantri Vidyut Sambaddha Nischaya Yojna started? —15th November, 2016
  31. Where was the second Buddhist Council held? —Vaishali
  32. What is the name of the book written by Megasthenese? —Indica
  33. What were the self dependent widows in Mauryan era known as? —Kshanda Vasini
  34. Where were the remains of royal palace of Chandragupta found at? —Kumhrar in Patliputra
  35. Where were the earliest remains of Neolithic era found at in Bihar? —Chirand
  36. Where is the Koshi fair organized? —Katihar
  37. What were the copper coins known as in Mauryan era? —Maasak and Kakarna
  38. Where is the shrine of Makhdoom Shah situated? —Bihar Sharif
  39. Who is known as the Shakespeare of Bhojpuri? —Bhikhari Thakur
  40. What was the import duty in the Mauryan era? —10 percent
  41. When did the youth from Bihar founded the Bihar Socialist Party? —In 1931
  42. How many revenue villages are there in Bihar? —44,867
  43. Where did Mahatma Buddha deliver his first sermon? —Sarnath 359. Where did traveller Mulla Behbehani hail from? —Iran
  44. Which dynasty did Bimbisar and Ajaatshatru belong to? —Haryak dynasty
  45. According to Mahabharata and Puranas, which was the first dynasty that ruled over Magadh? —Vrihadrath dynasty
  46. How many times, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was chosen as a member of Rajya Sabha? —Three times
  47. When was the Brahmarshi Sena established? —In the year 1981
  48. When was the Tharu Tribe included in the list of Scheduled Tribes in Bihar? —In 2003
  49. In which festival Jhijhiya Dance is organized? —Durga Puja 366. Where did Mahavir Swamy deliver his last sermon? —Pawapuri (Nalanda)
  50. Who was appointed as the first chairman of Bihar Human Rights Commission? —Justice Shri S. N. Jha
  51. What were the spies in the Mauryan era known as? —Goorhpurush
  52. What is the name of the famous dance performed on the occasion of Muhharram? —Jharni Dance
  53. Where is Mansi Chour located? —Phulia Khar, Khagaria
  54. What was the name of the first book written by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar? —Praman Mantra
  55. What is the amount allocated per student studying in class 9 under the Chief Minister Girls & Boys Cycle Scheme? —` 2,500/-
  56. Where was the first Doordarshan centre established in Bihar? —Muzaffarpur
  57. When did the Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana start in Bihar? —22nd November, 2007
  58. Which danceform is particularly famous among the tribes? —Karma
  59. Who is the author of Kaikaiyi and Rituvansh? —Kedarnath Mishra ‘Prabhat’
  60. What is the encouragement amount given to the students belonging to minority community who pass matric with First class under the Mukhya Mantri Protsahan Yojna? —` 10,000
  61. What was the permanent army in Mauryan era known as? —Moul
  62. What is the slogan for Mukhya Mantri Vidyut Sambaddha Nischaya Yojna? —Har Ghar Bijli Lagatar (Undisrupted power to every household)
  63. Where is Pawapuri, the place of death of Mahavir situated? —Nalanda
  64. Mukhyamantri Niji Paudhshala Yojna is also known by what name? —Hariyali Mission
  65. Which place in Bihar has the least urban population according to census-2011? —Munger (28.30 percent)
  66. When was the Mukhyamantri Gramin Peyjal Nishchay Yojna started in Bihar? —27th September, 2016
  67. When was the Mukhyamantri Shahri Naali Gali Pakkikaran Yojna started in Bihar? —28th October, 2016
  68. Which term was used to refer free labour or beggar in the Mauryan era? —Vishti
  69. What was the infant mortality rate in Bihar in 2011? —44 per thousand
  70. Which state is the largest producer of gypsum in the country? —Rajasthan
  71. Mica is found in which kind of shells? —Igneous rocks
  72. What was the motive of Barharia Taal Revolt of Munger? —To revert the untenanted land
  73. Who has painted the Muslim Marriage (Nikaah)? —Shivlal
  74. What was the name of revolt done by the prisoners in Muzaffarpur jail? —Lota Revolt
  75. Which district of Bihar recorded lowest literacy rate according to census-2011? —Purnea (52.49 percent)
  76. In which year Dr. Rajendra Prasad started the publication of weekly newsletter “Bihar Law”? —In 1916
  77. Who is the author of the book ‘Surya Siddhant’? —Aryabhatta
  78. Who was the first traveller during the Mughal era to arrive at Bihar? —Mulla Taquia
  79. What was the revenue generated from rural areas known as in the Mauryan era? —Rashtra
  80. Where in Bihar is the proposed site for Fisheries Research Institute located? —Mithapur, Patna
  81. Where was the renowned poet of Maithili, Vidyapati born? —Visaphi (Darbhanga)
  82. Where did Mahavir attain enlightenment? —Under sal tree (Jrimbhika Village near Rijupallika river)
  83. What has Megasthenese called Patliputra in his book Indica? —Polibothra

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