head KVS PGT Physics Teacher Previous Years Question Papers Pdf Download

KVS PGT Physics Teacher Previous Years Question Papers Pdf Download

kvs physics teacher exam question paper

KVS PGT PHYSICS 2017+2018/ Question + Answer key///Previous year question paper/Solution/Kendriya Vidyalaya

KVS PGT Physics Question Papers PDF

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Why is KVS 2017+2018 Question Paper important?

  • Helps to know about the exam pattern of KVS exam.
  • It helps a lot to understand the level of questions in KVS exam.
  • KVS helps in revision of syllabus.
  • There are some questions of KVS which are repeated again and again.
  • This increases your chances of clearing the KVS Exam very much.

PGT Physics Previous Year Question Paper with Answer

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1. 64 identical liquid droplets, each charged to 0.9 Volt, combine and form a single large spherical drop. The potential of this drop will be:

A. 14.4 V

B. 37.6 V

C. 65.2 V

D. 73.5 V

2. An object is placed at a distance of 1.5 m from a fixed screen. When a convex lens is placed between the screen and the object, a sharp image of the object is formed on the screen for two positions of the lens. If the size of the image in the two cases is found to be 9 cm and 4 cm, the distance between the two positions of the lens is:

A. 15 cm

B. 20 cm

C. 30 cm

D. 40 cm

3. A heavy nucleus at rest breaks into two parts A and B moving with velocities in the ratio 8 : 27. The ratio of the radii of the parts, assumed to be spherical, are:

A. 8 : 27

B. 4 : 9

C. 3 : 2

D. 9 : 4

4. A water drop of radius 10 mm is split into 64 drops. If the surface tension of water at the temperature is 7.2 × 10–2 Nm–1, the increase in surface energy in this process is:

A. 0.13 mJ

B. 0.18 mJ

C. 0.27 mJ

D. 0.41 mJ

5. Electron’s charge is small and electron drift speed is also very small. Yet we obtain large amount of currents in a conductor because:

A. resistance of conductor is negligible

B. electron number density is enormous

C. electron in front are pushed by the electrons from behind

D. as the electrons drift, they dislodge large number of electrons from the bonds between the atoms

6. Two monochromatic radiations of blue and green colour of the same intensity are, in turn, incident on a photosensitive surface. Which one of the following is a correct statement?

A. Threshold frequency and photoelectric current for the blue light will be more compared to the green light.

B. Threshold frequency will be same but the current will be smaller for blue light compared to the green light.

C. Both threshold frequency and photoelectric current for blue light will be more compared to green light.

D. Threshold frequency will be less but photo electric current for blue light will be more compared to green light.

7. A composite wire is made by welding together two wires end to end. The wires are made of the same material with their diameters in the ratio of 1 : 2. This wire is used as a sonometer wire kept under tension with the welded point midway between the two bridges. If the joint is a node when stationary waves are set up in the wires, the ratio of the loops formed in the wires will be:

A. 1 : 4

B. 1 : 2

C. 2 : 3

D. 3 : 5

8. In a radioisotope, two radioactive nuclei Aand B initially contain atoms in the ratio of 1 : 4. The half life of A is 100 years and that of B is 50 years. The ratio of their rates of disintegrations after 200 years is:

A. 1 : 1

B. 1 : 2

C. 2 : 1

D. 1 : 4

9. Internal energy of an ideal gas depends on:

A. Pressure only

B. Volume only

C. Temperature only

D. Nature of the gas only

10. A particle of charge q and mass m is moving in a circular orbit with angular velocity . The ratio of its magnetic moment to its angular momentum depends on:

A. q, m and 

B. q and 

C. q and m

D.  and m

11. A man stands on a platform which can be rotated. He holds a 5 kg weight in his each hand. The angular speed of the platform is 50 rev/min with man stretching his arms horizontally. Now the man brings his arms close to his body with the distance of each weight from the axis changing from 80 cm to 20 cm. If the moment of inertia of the man together with the platform is the same 8.0 kg m 2 , the new angular speed is about:

A. 58 rev/min

B. 65 rev/min

C. 72 rev/min

D. 86 rev/min

12. In a transformer, the number of turns in the primary and secondary are 400 and 2000 respectively. The power input to the primary is 10 kW at 200 V. The efficiency of the transformer is 90%. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

A. Output voltage is 1000 V

B. Output power is 9 kW

C. Current in the primary is 50 A

D. Current in the secondary is 10 A

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