head Bihar General knowledge for Bpsc and All Exam bihar english

Bihar General knowledge for Bpsc and All Exam bihar english

  1. What were the women who openly practiced prostitution called in the Mauryan era? —Rupajeeva
  2. When and where was Majrul Haque born? —In 1866, Bahpura, Maner (Patna)
  3. The tomb of which sufi saint in Maner is also known as Chhoti Dargah? —Makdum Shah Daulat
  4. What is the original meaning of Bihar? —Buddhist Monestry
  5. What was the name of the wife of renowned scholar Mandan Mishra? —Bharti
  6. For which region of Bihar ‘Basatinul Uns’ acts as a chief source? —Tirhut
  7. Where is the tomb of Malik Ibrahim Bayan? —Bihar Sharif
  8. Under which five year plan was Jawahar Rojgar Yojna renamed as Rural Development Plan? —9th Five year plan
  9. Which is the first newsletter of Bihar? —Biharbandhu
  10. When and where was Ramvriksha Benipuri ‘Kalam ke sipahi’ born? —In 1899 in Benipur (Muzaffarpur)
  11. When was the Antyodaya Anna Yojna launched? —25th December, 2000
  12. When was NREGA renamed to MGNREGA? —2nd October, 2009
  13. Who was the ruler of Magadha when the Greek ruler Alexander attacked India? —Dhanananda
  14. What is the rudimentary name of Koshi? —Kaushiki
  15. Who was the ruler of Magadha during the lifetime of renowned physician, Jeevak? —Bimbisar
  16. Which state has announced pension to the participants of J. P. Movement? —Bihar
  17. How much sales tax was levied on the indigenous products during the Mauryan era? —4.0 percent
  18. Which ancient kingdom was not a part of Aryavart in the earlier years and was home to the non-aryans? —Magadha
  19. How many stone pillars have been found in Chandragupta’s royal palace? —84 pillars
  20. How many times has Nitish kumar swore in as the chief minister of Bihar? —Four times
  21. Which district of Bihar recorded highest literacy rate according to census -2011? —Rohtas (75.59 percent)
  22. Who annexed Kalinga and made it a part of Magadha empire for the first time? —Mahapadmanand
  23. What were the follower of Mahavira known as? —Jaini
  24. What is the aimed percent for poverty in eleventh five year plan? —22 percent
  25. Who is known as the father of Magahi dialect? —Suresh Dubey 426. Where is the Malmas fair in Bihar organized? —Rajgir
  26. Who chaired the second Buddhist Council? —Sarvakami
  27. Under which five year plan was the Barauni Oil Refinery established? —Second
  28. Who was the ruler during the second Buddhist Council? —Kalashoka
  29. Who was first participant from the Pala dynasty in The Tripartite Struggle? —Dharampala
  30. Which dynasty from the tripartite struggle ruled for the longest period? —Pal Dynasty
  31. The birth place of Mahavira, Kundgram, is situated in which district of Bihar? —Vaishali
  32. The Tripartite Struggle was fought in how many phases? —Five phases
  33. Jayprakash Employment Guarantee Scheme was launched under which five year plan? —10th five year plan
  34. Which place revolted during the reign of Bindusara? —Taxila
  35. When was the Maurya Dynasty founded? —322 B. C.
  36. Which state did Bimbisara win after defeating Brahmdutta? —Anga
  37. Whom did Bimbisar marry under his policy marriage alliance of expansion and received the fertile region of Kashi as dowry? —Koshala Devi (Sister of Prasenjit)
  38. For which ruler did Bimbisar send his royal physician Jeevak? —Pradyotsena
  39. What is the expected agricultural growth rate in the twelfth five year plan? —7.0 percent
  40. When were the two separate states, Bihar and Odisha created? —1st April, 1936
  41. Which post was created to ensure the smooth functioning of administration in Bihar? —Nayab Nazim
  42. What is the aimed electricity generation in Bihar under the twelfth five year plan? —11,650 Megawatt
  43. Which Magadha ruler was contemporary to Alexander? —Dhanananda
  44. When was the Regional Farmer’s Association formed in Bihar? —March 1929
  45. Chakravarti Devi was a renowned artist of which style of painting? —Manjusha Style
  46. Which district has the highest urban population in Bihar? —Patna (43.48 percent)
  47. What was the population growth rate of Bihar during 1981-91? —23.54 percent
  48. Which ruler was the first to deploy a full time army and include elephants in it? —Bimbisar
  49. On which day was Buddha born, attained enlightenment and died? —Vaisakh Purnima
  50. When did the Koshi multipurpose project start and was completed? —In 1955 and 1963 respectively
  51. What is the timeline of twelfth five year plan? —2012-2017
  52. What is the aimed industrial growth for Bihar under the twelfth five year plan? —12.12 percent
  53. How many scheduled tribes are there according to census-2011? —13,36,573
  54. Who has painted ‘Begum Ki Sharabkhori’? —Yamuna Prasad
  55. What is the name of first Maithili film of Bihar? —Kanyadan
  56. According to census-2011 which city has the lowest population density? —Kaimur (488 persons per square km)
  57. What is the number of scheduled casts in Bihar according to census -2011? —1,65,67,325
  58. Which is the main river of Bihar? —Ganga
  59. Freedom fighter, Prabhavati Devi, belonged to which region? —Champaran
  60. Which tribe considers itself Chandravanshi? —Chero
  61. Which ruler built the city of Rajgrih as the capital of Magadha? —Ajaatshatru
  62. Which country lies to the north of Bihar? —Nepal
  63. What is the literacy rate in Bihar? —63.82 percent
  64. Which is the highest peak of Bihar? —Someshwar Fort
  65. What is the height of Someshwar Fort, the highest peak of Bihar? —880 m
  66. What is the distance between north and south Bihar? —362 km
  67. What is the distance between east and west Bihar? —483 km
  68. What is decadal population growth rate of Bihar? —25.7 percent
  69. What is the population density of Bihar? —1,106 persons per sq. km
  70. What is the rank of Bihar based on population density? —First
  71. When was Bihar College of Engineering upgraded to NIT? —In 2004
  72. When was the Bihar Football Association formed? — In 1986
  73. What is the percentage share of Bihar in India’s Population according to census-2011? —8.6 percent
  74. What is the national rank of Bihar on the basis of population growth rate? —6th rank
  75. What is the climate of Bihar known as? —Monsoon climate 477. Where is Indira Gandhi Stadium situated? —Purnea
  76. Which type of climate is prevalent in Bihar? —Wet subtropical climate
  77. Hemant Trophy is associated with which sport? —Cricket
  78. What is the mean height of Bihar above the sea level? —173 feet (53 m)
  79. Amarnath Jha award is related to which field? —Bal Sahitya
  80. Which is the first open university of Bihar? —Nalanda
  81. Where was petroleum discovered in Bihar for the first time? —In 1860
  82. Which district has the lowest population density in Bihar? —Bhabhua
  83. Which is the smallest district on the basis of area in Bihar? —Shekhpura
  84. Which district recorded lowest rural population in Bihar according to census-2011? —Patna (56.52 percent)
  85. Bihar State Chess Association was formed in which year? —In 1937
  86. In which field is the Dr. Grearson award presented? —For the books written in the regional languages of Bihar
  87. What are the dimensions of the royal palace of Chandragupta? —140 feet long and 120 feet wide
  88. In which field is the Mandan Mishra Prize awarded? —Religion and Philosophy
  89. When was the Bihar Lawn Tennis Council founded? —In 1912
  90. In which year were the Davis Cup matches played in Patna? —In 1970
  91. Which ancient epic has mentioned Magadha for the very first time? —Rigveda
  92. Where in Bihar is the Sanjay Gandhi Mini Stadium situated? —Patna
  93. When was the first newsletter of Bihar, Biharbandhu published? —1874
  94. Which was the first Urdu daily of Bihar? —Nurul Anwar
  95. When and where was the first Urdu daily of Bihar, Nurul Anwar published? —In the year 1876, in Arrah
  96. Which village has been named the first biological village of Bihar? —Kothiya
  97. Who was the first Nayab Nazim of Bihar? —Alivardi Khan
  98. What is the share of public debt and other liabilities in the GSDP of Bihar? —23.92 percent
  99. When was the Barauni Oil Refinery established? —In 1964
  100. Which is the state animal of Bihar? —Gaur
  101. What amount is given under Muslim Abandonment Relief Scheme? —` 10,000
  102. Which is the largest district of Bihar? —Gaya
  103. Which is the largest hydropower plant of Bihar? —Dagmara

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