Bihar gk for bpsc samanya gyan gk in english MCQ

  1. Who recommended the installation of vermicompost unit in Khodabandpur in Begusarai? —Dr. R. K. Sohane
  2. When did Baldev Rai resign from the post of Attorney General during the national movement? —In 1942
  3. Which city in Bihar recorded the lowest credit-deposit ratio in September 2015? —Sivan (26.6%)
  4. Where is Brahmyoni hill situated? —Gaya 205. Who was the last ruler of Mauryan dynasty? —Brihdrath
  5. Who was the founder of Karnat dynasty? —Nanyadev
  6. What is the percentage of scheduled tribes in Bihar according to Census-2011? —0.9 %
  7. How many trees will be planted in the next five years under the agro forestry scheme? —360.9 lakh
  8. By which name agriculture, animal husbandry, trade and commerce etc. are collectively known as in Kautilya’s Arthashastra? —Varta
  9. What is the length of Hanuman nagar concrete dam in Nepal, situated at the border of Bihar? —1,140 metre
  10. Where is the kakolat fair organised in Bihar? —Nawada
  11. Which place had the highest deposit-credit ratio till September 2016? —Kaimur (68.7%)
  12. Which bank has the highest number of branches in Bihar? —State Bank of India
  13. At which place Karmnasha river meets Ganga? —North of Chausa
  14. Who discovered Badgaon, the place situated 11 kms from Rajgir, where the remains of Nalanda Mahavihar have been found? —Cunningham
  15. How many regional rural banks are there in Bihar? —3
  16. In which year of his rule did Ashoka fight the battle of Kalinga? —8th
  17. What was arrangement of irrigation done by the government in the Mauryan Era called? —Setubandh
  18. Who composed ‘Kirtilata’? —Vidyapati
  19. ‘Do or Die’ is associated with which movement? —Quit India Movement
  20. Whose contribution is an important part in the evolution of Pal era bronze statues? —Dhiman and his son Bitpal
  21. What was the wild army in the Mauryan era called? —Atawi Bal
  22. Which river meanders to form Kanwar Lake? —Gandak river
  23. In which year did Congress Socialist Party convene its first meeting at Patna? —1934 A.D.
  24. What were Buddha’s Last words? —“Appo Deepo Bhava”
  25. When did Shishunag, the viceroy of Kashi become the ruler of Magadh? —412 B.C.
  26. What was a landowner in Mauyan known as? —Kshetrak
  27. Where is Kanwar Lake located? —Majhaul
  28. Who signs the bill to be sent to the governor after it is passed in both the houses? —Speaker
  29. Kautilya’s Arthashastra have been divided into how many parts? —15 parts
  30. What is the main thing highlighted in Kautilya’s Arthashastra? —Politics
  31. In which year did Buddha die? —483 B.C.
  32. The pillars of Kaushambi and Prayag mention the donations made by which queen of Ashoka? —Kaurwaki
  33. With whose help did Ajatshatru successfully divide Vajji Union? —Vaskar
  34. What was silver coin called in the Mauryan era? —Pann or Karshapann
  35. When was Koshi project launched? —In 1953
  36. Who was the first lady to be included in the Buddhist Council? —Mata Prajapati Gautami
  37. By which name the river Kosi is known in Napal? —Saptkaushiki
  38. Which is the only rock edict that is engraved on stone slabs? —Bhabru Edict
  39. What is the script of the Mauryan inscriptions? —Brahmi
  40. Which river is also known as Keekat and Bamagadhi? —Punpun river
  41. Who propagated the Mahayana sect of Buddhism? —Mahakashyap
  42. What are the gold coins in Buddhist jataka tales known as? —Nishk
  43. What was the percentage share of Bihar in the cumulative deposits of all the scheduled banks in India in 2014–15? —2.4 %
  44. What was the name of Mahavir’s father? —Siddhartha
  45. Which object was primitively used in arts in Mauryan era? —Stone (Paashaan)
  46. What is the differentiating point in Buddhism and Jainism? —Self Sacrifice
  47. What is the rural and urban gender ratio of Bihar according to Census-2011? —927 and 869 respectively
  48. From where the silk was imported in the Mauryan era? —From China
  49. Nalanda University was the main center of education for Mahayan sect. Which religion is associated with it? —Buddhism
  50. Who was the first chief justice of Patna High Court? —David Ejera Ruben
  51. Since when is Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojna operational in Bihar? —7th July 2008
  52. When was the Magadh University established in Bodhgaya? —In 1962
  53. What was ‘Bali’ in Mauryan era? —Land revenue
  54. What is the expected GSDP of Bihar in 2017–18? —6,32,180 crore
  55. What is the posture of the Buddha statue in the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya? —Padmasan
  56. When was Kunwar Sena formed? —1978 A.D.
  57. What is also known as Kurkihara? —Kumhrar
  58. Mahavir was married to whom? —Yashoda of the Kundiyan Gotra
  59. Who composed the Kaikaiyi Prakriya? —Kedarnath Mishra (Pradhan)
  60. Who gave the first information about Kesariya and Areraj pillars? —Houtgaon
  61. In which stone scripture has Ashoka referred to himself as the king? —Minor rock edict of Maski
  62. What does Kaivalya mean? —One who has attained the complete knowledge.
  63. Where is the Central Potato Research Institute situated in Bihar? —Patna
  64. What is the battle for Kannauj that was fought among Pal, Pratihar and Rashtrakoota dynasty known as? —Tripartite Struggle
  65. What was the percentage share of Bihar in the cumulative loans of all the scheduled commercial banks in India at the end of March 2015? —1.1 percent
  66. Where did Buddha embrace austerity (pravrajya)? —Anuvan
  67. What is the cumulative sum of budget deficit and the market debt and sum of liabilities of the government called? —Fiscal Deficit
  68. Financial Planning is included under which list? —Concurrent list
  69. What is the name of the book authored by Kalhan? —Rajtarangini
  70. Which agricultural climate zone does Bihar fall in? —Zone-IV
  71. Who was the leader of Bakasht movement in Barharia? —Karyanand Sharma
  72. In which era was the medieval Ganga plain formed? —4th Plestocin
  73. What is the death of Buddha known as in Buddhism? —Mahaparinirvan
  74. Who founded the Mauryan Empire? —Chandragupta Maurya
  75. Who advices the Governor in the distribution of ministry? —Chief Minister
  76. Which district has the lowest gender ratio according to census-2011? —Munger (879)
  77. Which portfolio is known as the head of the government system because it holds the post of chief advisor to the council of Ministers? —Chief Secretary
  78. Who allocates the ranks of cabinet minister, Minister of States with Independent Charge, Minister of State and Chief Minister? —Chief Minister
  79. The council of ministers is collectively responsible to the legislative assembly, but individually the minister is responsible to whom? —Governor
  80. Manjusha Style is a renowned style of which region in Bihar? —Anga region (Bhagalpur)
  81. Which was the Mahavihar that was burnt by Valaditya according to stone scriptures of Mahipal found in Nalanda? —Nalanda Mahavihar
  82. Who has been convening the Mahila Smakhya Program since 1992? —Mahila Smakhya Society
  83. Where was the first capital of Magadh? —Girivraj (Rajgir)
  84. Whom did Mahmud Ghazni attack in 1001 A.D. for the very first time? —Jaipal, Hindushahi ruler of Udaybhandarpur
  85. What was the capital of Mauryan Empire? —Patliputra
  86. Which dynasty was started by Mahapadmnand after he ended the rule of Shishunag of the Naga dynasty? —Nand dynasty
  87. What was the total number of branches of state and district central cooperative banks in Bihar till the end of March 2015? —324
  88. Who was the last ruler of Nand dynasty? —Dhananand
  89. Which tax was levied from the farmers to check the attack from the Turks? —Turushkadanda
  90. Where did Mahavir die at the age of 72 in 468 B.C.? —Pawapuri
  91. In which district is the Barauni Oil Refinery located? —Begusarai
  92. Which city has the highest gender ratio in Bihar according to census-2011? —Gopalganj (1015)
  93. Whose sister was Mahavir’s mother? —King Chetak of Lichhavi
  94. Which epic is the collection of 549 jataka tales associated with the rebirth of Buddha? —Khuddaka Nikaya
  95. What share was given as tax in the Mauryan era? —1/6th part
  96. Where is Kusheshwar Bird Sanctuary situated? —Darbhanga
  97. Which place is the largest producer of jute in Bihar? —Purnea
  98. What do the scriptures of Devbarnak found in Arrah, Bihar and scriptures found in Patna and Mandar (Banka) give information about? —Later Gupta Dynasty
  99. When did Megasthenese arrive Patliputra? —315 B.C.

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