head bihar general knowledge for bpsc samanya gyan gk in english

bihar general knowledge for bpsc samanya gyan gk in english

  1. What was the tax levied for the protection of cattle in the Mauryan era called? —Vivit 
  2. What is the genderwise literacy rate in the state according to Census-2011? —Male-73.39%; Female-53.33% 
  3. When did Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki made an attempt to assassinate Kings Ford in Muzaffarpur? —In 1908 
  4. The Mukhyamantri Shramshakti Yojna was started in which year? —In 2008–09 
  5. Who was the true founder of the Magadha Empire? —Bimbisar
  6. Who was the first traveller to reach Bihar? —Megasthenese
  7. Which is the largest multipurpose project in Bihar? —Gandak Project 
  8. When and where, was the first sugar mill established in Bihar? —1904 AD, at Marhoura
  9. Which city in Bihar is famous for its Nylon industry? —Munger
  10. Who was the editor of the famous newspaper ‘Bihari’? —Babu Maheshwar Prasad 
  11. Whose wife was Dhruvswamini, mentioned in the stamps found in Basadh? —Chandragupta-II 
  12. Where is the Research Institute of Prakrit and Jainology situated in Bihar? —Patna 
  13. Which district has the largest rural population according to Census-2011? —Smastipur (96.54%) 
  14. Which is the chief cash crop of Bihar? —Sugarcane 
  15. What is the gender ratio of Bihar based on Census -2011? —916 
  16. What is the land spread of litchi (hectares) farms in Bihar in 2016–2017? —32,000 Hectare 
  17. The parents of Mahavir, the 24th Thirthankar of Jainism were the disciples of whom? —Parshwanath 
  18. Who became the first satyagrahi from Bihar on 27th November 1940? —Shri Krishna Singh 
  19. Who defeated the Nand ruler of Magadh, Dhananand to end the rule of Nanda dynasty in 322 B.C.? —Chandragupta Maurya 
  20. When was the 350th Prakash Guruparv (birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh) organised in Bihar? —31st Dec. 2016 – 5th January, 2017 
  21. What was the title of the article published by Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi in ‘Pratap’ on 4th January 1915? —Champaran Mein Andhera 
  22. After the death of Gautam Buddha in 483 A.D., who said ‘today we are free’? —Subhadra 
  23. According to the 2011 Census, what is the gender ratio in the age group of 0–6? —935 
  24. Who were the two leaders arrested on 6th August 1942 from Hazaribagh? —Narayan Singh and Sukhlal Singh 
  25. Where did Parshwanath attain enlightenment after 84 days of austerity? —Sammed Hill (parvat)
  26. When did Ikhtyaruddin bin Bakhtiyar Khilji successfully invade Bihar? —1203 A.D. 
  27. Who is the first female Chief Minister of Bihar? —Rabri Devi 
  28. Where are the earliest mention of the term ‘Magadh’ found? —Atharvaveda 
  29. When did Kunwar Singh, the rebellion leader of 1857, die? —9th May, 1858 
  30. Who is the composer of Allahabad Prashasti? —Harishena
  31. Which district in Bihar has the minimum number of families living below the poverty line? —Siwan 
  32. Whom did Iltutmish appoint as his first governor? —Malik Jani
  33. Who became the ruler of Magadh after the death of Shishunag? —Kalashoke (Kakarn) 
  34. Which was the first republic of the world dating back to 6 B.C.? —Vaishali 
  35. To which place the renowned poet Vidyapati belonged? —Benipatti (Madhubani) 
  36. Which movement was started after the partition of Bengal in 1905? —Swadeshi Movement 
  37. When did Sachidanand Sinha, who had played a vital role in separation of Bihar from Bengal, become the member of the legislative assembly of Bihar, Bengal and Odisha? —In 1920
  38. Who killed Bakhtiyar Khilji and when? —Alimardan Khilji in 1206 A.D. 
  39. What was the population growth of Bihar in the last decade according to Census 2011? —25.07 percent 
  40. When did Bakhtiyar Khilji attack Nadiya, the capital of Lakshman Sen? —In 1203–04 
  41. Which was the first place visited by Gautam Buddha after he left his home? —Alarkalam Ashram (Vaishali) 
  42. At which place in Bihar, tin is found? —Gaya 
  43. What is the female literacy rate in Bihar according to Census-2011? —53.33% 
  44. In which Century the Magadh Empire flourished? —6th Century B.C. 
  45. The statue of Deedarganj Yakshi can be found in which museum? —Patna Museum 
  46. Name the composer of Baharistan-e-Ghaibi. —Mirza Nathan 
  47. Where is Prabhavati Ladies Library? —Patna 
  48. What is the name of the ancient university of Bihar? —Nalanda University 
  49. When was Barauni Oil Refinery built? —In 1966 
  50. What was the name of the first English newspaper of Bihar? —The Bihar Herald 
  51. Barauni Oil Refinery has been built by the help of which country? —Soviet Union and Romania 152. Which was the smallest kingdom of Magadh Empire? —Kalinga 
  52. Which ruler’s inscription, that describe ponds building and Erection of Statue of Vishnu, have been found at Mandar hills in Baunsi in Banka? —Adityasen 
  53. What is the percentage of children below 6 years according to Census-2011? —17.90 percent 
  54. Who preside over the Bankipur Congress Conference in Patna? —Raghunath Singh Madholkar 
  55. What is the expected Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Bihar according to 2017–18 budget? —6,32,180 Crore 
  56. Who was the chairman of the Welcome Committee in the Bankipur Congress Conference? —Maulana Mazrul Haque 
  57. Where is the Baba Brahmeshwarnath fair organised in Bihar? —Buxar 
  58. Which soil predominantly covers Bihar? —Alluvial Soil 
  59. When was the ancient Roman Church built? —1751 A.D. 
  60. Who taught the spirituality of Buddhism to Ashoka? —Upagupta
  61. What percentage of the total area of Bihar is covered by forests? —7.21 percent 
  62. Which place did Bakhtiyar Khilji name his capital after he annexed Bihar and Bengal? —Lakhnauti 
  63. What is the rural and urban population of Bihar as per the 2011 census? —88.70% and 11.30% respectively 
  64. Buddhism is which type of religion? —Nontheistic religion 
  65. Which place in Bihar is known for vermicompost? —Begusarai 
  66. Where did Gautam Buddha attain enlightenment? —Bodhgaya
  67. Who represented Bihar in the meeting of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army in September 1928? —Phanindranath Ghosh 
  68. Buddhist council worked on a democratic structure. What was the minimum mandatory age for inclusion in council? —15 years
  69. What is the population share of Bihar in the total population of India? —8.58 percent 
  70. Which scriptures together comprise Tripitak? —Suttapitak, Vinaypitak, Abhidhammapitak 
  71. Which place in Bihar is famous for its fauna? —Patna 
  72. Kunwar Singh was the king of which place? —Jagdishpur, Bhojpur 
  73. Which dance is performed by jat and jatin? —Bhakuli Banka 175. What is the main source of income of people of Bihar? —Agriculture
  74. Where in Bodhgaya, is the Mahabodhi Temple built? —The spot where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment 
  75. What was the Champaran Satyagrah by Mahatma Gandhi associated with? —Teenkathiya
  76. What was the name of the first railways of Bihar? —The East India Railways 
  77. Which is the most densely populated city of Bihar? —Shivhar (1180 persons per sq km) 
  78. Whose seals have been found in Basadh? —Mahadevi Dhruvswamini 
  79. What was the name of the goldsmith in Pava, the capital city of southern Malla, where Gautam Buddha ate pork and died? —Chunda 
  80. What are the high ranked officials called in Kautilya’s Arthashastra? —Teerth 
  81. When was the new advertisement policy-2016 founded by the Bihar government? —12th September, 2016 
  82. When was the Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme launched? —2nd October, 2016 
  83. When was Buddha born according to Chinese literature? —563 B.C. 
  84. Who presented the Budget of Bihar for the year 2017–18? —Abdul Bari Siddiqui 
  85. Where was the first meeting of Congress Socialist Party held? —Patna 
  86. Manjula Style is based on which famous tales of Anga region? —Bihula Vishhari 
  87. Which guru did Buddha meet in Rajgriha for enlightenment? —Rudrak Ramputra 
  88. The daughter of Mahavir was married to whom? —Jamaali 
  89. Which cities of southern Bihar touch the border of Jharkhand? —Bhagalpur, Banka, Jamui, Navada, Gaya, Aurangabad & Rohtas 
  90. Who was the chief of commercial ships in the Mauryan era? —Navadhyaksh 
  91. Who was the first person from Bihar to stand at first position in Calcutta University? —Dr. Rajendra Prasad 
  92. Who was the first Chief Minister of Bihar? —Shri Krishna Singh 
  93. What is the credit-deposit ratio of all the banks in Bihar for 2016–17? —41.7% 
  94. Where did Buddha along with his five companions—Ajj, Asigga, Vappa and Bhadia began his rigorous austerity? —Forest of Uruvela 
  95. Which is the birth place of Mahavir Swamy? —Vaishali 
  96. Where in Bihar is the Betiya Mela organised? —Betiya 
  97. What is the annual growth rate of number of commercial banks in Bihar in 2015–16? —5.8 percent 
  98. What is the second official language of Bihar? —Urdu

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