head Bihar General Knowledge FOR ALL Exam General Studies Qustion
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Bihar General Knowledge FOR ALL Exam General Studies Qustion

  1. Which currency had a stamp of peacock, mountain and half moon engraved on it during the Mauryan era? —Aahat
  2. Where has the evidence of existence of primitive men in Bihar been found at? —Munger and Nalanda
  3. What is the average rainfall in Bihar? —1009 mm (109 cm)
  4. Who is the founder of Oriental Public Library in Bihar? —Khuda Baksh Khan
  5. What was a tenant in Mauryan era known as? —Upavas
  6. When was international cricket match organised? —In 1996
  7. Who led the movement for separate state that resulted in the formation of two separate states in 1912 namely, Bihar and Orissa? —Sachchidanand Sinha
  8. When was Gaya Museum established? —In 1952
  9. When is Buddha Jayanti celebrated in Bihar? —Vaishakh Purnima
  10. Which is the largest tributary of Ganga in Bihar? —Sone
  11. What are the main centres of hot springs in Bihar? —Rajgir and Munger
  12. What is the total number of villages in Bihar? —39,073
  13. Who is the author of the book ‘Nagmat Asafi’ related to music? —Renowned Singer Razashah
  14. Siddheshwar fair is organised on which occasion? —Shivaratri
  15. On which occasion is the Lagni raag sung in Bihar? —At the time of marriage
  16. Since when is the Patna Book Fair organized? —In 1971
  17. Where is Gopashtmi fair organised? —Khagariya
  18. Out of 243 assembly seats in Bihar, how many are reserved for scheduled casts? —38
  19. Out of 243 assembly seats in Bihar, how many are reserved for scheduled tribes? —02
  20. When is the fair related to marriage organised in Sauraath? —Jyesth-Asaadh (May-June)
  21. Where is Sahodara fair organised? —West Champaran
  22. In which month is the Pitripaksha mela organised in Gaya? —Ashwin
  23. When is the Jiutiya festival celebrated? —Eighth day (ashtmi) of ashwin Krishna paksh
  24. Where is the holy place of Jain followers, Gunawaji located in Bihar? —Nawada
  25. When was the Mukhyamantri Mahadalit Rojgar Yojna launched? —In 2012–13
  26. When was Golghar built? — In 1785
  27. Who founded ‘Bihar Vidyapeeth & Sadakat Ashram’? —Mazrul Haque
  28. Who was the first vice chancellor of Bihar Vidyapeeth? —Mazrul Haque
  29. Whose tomb is built in Maner? —Shah Daulat
  30. When was Bihar Cricket Association formed? —In 1936
  31. When was Bihar Hockey Association formed? — In 1986
  32. Where is the holy place of Islam, Makhdum Kund situated? —Rajgir
  33. According to Rajtaringini written by Kalhan, which religion did Ashoka follow before accepting Buddhism? —Shaiva
  34. What is the tagline of Bihar tourism? —Blissfull Bihar
  35. Who was the first muslim ruler who successfully invaded Bihar? —Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji
  36. What sources prove the dominance of Garhwals in Bihar? —Maner copper sheets
  37. Who built the stone mosque of Patna? —Parvez
  38. Who was the coordinator of Tilak Swaraj Fund Committee, founded by the Bihar State Congress Committee? —Shrikrishna Babu
  39. When was Bihar State Kisan Sabha founded? —March, 1929
  40. When was Bihar Rashtrabhasa Parishad founded? —In 1950
  41. Which district has the maximum rural population in Bihar according to census-2011? —Samastipur (96.54%)
  42. Where is Jarasandh’s Akhada located? —Rajgir
  43. Which state lies in the west of Bihar? —Uttar Pradesh
  44. When was the Archeological Museum established in Bodhgaya? —In 1956
  45. Which is the oldest irrigation project of Bihar? —Sone Command Area Project
  46. Which is the hottest district of Bihar? —Gaya
  47. What is the contribution of agriculture in Gross State Domestic Product in Bihar? —22.9 percent
  48. Which district was chosen for Satyen Mitra literacy award for excellent literacy? —Muzaffarpur
  49. The newspaper, ‘Sarvhitaishi’ is published from which district in Bihar? —Patna
  50. When was the publication of ‘The Search Light’ started? —In 1918
  51. How many such districts are there in Bihar which neither form an international boundary nor do they touch any other state? —13 districts
  52. What part of surface of Bihar is covered by alluvial soil? —90 percent
  53. Who is known as the first poet of Magahi dialect? —Ishan
  54. When was the Maghi mela organised for the first time? —In 1881
  55. When was ‘Sandhya Prahari’ established? —In 1992 A.D.
  56. Which kingdom was Mahavira Swami related to? —Vajji
  57. What is the total length of National Highways in Bihar (2015-16)? —4,595 km
  58. In which city is the branch of Xavier Fire Safety Academy located? —Patna
  59. In which year was the Bihar Rashtrabhasha Council founded? — In 1950
  60. Which kind of forests are not included in Bihar? —Evergreen forests
  61. Where are Prakrit Jain Shastra and Ahimsa Sansthan located? —Vaishali
  62. Where is the Aryabhatta Knowledge University founded? —Patna
  63. When was the Mother and Child Safety Scheme launched in Bihar? —In 2006
  64. Where is ‘Government College of Arts & Craft’ located? —Patna
  65. Which is the largest producer of Sulphur in the state? —Rohtas
  66. Where is State Fruit Research Institute situated? —Bhagalpur
  67. When was Chandrabhari museum, Darbhanga founded? —In 1957
  68. On the lines of which school is the Simartala Residential School founded? —Netarhat Residential School
  69. Where is Gandhi Museum situated? —Patna
  70. When was Rural Livelihood Mission started in Bihar? —April 2013
  71. Which scheme is launched in Bihar to make the women literate? —Mukhyamantri Akshar Aanchal Yojna
  72. Who is the chairman of State Disaster Management Authority? —Chief Minister
  73. When was the State Textile Corporation founded? —In 1970
  74. Which epic has mentioned the word ‘Bihar’ for the first time? —Atharvaveda
  75. Which year is announced as the Bhikhari Thakur Year by the Bihar Music & Drama Academy? —The Year 1999
  76. When did the Aryans arrive in the eastern India? —Post vedic era
  77. When is Bihar Day or Bihar Foundation Day celebrated? —22nd March
  78. Who was the wife of Bimbisar who became a disciple of Buddha? —Kshema
  79. How many seats are reserved for women in Gram Panchayat? —50 percent
  80. When was the ‘Shauchalaya Nirman Ghar ka Sammaan Yojna ’launched by the state government? —27th September, 2016
  81. How many tourist circuits have been marked by the State Tourism Department? —8 Circuits
  82. When was the Mukhyamantri Food Security Scheme launched? —8th March, 2011
  83. When was the State Disaster Management Programme (SDMP) formed by the state government under the Disaster Management Act-2005? —In 2014
  84. When did the Bihar government launch ‘Kushal Yuva Yojna’? —2nd October, 2016
  85. In which year Bihar Government implement the Bihar State Panchayati Raj Act? —In 2006
  86. When did the first Bihar Panchayat Samiti and District Council bill-1961 became an act? —17 Feb. 1962
  87. When was Chandragupta Institute of Management founded? —In 2008
  88. Who was the founder of Bihar Socialist Party? —Jayprakash Narayan
  89. What was the irrigation tax levied in the Mauryan era? —1/5 to 1/3
  90. Which is the longest National Highway that passes through Bihar? —NH-31
  91. The first bilingual scriptures found in Bihar are associated with which ruler? —Shershah
  92. When was Bihar Education Project Council formed? —In 1991
  93. What is the type of stone tools found in Bihar? —Acheulean
  94. Chanakya Awards are given in which field? —Political Science
  95. Where in Bihar is the Bihar State Hydroelectrical Power Corporation building a hydel electricity project with assistance of France? —Shrikhinda
  96. On which day Buddha leave his home (Mahabhinishkraman)? —Asaadh Purnima
  97. What is the per quintal purchase rate of paddy as per the minimum support price of Kharif crop cultivation -2016-17? —` 1470
  98. Where is a huge statue of Buddha being built in Bihar? —Ghoda Katora, Rajgir
  99. Where is Bhartiya Nirtya Kala Mandir situated in Bihar? —Patna
  100. Where is Mithila Chitrakala Academy being built? —Sourath, Madhubani
  101. When was the Bihar Public Grievances Resolution Right Act-2015 implemented? —5th June, 2016

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