head Bpsc Samanya Adhyayan Practice Sets 2024

Bpsc Samanya Adhyayan Practice Sets 2024


  1. Which district has recorded maximum urban population growth in Bihar as per census-2011? Ans: Begusarai
  2. What was the name of the party founded by Jayprakash Narayan? Ans: Bihar Socialist Party
  3. When was Jayaprabha Janani Shishu Arogya Yojna Express started in Bihar? Ans: 1st May, 2012
  4. When was the law related to abolition of feudalism and removal of middlemen framed? Ans: In 1950
  5. Which prince did Jahangir appoint as the governor of Bihar in 1621? Ans: Prince Parvez
  6. What was the name of Jarasandh’s father? Ans: Vrihdrath
  7. In which city of Japan, Mithila Museum has been established with the assistance of Hasegawa? Ans: Tokamachi
  8. What causes rainfall in Bihar in winters? Ans: Western disturbances
  9. When and where was Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College established in Bihar? Ans: Bhagalpur (1971)
  10. When was Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) started? Ans: December, 2005
  11. What form of justice has been fantasized by the Jains to describe the ultimate element? Ans: Saptbhang
  12. The Jain and Buddhist literature consider Chandragupta Maurya to be a part of which clan? Ans: Maurya
  13. What was the first irrigation project of Bihar? Ans: Sone Multipurpose project
  14. Where is the birthplace of 12th Jain Tirthankar Vasupujya? Ans: Champa (Bhagalpur)
  15. Where was 24th Tirthankar ‘Mahavir Swami’ born? Ans: Kundgram
  16. Which rule was added in the five rules of Jainism by Mahavir Swamy? Ans: Brahmcharya
  17. Who was the first Tirthankar of Jain religion, who was also the founder of Jainism? Ans: Rishabhdeva (Adinath)
  18. Where was the first municipal council established in Bihar? Ans: Arrah
  19. Who is considered the first Mahakavi of Bihar? Ans: Vidyapati
  20. How many Tirthankaras were there in Jain religion? Ans: 24


  1. In which city of Bihar the first centre of All India Radio was established? Ans: Patna (1948)
  2. Who has composed the twelve Angas of Jain Literature? Ans: Sthulbhadra
  3. Aagam Granth is associated with which sect? Ans: Jain Sect
  4. Where was the first centre of Doordarshan set up in Bihar? Ans: Muzaffarpur (1978)
  5. According to Jain hearsay where did Chandragupta Maurya give up his life and body? Ans: Shravan Belgola (Mysore)
  6. Where is the ancient and renowned Kamaldah Temple located? Ans: Patna
  7. What is the position of Bihar on the basis of population density of the country? Ans: First A
  8. What is the position of Bihar on the basis of population of the country? Ans: Third.
  9. When was Bihar State Pollution Control Council founded? Ans: In 1947
  10. When was Janani evam Bal Suraksha Yojna launched in Bihar? Ans: 1st July, 2006
  11. When was Jayprakash Employment Scheme launched in Bihar? Ans: In 2002. 12. Where is Jagjeevan Stadium located? Ans: Khagaul.
  12. Where is Jalalgarh Fort located? Ans: Purnea
  13. What is the other name for Khader soil? Ans: New alluvial soil
  14. Which district has the minimum population density? Ans: Kaimur
  15. Where is Indira Gandhi Medical Sciences Centre situated in Bihar? Ans: Patna
  16. Which is the least populated district of Bihar? Ans: Shekhpura
  17. Who was the founder of Nanda dynasty? Ans: Mahapadmanand
  18. Under which law was the Bihar State Pollution Control Board set up? Ans: Water Pollution (Prevention and Control) Act, 1974
  19. What is the per hectare compensation being granted to the farmers for the loss of crop by blue bull? Ans: 20 thousand


  1. Which language was given the name chhikachhiki by Dr. Gearson? Ans: Angika
  2. Where did Nanyadeva build the capital of Karnaat? Ans: Simraongarh
  3. What is Nagdashak called in Puranas? Ans: Darshak
  4. During which dynasty was the ancient university of Nalanda built? Ans: Gupta dynasty
  5. When was Urdu given the status of second state language of Bihar? Ans: In 1984
  6. Which Pratihara ruler’s coins have been found in Nalanda? Ans: Bhoj
  7. Which litterateur from Bihar is called the Shakespeare of Bhojpuri? Ans: Bhikhari Thakur
  8. Which Gupta ruler founded the Nalanda University? Ans: Emperor Kumargupta 9. Who is known as Magahi Shelly? Ans: Suresh Dubey P
  9. Who was the renowned Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University? Ans: Sheelbhadra
  10. When was Maithili Literature Council founded? Ans: In 1939
  11. When was Nav Nalanda Mahavihar granted the status of University? Ans: 13th November, 2006
  12. Where is Navrang Kala Manch situated? Ans: Buxar
  13. The texts of which Gupta ruler have been found in Asafgarh Village near Nawada? Ans: Adityasen
  14. Who formed the Nachaari Raag and Lagni Raag? Ans: Poet Vidyapati
  15. When was the Child Development Programme Coordinated in the three blocks of Bihar? Ans: 2nd October, 1975
  16. Where is Super Thermal Electricity Project situated in Bihar? Ans: Banka
  17. The Nepali Temple is situated on the congruence of which two rivers? Ans: Ganga and Gandak
  18. According to Nepali literature Ashoka was the Governor of which place before he became the King? Ans: Taxila
  19. When was National Council of Education established? Ans: 15th August, 1905


  1. Which residential school has been set up on the model of Netarhat Residential School? Ans: Simultala
  2. Which institution has been replaced by Indian Institute of Handloom Technology? Ans: Kishanganj
  3. Who led to the resurgence of Afghan power after the fall of Noohanis? Ans: Shershah
  4. What is the position of Tropic of Cancer in Bihar with respect to the latitude? Ans: North
  5. Where is Ambika Temple situated? Ans: Aami (Chhapra)
  6. What was the capital of Anga Mahajanpad? Ans: Champa
  7. Where is the only cigarette factory in Bihar located? Ans: Munger
  8. Who was the President of Congress at the time of transfer of power by the British to India in 1947? Ans: J. B. Kriplani
  9. What was the name of the three rupees tax levied by the British annually against the plough by the farmers? Ans: Bethmaafi
  10. What was the name of the tax which was collected by the British from the heir for property transfer after the death of Ryot ? Ans: Baphiputhi
  11. What was the name of the tax for the irrigation by canal during the British era? Ans: Pan
  12. On which river is Abdul Bari Bridge located? Ans: Sone
  13. When and where was the first sugar mill established in Bihar? Ans: In 1903, Marhaura
  14. Which revolutionary was given the responsibility to kill Phanindranath Ghose by his colleagues, after he turned a government witness in the Lahore conspiracy case? Ans: Baikunth Shukla
  15. When was Bihar State Electricity Board established? Ans: In 1958
  16. After defeating the Rajput Naresh of Mithila, Akbar gave the power to collect revenue to a Maithil Brahmin. Who was he? Ans: Mahesh Thakur
  17. Which of his army generals did Akbar send against King Bairisaal of Chhotanagpur? Ans: Shahbaz Khan
  18. Which sports is Umpire Golobos associated with? Ans: Cricket
  19. Who chaired the first session of All India Kisan Sabha? Ans: Swami Shahjanand Saraswati
  20. In which session of All India Trade Union did Jawaharlal Nehru participate as well as chaired it? Ans: Jhariya Conference


  1. Where is Ahirauli situated? Ans: Buxar
  2. In which year after his accession to the throne did Ashoka travel to Lumbini and reduce the land tax there to 1/8? Ans: 20th year
  3. Who has compiled Abhidhamma Pitaka? Ans: Moggaliputta Tissa
  4. Who is also known as Abhinav Jaydev? Ans: Vidyapati
  5. People of which state have been referred to as Vratya in the Atharvaveda? Ans: Magadha
  6. What is the land cultivated by the tribals called in Arthashastra? Ans: Sita Bhumi
  7. Which crop has been called inferior in Arthashastra? Ans: Sugarcane
  8. Where is Vir Kunwar Singh Stadium located in Bihar? Ans: Arra
  9. How many departments (Teerths) are mentioned in Arthashastra? Ans: 18 teerths (Department)
  10. What is the chairman of all the departments (Teerths) referred to in Arthashastra? Ans: Mahamatya
  11. When was Bihar State Sports Association formed? Ans: In 1961
  12. What is the total number of members in the Bihar Legislative Council? Ans: 75
  13. What is the total number of members in Bihar legislative Assembly? Ans: 243
  14. How many seats are there in Rajya Sabha from Bihar? Ans: 16
  15. What was the number of Lok Sabha seats in undivided Bihar? Ans: 54
  16. Who was the editor of ‘Anishchit Sampradaya’? Ans: Sanjay Vethliputra
  17. Who was the last Mauryan Emperor? Ans: Vrihdrath
  18. Who granted permission to Mahavira to leave his home after his father’s death? Ans: Elder brother Nandivardhan
  19. Who were the main accused in the Muzaffarpur Bomb Scandal in April 1908? Ans: Prafulla Chaki and Khudiram Bose
  20. Where is the Shiva Temple of Areraj located? Ans: Motihari


  1. Aryabhatta Award is presented in which field? Ans: Science
  2. Where is Aryabhatta Knowledge University established? Ans: Patna
  3. Bihar was divided into how many districts according to Ain-i-Akbari? Ans: Seven
  4. Under which article of Disaster Management Act -2005 was the Bihar State Disaster Management Authority founded? Ans: Article-14 (1)
  5. Which ruler’s records have been found in Dev- Varunark near Arrah, which contains the lineage of Gupta rulers? Ans: Jivitgupta -II
  6. Which is the longest highway in Bihar? Ans: NH-31
  7. What was the earlier name of Ashoka? Ans: Chandashoka or Kamashoka
  8. Which is the smallest stone pillar inscription of Ashoka? Ans: Rummindei pillar inscriptions
  9. Where is the Fruit Development and Research Institute located in Bihar? Ans: Sabaur
  10. Who was the first to read the Brahmi records of Ashoka? Ans: Princep
  11. Which stone inscription of Ashoka gives detailed information about the Kalinga war? Ans: 13th detailed inscription
  12. Which inscription of Ashoka is written in Brahmi script (right to left)? Ans: Erragudi inscriptions
  13. Which inscription of Ashoka discusses the taxation? Ans: Rummindei inscriptions
  14. Where is Rice Development and Research Institute situated in Bihar? Ans: Arrah
  15. Who was the Greek Governor of Avanti during the reign of Ashoka? Ans: Tushashp
  16. Who founded the Birla Temple situated in Patna? Ans: Raj Baldev Das Ji Birla
  17. Which four inscriptions mention the name of Ashoka? Ans: Maski, Gurjara, Nettur and Udegolam
  18. Which ruler founded Shrinagar? Ans: Ashoka
  19. Which city was founded by Ashoka in Nepal? Ans: Lalitpatan
  20. Which was the only war Ashoka fought? Ans: Kalinga


  1. Where was the convention of wetland held in 1971? Ans: Ramsar (Iran)
  2. Who built the Sun Temple at Aurangabad? Ans: Bhairvendra Singh, Chandravanshi King of Ugma
  3. In 1702 A.D., Aurangzeb appointed his grandson as the Governor of Bihar. What was his name? Ans: Prince Azeem
  4. Which Pala ruler can be accredited with the foundation of monasteries at Odantpuri, Nalanda, Vikramshila and Somapur? Ans: Dharampala and Devpala
  5. Who was the founder of Ajeevak sect? Ans: Makhkhali Gossal
  6. Which district is the largest producer of potato in Bihar? Ans: Nalanda
  7. In which year did Buddha die at the age of 80? Ans: 483 B.C.
  8. Who declared Bihar an independent state after the death of Afghan Dariya Khan Noohani in 1523 A.D.? Ans: Muhammad Shah Noohani (Bahaar Khan)
  9. In which year the Government of Bihar recognised tourism as an industry? Ans: In 1987
  10. What was the title of Ajaatshatru? Ans: Kunik
  11. Which religion did Ajaatshatru follow? Ans: Jain sect
  12. Who assassinated Ajaatshatru to become the ruler of Magadha? Ans: Udayan
  13. Where was Amrapali, the dancer famous for her love affair with Ajaatshatru, from? Ans: Vaishali
  14. In which district of Bihar is the Bhagwan Narsingh Avatar pillar (Banmankhi) situated? Ans: Purnea
  15. Which tribe of Bihar is known as the fighter tribe? Ans: Kharvar
  16. In the battle with which kingdom did Ajaatshatru use the Rathmusala and Mahashilakantak for the first time? Ans: Lichchivi
  17. In which year of his rule did Ajaatshatru built a pillar on the remains of Gautam Buddha after his Mahaparinirvana? Ans: 10th year
  18. Where is the temple of Ajgaibinath situated? Ans: Sultanganj, Bhagalpur
  19. Who is the head of Subdivisional Administration? Ans: Subdivisional Officer
  20. Which bird sanctuary of Bihar is the largest in North India? Ans: Kusheshwar Bird Sanctuary


  1. What is the gender ratio of scheduled tribes in Bihar? Ans: 929
  2. Which district has the least scheduled tribe gender ratio in Bihar? Ans: Patna (726)
  3. What is the other name of river Gandak? Ans: Sadanira
  4. What is the total area of plains of Ganga? Ans: 90,650 sq km
  5. Where did Gautam Buddha meet Kaudinya and five Brahmins? Ans: Uruvela (Bodhgaya)
  6. Where did Gautam Buddha attain enlightenment? Ans: Bodhgaya
  7. When was Antyodaya Yojana launched? Ans: In 2000
  8. When was Annapurna Yojana launched in Bihar? Ans: 1st April, 2001
  9. Where is Annapurna Temple situated in Bihar? Ans: Patna
  10. When was Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) launched? Ans: 29th April, 2016
  11. Which city was recognised as the 12th Municipal Corporation in August 2016? Ans: Chhapra
  12. What is Bihar Education Project mainly associated with? Ans: Primary and adult education
  13. Alarkalam was a scholar of which field? Ans: Statistics
  14. Who was the ruler of Devagiri during the invasion of Alauddin Khilji? Ans: Ramchandra Dev
  15. Where is a new branch of Aligarh Muslim University proposed? Ans: Kishanganj
  16. Which story images are engraved on the ruins of a temple found at Apsarh in Nawada? Ans: Ramayana
  17. Which district is famous for Langda mango? Ans: Muzaffarpur
  18. When was the Gaya Airport recognised as International Airport? Ans: In 2002
  19. Who chaired the Gaya Convention of Congress? Ans: Deshbandhu Chitranjan Das
  20. Who was the ruler of Tirhut during the Bengal advent of Gayasuddin Tuglaq? Ans: Harisingh Dev


  1. After how many years of leaving his home did Mahavira give up his clothes? Ans: After 13 months
  2. Gandak is a tributary of which river? Ans: Ganga
  3. Which district has the least literacy of scheduled tribes in Bihar? Ans: Lakhisarai (12.9 percent)
  4. What is the literacy rate of scheduled tribes? Ans: 28.2 percent
  5. What percentage of Bihar’s area is covered by plains of Ganga? Ans: 96.27 percent
  6. The plains of Ganga are the ruins of which sea? Ans: Tethis Sea
  7. Who was the first ruler of Bihar who adopted Buddhism? Ans: Bimbisar
  8. Where is the maximum deposit of alluvium soil found in the plains of Ganga? Ans: Around Patna
  9. What is the share of Government of India in Ganga Dolphin Research Centre? Ans: 30 percent
  10. What was the name of Gautam Buddha’s father? Ans: King Suyodhan
  11. The preaching of Gautam Buddha is compiled in which book? Ans: Suttapitak
  12. Which is the ancient place renowned for hot water fountain in Bihar? Ans: Rajgir
  13. Which tax is mentioned in the copper inscriptions of Maner of the Gaharwal ruler Govindchandra? Ans: Turushkdand
  14. In whose court did Jaydeva the writer of Geetagovind reside? Ans: Lakshman Sen
  15. Where is Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary located? Ans: Gaya
  16. What was the Champaran movement of Gandhiji associated with? Ans: Teenkathiya
  17. Which was the first place in Champaran visited by Gandhiji on 16th April, 1917? Ans: Jasauli Patti
  18. Who became the ruler of Pala dynasty after Gopala? Ans: Dharampala (770-810 A.D.)
  19. Which temple has been named after the wife of Rishi Gautam, Ahilya? Ans: Ahirauli Temple
  20. Which clan did Gautam Buddha’s mother belong to? Ans: Koliya clan of Kaushal


  1. Who brought up Gautam Buddha? Ans: Aunt and stepmother Gautami
  2. Which clan was Gautam Buddha born to? Ans: Shakaya clan of Kapilvastu
  3. Which Gupta ruler defeated the Hunnas? Ans: Skandagupta
  4. Where is Guptadham situated? Ans: Rohtas
  5. Which district has the highest gender ratio of scheduled tribes? Ans: Gopalganj (1063)
  6. Which city has the highest literacy rate for scheduled tribes? Ans: Begusarai (78.6 percent)
  7. On the banks of which river did Gautam Buddha attain enlightenment? Ans: Niranjana
  8. What was the childhood name of Gautam Buddha? Ans: Siddhartha
  9. What was the name of Gautam Buddha’s mother? Ans: Princess Mahamaya Devi
  10. From which place the river Ganga originated? Ans: Gangotri
  11. In which district Ganga enters Bihar from Uttar Pradesh? Ans: Buxar
  12. Where in Bihar did Gandhiji start his first national movement? Ans: Champaran
  13. Gautam Buddha left his home at the age of 29. What is this called? Ans: Mahabhinishkraman
  14. When was the Munger based Bihar School of Yoga established by Swami Satyanand Saraswati? Ans: In 1963
  15. Where is Lakshman Kund located? Ans: Munger
  16. Which person from Bihar did Dada Bhai Naoroji appoint the Deputy Chairman of London Indian Society, while he was the chairman? Ans: Parmeshwar Lal
  17. In which district is the Gogavil Sanctuary located? Ans: Bhagalpur
  18. When did Guru Prasad Sen start the publication of English newsletter ‘The Bihar Herald’? Ans: 1875 A.D.
  19. When was Guru Gobind Singh born? Ans: 26th December, 1666
  20. The animal fodder plant has been installed at which place in Bihar? Ans: Khagariya


  1. Where was Guru Gobind Singh born? Ans: Takht Shri Harmandir Sahib, Patna
  2. Where is Gurudwara Handi Sahib located? Ans: Danapur
  3. What is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha marked with? Ans: Lotus flower
  4. Gautam Buddha had a son at the age of 29 years. What did he name him? Ans: Rahul
  5. What is the language and script of records of Gupta era? Ans: Sanskrit language and Brahmi script
  6. In which of his composition of 11th century has the poet from Gujarat, Sodhdash called Dharampala the ‘Owner of North?’ Ans: Udaysundari
  7. Who was the first ruler of slave dynasty? Ans: Qutubuddin Aibak
  8. In which district is the Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary located? Ans: Bhagalpur
  9. In which financial year, the Bihar government start the Sugarcane Development Programme? Ans: Year 2012-13
  10. Which is the hottest district during the summer in Bihar? Ans: Gaya
  11. When did Neerjanand Saraswati found the Bihar Yoga Bharti which is situated in the Ganga Darshan Yogapeeth Campus, Munger? Ans: In 1994
  12. What is the hot air that flow during the summer called in Bihar? Ans: Loo
  13. Where is the Maa Bhagwati Durgamandir Mandaargiri, which is made of granite rocks, situated? Ans: Bhagalpur
  14. When was great Public Library founded? Ans: In 1916 15. When was Gautam Buddha born? Ans: 563 B.C.
  15. What is the rank of Bihar in nationwide production of Litchi? Ans: First
  16. Where is Litchi Research Centre located in Bihar? Ans: Musahri Muzaffarpur
  17. Lac is produced from which insect? Ans: Laccifer lacca or lac insects
  18. Where did Baikunth Shukla kill Phanindranath Ghosh, who became a government witness in the Lahore Conspiracy Case? Ans: Betia
  19. The tradition of celebration of Bihar Day started in which year? Ans: In 2010

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