head Bihar General Knowledge Samanya Gyan GK in English
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Bihar General Knowledge Samanya Gyan GK in English

  1. What is the reservation given to the grandchildren of freedom fighters in state service appointments? —22 percent 
  2. The Secretariat instructions has been replaced by what in the financial year 2017-18? —Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure 
  3. Where is the Agriculture and Dairy Development Centre established in Bihar? —Motihari 
  4. The President has signed the 122nd Constitutional Amendment Act on 8th September 2016. What is it related to? —Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  5. Where is Modern Driving Training and Research Institute proposed? —Aurangabad
  6. When is the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act-2016 implemented? —2nd October, 2016 
  7. How much rebate in the stamp duty has been given to encourage online payment? —1 percent 
  8. Name the scheme launched to honour the respected and foremost tax payer businessmen? —Bhama Shah Samman Yojna 
  9. What is the percent of per capita income of Bihar as compared to the National average in 2015-16? —35 percent 
  10. What is the share of primary sector in Gross Domestic Product in 2015-16? —19.0 percent 
  11. What is the share of secondary sector in Gross Domestic Product in 2015-16? —18.8 percent 
  12. What was the share of tertiary sector in Gross Domestic Product in 2015-16? —62.2 percent
  13. What was the revenue surplus for the financial year 2015-16? —12.507 Crore 
  14. When was the Asian Development Bank founded? —December, 1966 
  15. What is Hindu Growth Rate associated with? —National Income 
  16. What was the milk production in 2015-16? —82.88 lakh ton 
  17. What is the overall economic growth of Bihar in 2016-17? —7.6 percent
  18. What is the growth rate of secondary sector in 2016-17? —8.4 percent 
  19. What is the growth rate of tertiary sector in 2016-17? —10.4 percent 
  20. What is the number of food processing industries in Bihar? —407 
  21. How many tourists visited Bihar in 2015? —28.95 lakh 
  22. When was COMFED established? —In 1983 
  23. Tasar Development Scheme started in which financial year? — In 2012-13 
  24. Where is the Jute Park built in Bihar? —Maranga Purnea 
  25. Where is Central Leather Research Institute located? —Chennai 
  26. How will a reduction in Cash Reserve Ratio by The Reserve Bank of India affect the credit creation? —It will increase
  27. What is the share of mining and excavation in Gross State Domestic Product? —1.7 percent 
  28. Where is the Film City proposed? —Rajgir 
  29. Which institution of World Bank is known as the “Window of Concessional Loan”? —International Development Association 
  30. Under which article is the Finance Commission constituted? —Article 280
  31. When was the first Human Development Report of India published? —April, 2002 
  32. Who estimates the National Income adjustments? —Central Statistical Organisation 
  33. Who is the chairman of Island Development Authority? —Prime Minister 
  34. Where is Bank Note Press situated? —Dewas 
  35. On the recommendation of which committee was the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) established? —Shivaraman 
  36. Who is the author of ‘Politics of Charkha’? —J. B. Kriplani 
  37. When was the Securities and Exchange Board of India established? —In 1988 
  38. Where is the headquarter of Council for Advancement of People Action and Rural Technology? —New Delhi 
  39. Who regulates all the Central Banks of India? —Reserve Bank of India 
  40. Where is the Agriculture and Dairy Development Centre proposed in Bihar? —Motihari 
  41. What is the name of scheme launched to grant scholarships to the students of scheduled casts, scheduled tribes and other backward classes? —E-Z Pay Card 
  42. When was the E-Z Pay Card Scheme launched in Bihar? —26th March 2011 
  43. Name the scheme which aims to teach how to read and write to forty lakh illiterate women in the age group of 15-35? —Mukhyamantri Akshar Anchal Yojna 
  44. In which financial year the Women Empowerment Scheme was launched in Bihar? —2008-09 
  45. Who is the author of ‘Small is Beautiful’? —E. F. Schumaker 
  46. Who is the father of statistical revolution in India? —Prakash Chandra Mahalanobis 
  47. Which government applied the concept of Rolling Plan in National Planning? —Janta Government
  48. When was the President’s rule imposed for the first time in India? —29th June 1968-26th Feb. 1969 
  49. How many times has the President’s rule been imposed in Bihar? —7 times 
  50. Which article defines the Money Bill in detail? —Article 110 
  51. Which curve represents the disparity in income and distribution? —Lorentz curve 
  52. The slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ became a part of which plan for the first time? —5th Five Year Plan 
  53. In what type of unemployment the labour force is working in a redundant manner where worker productivity is essentially zero? —Disguised Unemployment 
  54. When was NABARD established and where is it’s headquarter? —12th July 1982, in Mumbai 
  55. Which is the topmost institution of rural credit arrangement? —NABARD 
  56. How many industries are reserved for public sectors? —2 
  57. For the production of 800 rail engines in Madhepura (Bihar) an agreement has been signed with which nation? —France 
  58. Nalanda Mahavihar has been put under which category of UNESCO’s list of world heritage? —Cultural category 
  59. Who was the first to discover Nalanda site in modern era? —Francis Buchanan-Hamilton in 1811-12 
  60. When was the Mahabodhi Temple Compound, Bodhgaya, Gaya, in

included in the list of UNESCO’s world renowned places in the cultural category? —2002 

  1. When was the Nalanda Mahavihar Archaeological site included in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage in the cultural category? —In 2016 
  2. Which company has been given the job to renovate the fertilizer unit at Barauni by the central government? —Hindustan Fertilizers Corporation Ltd (HFCL) 
  3. Which state has the lowest per capita income in India? —Bihar 
  4. Which is the first city chosen to execute the smart city mission? —Bhagalpur 
  5. What is the share of development expenditure in the total expenditure of the state government? —70 percent 
  6. What is the development expenditure for 2015-16? —78,077 crore 
  7. What is the Gross State Domestic Production growth rate for 11th five year plan at current cost? —20.7 percent 
  8. What is the ratio taxes to the Gross State Domestic Product of Bihar for 2014-15? —5.5 percent 
  9. Which tax has the maximum share of 5.5 percent in the tax revenue of the state government for 2016-17? —Sales tax 
  10. What is the share of sales tax in total taxes? —47.2 percent 
  11. What was the purpose behind the establishment of NAFED? —Distribution of agricultural produce 
  12. When was Environment Protection Act implemented? —In 1986 
  13. When did National Environment Tribunal Act (NETA) came into existence? — In 1986 
  14. What does Price Index measure? —Buying capacity of the currency 
  15. Which is the regulatory body of insurance companies in India? —IRDA 
  16. Which city of Bihar has been included under the Smart Ganga City Project? —Patna 
  17. Who is the chairman of the committee constituted to study the silt in the Ganga river in Bihar by the central government on 1st Dec., 2016? —A. K. Sinha 
  18. Who is the chairman of the committee constituted to tackle the pulse crisis on 12th July, 2016? —Arvind Subhramanian 
  19. Who is the chairman of the committee constituted to review and suggest recommendations in the Financial Responsibility and Budget Management Act on 17th July, 2016? —N. K. Singh 
  20. Which committee has been constituted by the Supreme Court to review the corruption and conflict of interest in cricket? —R. M. Lodha Committee 
  21. How much grain per month is made available under the Antyodaya Scheme? —35 kg 
  22. Indian economy is which type of economy? —Mixed economy 
  23. Which economy is known as closed economy? —No import and no export 
  24. What is the number of outlets of public distribution in Bihar? —42,059 
  25. Which economist endowed the Human Development Index (HDI)? —Mahboob-Ul-Haque 
  26. Which institution has created the Human Development Index? —UNDP 
  27. On what grounds is an economy classified into public and private sector? —Ownership of enterprises 
  28. What is the change in share of tertiary sector in national income as the economy develops? —It increases 

989. Who implied ‘The Theory of Drain’? —Dada Bhai Naoroji 

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