head BPSC GK Practice Sets 2024

BPSC GK Practice Sets 2024

  1. Who brought the Delhi-Meerut pillar inscriptions to Delhi? Ans: Firozshah Tughlaq
  2. Who was the founder of Azaad Dasta in Bihar? Ans: Jayprakash Narayan
  3. Where is Vishnupad Temple? Ans: Gaya
  4. What was the reproduction rate of Bihar in 2011-12? Ans: 3.percent
  5.  Where is ‘Vishwa Shanti Stupa’ (the tallest stupa)? Ans: Rajgir
  1. Where is the money bill presented after it is passed by the Bihar Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Legislative Council
  2. Which is the first democratic republic of the world? Ans: Vajji (Vaishali)
  3. What was the motive of Barahiya Taal revolt of Munger? Ans: Demand to return the untenanted land to the people
  4. Who can dissolve Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Governor
  5. Where is Vikramshila Mahotsav held in Bihar? Ans: Bhagalpur
  6. What is the minimum notice period given to the speaker or deputy speaker of the Vidhan Sabha before he can be removed by a no confidence motion? Ans: Fourteen days
  7. The compositions of Vidyapati are in which language? Ans: Maithili
  8. When is the world renowned Sonpur fair organised on the confluence of Ganga and Gandak in north Bihar? Ans: Kartik purnima, and it continues for one month
  9. Who was the teacher of Vidyapati? Ans: Hari Mishra
  10. What does the image of sun and moon represent in Mithila Arts? Ans: Life
  11. When was the Battle of Palasy faught between Sirajuddaula and the British? Ans: 23rd June, 1757
  12. Which state and the country is benefited from Koshi Project? Ans: Bihar and Nepal respectively
  13. When was the Mid-day Meal Scheme started in the schools? Ans: 15th August, 1995
  14. What is the area of Bihar after its partition? Ans: 94,163 sq km
  15. What was Dara-ul-Shafa, established by Firoz Tughlak? Ans: Public Hospital
  16. Departmental promotions are done with the consent of which department? Ans: Finance Department
  17. Which ruler had given shelter to Yagyavalakya and his wife Maitraiya in his court? Ans: King Janak
  18. Who founded Vaishali, the first Republic in the world? Ans: Lichchavi
  19. Who is the chairman of District Disaster Management Authority? Ans: District Collector
  20. Who had renovated the Vishnupad Temple? Ans: The queen of Indore, Ahilyabai Holkar
  21. In which state is the longest bridge, Mahatma Gandhi Setu built? Ans: Bihar
  22. Who presents the Annual Finance Report of the Legislature? Ans: The Governor
  23. Where was the great Mathematician Aryabhatta born? Ans: Kusumpur, Patna
  24. Which Pala ruler established the Vikramshila Mahavir? Ans: Dharampala
  25. Who nominates one member of Vidhan Sabha? Ans: The Governor
  26. Which state is situated in the east of Bihar? Ans: West Bengal
  27. Where is Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary located? Ans: Bhagalpur
  28. Where was Vidyapati born? Ans: Benipatti
  29. What is a victorious person known as in Jain Sect? Ans: Vitraag
  30. Who has compiled ‘Vinaypitak’? Ans: Upali
  31. Which river of Bihar keeps changing its course frequently? Ans: Koshi
  32. In which year was Chirand excavated? Ans: In 1962
  33. When was the Consolidation of Holdings Act passed in Bihar? Ans: In 1956
  34. On the banks of which river is Chirand located, 11 km in the South East of Chhapra? Ans: Ganga
  35. At what level is the building of e-Kisan Bhavan proposed? Ans: Block level
  36. According to Tibetan historian Taranath, which clan did Gopal belong to? Ans: Kshatriya clan of Bogra district in West Bengal
  37. Which river is formed by seven streams? Ans: Koshi
  38. Who is the chairman of District Planning and Development Council? Ans: District Development Officer
  39. When was Land Reform Act passed in Bihar? Ans: In 1950
  40. Who is the head of district administration? Ans: District Officer
  41. Which crop that is not a part of Rabi, is harvested in the month of February-March? Ans: Arhar
  42. Which district uses tubewell for irrigation most in Bihar? Ans: Patna
  43. Which river originates from Someshwar Mountains? Ans: Budhi Gandak
  44. Which ambassador of Selukas reached Bihar? Ans: Megasthenese
  45. Which state lies to the south of Bihar? Ans: Jharkhand
  46. When was Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary established? Ans: In 1990
  47. Which river is also known as Karnali? Ans: Ghaghra
  48. Which National Highway is known as Grand Trunk Road? Ans: National Highway-2
  49. Which city is top ranked in irrigation by canals in Bihar? Ans: Rohtas
  50. When did Literacy Mission start in Bihar? Ans: In 1977
  51. Which university is the first university of Bihar? Ans: Patna University
  52. What is the proposed number of levels in Panchayat, in the Panchayati Raj Act-1993? Ans: Three levels
  53. Chirand is named after which ruler? Ans: Chero rulers
  54. Who is the composer of Geeta Rahasya? Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  55. Lagui dance style is associated with which state? Ans: Bihar
  56. Which civilisation had Lothal port? Ans: Harappa
  57. Which Magadha ruler was contemporary to Alexander the great? Ans: Dhanananda
  58. Which Magadha king won the Deccan? Ans: Chandragupta
  59. Which university in Bihar was Kautilya associated with? Ans: Taxila
  60. Bihar is surrounded by how many states? Ans: Three states
  61. What does ‘Nirgranthi’ mean? Ans: Freedom from attachment and bonds
  62. What is the rank of Bihar on the basis of gender ratio? Ans: 25th
  63. Which Gupta ruler is known as Lichchavi Dauhitra (grandchild of Lichchavi)? Ans: Samudragupta
  64. Which empire did Bimbisar of Haryak dynasty found? Ans: Magadha Empire
  65. Which place in Bihar was the great astronomer of India, Aryabhatta closely associated to? Ans: Patliputra
  66. Which waterfall is situated at the border of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh? Ans: Durgavati
  67. Which kingdom did Suyodhan rule on? Ans: Kapilvastu
  68. Which dynasty ruled Magadha after Haryak dynasty? Ans: Shishunaga Dynasty
  69. Who was the famous ayurvedic physician in The Gupta Period? Ans: Dhanvantri
  70. Who assassinated the last Haryak ruler, Nagadashak? Ans: Shishunaga
  71. Which waterfall is situated on Kanhar river? Ans: Sukhaldari
  72. Dhuankund Waterfall is situated on the banks of which river? Ans: Kaav
  73. Who was the friend, philosopher and the guide of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Vishnugupta
  74. Whose court in Gujarat did the famous scholar Hemchandra belong to? Ans: Chalukya
  75. Where is the shrine (Dargah) of Hazrat Malik and Sheikh Makhdum situated? Ans: On the Peer Mountains in Nalanda district
  76. Which scholar suggested the battle of Kalinga was fought to occupy the port for trade and commerce? Ans: Plini
  77. Where is Bheembandh Sanctuary located? Ans: Munger
  78. Where was Aryabhatta, the first mathematician of Bihar, born? Ans: Bihar
  79. What is the distance of flow of Ganga in Bihar? Ans: 445 km
  80. Which was the first empire of Bihar? Ans: Magadha Empire
  81. On which river is India’s longest railway bridge, Abdul Bari bridge built? Ans: Sone river
  82. Where is Mithila Sanskrit Vidyapeeth located? Ans: Darbhanga
  83. When was Mission Rainbow (Indradhanush) started in Bihar? Ans: 7th April, 2015
  84. Which is the fastest flowing river in Bihar? Ans: Budhdhi Gandak
  85. Who was the second ruler of Haryak dynasty? Ans: Ajaatshatru
  86. When and where was the gem of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, born? Ans: 3rd December, 1884, Jiradai (Sivan)
  87. Under the provision of which article does the governor appoints the leader of the Council of Ministers as the Chief Minister? Ans: Article 164
  88. Which article provides Vidhan Sabha in the states? Ans: Article 170
  89. What is the rank of Bihar according to HDI report of India-2015? Ans: 21st
  90. Hazipur is the headquarter of which railway zone? Ans: East-central
  91. Which state stands first in the HDI report of India-2015? Ans: Kerala
  92. What is the name of the first Persian book written in India? Ans: Tabakat-i-Nasiri
  93. When was the first census carried out in India? Ans: In 1872
  94. Who was the leader of Wahabi Movement? Ans: Sayed Ahmed Barelvi (Uttar Pradesh)
  95. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of first census in India? Ans: Lord Mayo
  96. Which district is the largest producer of Litchi in Bihar? Ans: Muzaffarpur 2. When was the India Development Scheme started in Bihar? Ans: In 2005
  97. When was the provision of Government of India Act-1919 implemented in Bihar? Ans: 29th October, 1920
  98. Which dynasty is known as Partricide dynasty? Ans: Haryak Dynasty
  99. Who was made the secretary of Indian National Socialist Party? Ans: Jayprakash Narayan
  100. When was Land Delimitation Act implemented? Ans: In 1961
  101. How many representatives participated in the first session of Indian National Congress? Ans: 72
  102. Where is Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University located? Ans: Madhepura
  103. When did railways celebrate its 150th anniversary? Ans: In 2003
  104. Who ornate the rudimentary copy of the Constitution of India? Ans: Nandlal Bose
  105. Which article provides for the post of President and vice-president in the Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Article -178
  106. What is the Origin Point of Sone River? Ans: Amarkantak
  107. The eligibility for the post of Governor has been described in which article? Ans: Article -157
  108. Article 169 of the Constitution of India presents the concept of what? Ans: Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council)
  109. What is the maximum number of members of the Vidhan Sabha prescribed in Article 170? Ans: 500
  110. When was State Bank of India Nationalised? Ans: In 1955
  111. What is the materialistic sect also known as? Ans: Lokayat Sect
  112. Who was the founder of materialistic sect? Ans: Ajit Keshkambli
  113. Which regional language of Bihar is spoken in Mauritius? Ans: Bhojpuri
  114. Where is the deposit of sandy soil in Bihar? Ans: Kaimur
  115. When did Nitish Kumar (leader of Smata Party) swear in for the first time as the Chief Minister of Bihar? Ans: 3rd March 2000
  116. Which was the 28th state of the Indian Union? Ans: Jharkhand
  117. Which important industry is situated in Bhagalpur? Ans: Silk Industry
  118. Where is the pyrite based sulpur industry situated in Bihar? Ans: Amjhor
  119. In which district of Bihar, Bulani Dham is situated? Ans: Rohtas district
  120. Who was elected as the first President of Indian Socialist Congress Party? Ans: Acharya Narayan Dev
  121. When was Bhoomi Sena formed? Ans: In 1979
  122. Which soil is deficient in potash and lime? Ans: Khadar soil
  123. Which state Kalhan has described in ‘Rajtaringini’? Ans: Kashmir
  124. On the banks of which river did Buddha attain enlightenment? Ans: Niranjana river
  125. Which soil is useful for the cultivation of wheat and paddy? Ans: Loamy Soil
  126. Which king repaired the Grand Trunk Road? Ans: Shershah Suri
  127. What were the followers of Parshwanath called? Ans: Nirgranthi
  128. The decision of how many Forest Days per year has been taken by the Environment and Forest Department? Ans: 11 days
  129. What is the name of the roadmap made by the tourism department for the promotion of tourism? Ans: A Journey Through Bihar
  130. What is mango rain? Ans: Rainfall in March and April
  131. Who conducts the panchayat elections? Ans: State Government
  132. Which is the highest institution in the Panchayati Raj system? Ans: District Council
  133. Who is the composer of ‘Parishistparvann’? Ans: Hemchandra
  134. Who founded Rampurva situated in West Champaran? Ans: Klyle (In 1899)
  135. Where was the first Bihar Day organised on 22nd March, 2010? Ans: Gandhi Maidan
  136. When was Parvarish Yojna launched in Bihar? Ans: In 2014
  137. What was the administrative officer and sub-divisional head called during the reign of Shershah? Ans: Shikdar
  138. Sone is a tributary of which river? Ans: Ganga
  139. Where in Bihar Paapharini fair is organised? Ans: Bhagalpur
  140. Which is the coldest district of Bihar? Ans: Gaya district
  141. Where is Padri ki Haveli (Mansion of Padre) located? Ans: Patna City
  142. When was Patna College founded? Ans: In 1863
  143. Where is Kundgram, the birth place of Lord Mahavira, situated in Bihar? Ans: Vaishali
  144. What is the ancient name of Pawapuri? Ans: Appapur
  145. When was Patna University established? Ans: In 1863
  146. Who was the main disciple of Parshwanath? Ans: Keshi
  147. Mandal Commission was set up to investigate what? Ans: Backward class
  148. What is the chief produce of animal husbandry? Ans: Milk
  149. Who established Patliputra? Ans: Udayin
  150. Who was the Governor General of Bihar during the building of Golghar in Patna? Ans: Warren Hastings
  151. Triveni Canal is a part of which river project of Bihar? Ans: Gandak
  152. Which ruler built the fort of Patliputra? Ans: Ajaatshatru
  153. Who built the ‘Vishnupad Temple’ in Gaya? Ans: Rani Ahilyabai
  154. Who was the founder of Pala dynasty? Ans: Gopala
  155. Which Pala ruler was elected by the consent of people and feudal lords? Ans: Gopala
  156. Which dynasty was founded by Pushyamitra Shunga? Ans: Shunga Dynasty
  157. What is the name of the dance performed by men dressed in women’s attire? Ans: Pawariya dance
  158. Where does river Punpun meet Ganga? Ans: Near Fatuha
  159. What is the other name of old alluvial soil? Ans: Bangar soil
  160. What percentage area of Bihar was divided to form Jharkhand? Ans: 42.35 percent
  161. Which National Highways cross through Bihar under the east-west corridor? Ans: NH-28 and NH-31
  162. When and by whom was the ‘Patthar ki Masjid’ (Stone Mosque) built? Ans: In 1621, Parvej Shah
  163. Gautam Buddha at the age of 35 years attained enlightenment on 49th day of austerity after he ate Kheer under a peepal tree by a girl. What was the name of that girl? Ans: Sujata
  164. Which waterway connects Bihar to sea? Ans: Ganga-Hoogly
  165. When and by whom the ‘Padri ki Haveli’ (Padre’s Mansion) built? Ans: In 1751, by Capucchin Fathers
  166. Who was the leader from Patna in the revolt of 1857? Ans: Peer Ali Khan
  167. How many parts have Bihar been divided into on the basis of Highways and water surface? Ans: 3 parts
  168. What is the name given to the female gem or the statue of Yakshi found in Deedarganj (Patna)? Ans: Chamargrahini statue
  169. Where is Gautam Buddha Sanctuary Situated in Bihar? Ans: Gaya
  170. Who has been appointed the first Vice Chancellor of Nalanda International University? Ans: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  171. Who built the Golghar? Ans: Captain John Garstin
  172. What is the other name of Patna Kalam Style or Patna Style? Ans: Company style
  173. Who was the last renowned painter of Patna style? Ans: Ishwari Prasad Verma
  174. Who was the father of Parshwanath? Ans: King of Kashi, Ashwasen
  175. How many wards are there in Patna Municipal Corporation? Ans: 67 wards
  176. The northern plains of Ganga, which are formed by shaking soil and sand are called by what name? Ans: Diara
  177. When was the Deendayal Upadhyay Gramin Jyoti Yojna inaugurated at Patna? Ans: 25 July, 2015
  178. Who led the Wahabi Movement in Patna? Ans: Vilayat Ali and Inayat Ali
  179. Where is Golghar located? Ans: Patna
  180. When was Patna University founded? Ans: 1 October, 1917
  181. Who is the composer of ‘Rashmirathi’? Ans: Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
  182. Who was appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of Patna University? Ans: J. G. Jevings
  183. What is the height of Someswar hills? Ans: 880 m
  184. Who organizes Patna Book Fair? Ans: Center for Readership Development (CRD)
  185. Which connoisseur of Patna style of arts is called the professor of portraits? Ans: Radhamohan Babu
  186. Which era does Deedarganj Yakshini belong to? Ans: Mauryan Era
  187. When was Patna Museum founded? Ans: In 1917
  188. Who was appointed as the first deputy speaker of Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Prof. Shri Abdul Bari
  189. Who founded the Hindu Boys Association? Ans: Bankim Chandra
  190. Who was the permanent chairman of Constituent Assembly from Bihar? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  191. Where in Bihar is the plywood industry located? Ans: Hazipur
  192. Which bank can be called as first completely Indian Bank? Ans: Punjab National Bank
  193. What is the distance between the eastern and western most point of Bihar? Ans: 483 km
  194.  What is the length of main canal in the Eastern Koshi Canal Project? Ans: 44 km

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