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BPSC Bihar Lok Seva Ayog Samanya Adhayan Practice Sets

  1. What is the total length of Eastern Triveni Canal? Ans: 293 km
  2. Who was the first Indian Chief Justice of Patna High Court? Ans: Sir Faizal Ali P
  3. Which ruler put the Prayag pillar inscriptions in Allahabad Fort? Ans: Akbar
  1. Where was Prayag pillar inscription situated earlier? Ans: Kaushambi
  2. Who heads the block administration? Ans: Block Development Officer
  3. Who heads the subdivisional administration? Ans: Subdivisional Commissioner
  4. Who chaired the first Buddhist Council? Ans: Mahakassap
  5. Which state was first to give statutory recognition to minority commission? Ans: Bihar
  6. When was the foundation of Kisan Sabha in Bihar formally announced? Ans: 4th March, 1928
  7. Who swears in the minister for post and confidentiality? Ans: Governor
  8. What are the12 chakras in Buddhism known as? Ans: Dwadush Nidaan
  9. In which century the first Magadha Empire flourished? Ans: 6th Century B.C.
  10. Who was the protem speaker of first Bihar Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Dr. Sachhidanand Sinha
  11. Who was the first chairman of Patna museum? Ans: Babu Sharatchandra Roy
  12. Who was the first speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Shri Ramdayalu Singh
  13. Shrimati Chakravarti Devi is a prominent artist of which style? Ans: Manjusha style
  14. Where is Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara? Ans: Patna Sahib, Patna
  15. Which ruler started the coins made of pure silver for the first time? Ans: Shershah
  16. Who chaired the first Jain Council? Ans: Sthulbhadra
  17. Where was first Jain Council organised? Ans: In Patliputra
  18. Who was the ruler during the first Jain council? Ans: Chandragupta Maurya
  19. Who started the English newspaper ‘The Bihar Herald’? Ans: Guru Prasad Sen
  20. Where was the renowned Buddhist scholar Sariputra born? Ans: Nalanda
  21. Maithili poet Vidyapati was a member in the court of which Darbhanga King? Ans: Kirti Singh and Shiv Singh
  22. What did Fahien call the royal palace of Magadha emperor Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Palace built by God
  23. What was the language of Magadha Empire? Ans: Magahi
  24. Who is accredited with the advent and expanse of empire? Ans: Chandragupta Maurya
  25. Which daughter of Prasenjit did Ajaatshatru marry to put an end to the clashes? Ans: Vaajira
  26. Where did Prasenjit take shelter after being defeated? Ans: Shravasti
  27. On the recommendations of which report was the municipality separated from district administration? Ans: Montague-Chelmsford Report, 1919
  28. When were Panchayati Raj elections conducted in Bihar after a span of 23 years? Ans: 2001
  29. When was National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme implemented nationwide? Ans: Apr-08
  30. When was Ranbir Sena founded? Ans: In 1994
  31. Ramesh Saxena is associated with which sport? Ans: Shooting
  32. Ravi Mehta Shield is associated with which sport? Ans: Volleyball
  33. What was the number of seats won by congress in the first Bihar legislative assembly elections? Ans: 98 seats
  34. What was the number of seats won by Muslim League in the first Bihar legislative assembly elections? Ans: 20 seats
  35. Who was the first person from Bihar to be appointed as the director of Shriram Center? Ans: Sanjay Upadhyaya
  36. According to Srilankan literature, Ashoka was the Governor of which place before he became the ruler? Ans: Ujjain
  37. When and where was Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar born? Ans: 11th September, 1908, Simariya Village (Begusarai)
  38. When was the Valmiki Tiger Sanctuary Management evaluated by National Tiger Authority? Ans: In 2014
  39. What is the Rastriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY) associated with? Ans: Building of state highways
  40. What is the area over which the Northern Gangatic plain is spread? Ans: 56,980 km
  41. Which two places are connected by National Highway-2? Ans: Kolkata-Delhi
  42. Where and when was Valmiki National Park founded in Bihar? Ans: Western Champaran, 1989
  43. According to the survey done by Camera Trap Method conducted by National Tiger Conservation Authority in 2014, what is the number of tigers in Valmiki Tiger Sanctuary? Ans: 28 tigers
  44. What percentage area of any region should be covered by forest according to National Forest Policy-1988? Ans: 33.33 percent
  45. Who burnt down Nalanda University? Ans: Bakhtiyar Khilji
  46. Where is the Zoo Safari proposed by the National Wildlife Council? Ans: Rajgir
  47. When was National Population Commission founded? Ans: In 1978
  48. When was NREGA renamed to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme? Ans: 2nd October, 2009
  49. Which sport is associated with Randheer Sharma shield? Ans: Cricket
  50. What is the old alluvial soil found in the southern part of Ganga known as? Ans: Katail-kevaal soil
  51. Where was Khudiram Bose arrested from in the Muzaffarpur bomb case? Ans: Pusa Road Station, Samastipur
  52. Who was the first dalit speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Udayanarayan Chaudhary
  53. Where is Ram Janki Temple situated? Ans: Sitamarhi
  54. Who was the first woman chairman of Bihar Legislative Council? Ans: Naeema Khatoon
  55. Which field is Ramcharan Sharma associated with? Ans: History
  56. Who chaired the Ramgarh Session of Congress? Ans: Maulana Abul Kalaam Azaad
  57. Which artist has painted the picture based on Ragini Tori? Ans: Madholal
  58. Which artist has created the Ragini Gandhari painting? Ans: Mahadev Lal
  59. Rahul Sankritayan was associated with which field in the non co-operation movement of 1920? Ans: Chhapra
  60. Where is the holy pilgrimage ‘Thaave’ situated? Ans: Gopalganj
  61. How many members from the Anglo-Indian community can be nominated by the Governor? Ans: 1
  62. Which service has been started to provide medical consultation and complaint redressal in Bihar? Ans: Dial 1911
  63. Which is the smallest unit of state administration? Ans: Gram Panchayat
  64. The power of executive is embodied with the Governor of the state, but who enjoys these powers as the leader of council of Ministers? Ans: Chief Minister
  65. Which Chief Minister of Bihar was also known as Dhoti-kurta IAS due to his tough administrative image? Ans: Chandrashekhar Singh
  66. Who was the first Muslim Chief Minister of Bihar? Ans: Abdul Gafur
  67. By whose consultation all the important appointments are done by the Governor? Ans: Council of ministers
  68. What is the total area of the only tiger reserve of Bihar, Valmiki Tiger Sanctuary, West Champaran? Ans: 899.38 sq km
  69. What percentage of total agricultural land in Bihar is used for cultivation of grains? Ans: 90 percent
  70. Who appoints the Advocate General of the state? Ans: The Governor
  71. What percentage of the total agricultural area is irrigated by canals? Ans: 28.41 percent
  72. Who is responsible for the implementation of the laws formed by the legislature? Ans: Executive
  73. Who appoints the members of State Public Service Commission? Ans: The Governor
  74. The state minister of council is responsible to whom? Ans: To the Legislative Assembly
  75. In which city is ‘Bihar State Sugar Corporation Limited’ is situated in Bihar? Ans: Patna
  76. When was Bihar State Minority Financial Corporation formed? Ans: In 1983
  77. What is the name of scheme started for Muslim girls to make them commercial oriented and financially self dependent? Ans: Hunar
  78. Which tribe is found in Chhapra, Champaran & Rohtas? Ans: Gond
  79. What is the main occupation of Khond tribe? Ans: Agriculture
  80. Which district has the least tribal population? Ans: Kishanganj (6.6%)
  81. What is the abode of Birhor tribe of Bihar called? Ans: Tanda
  82. What is the tribal percentage population in Gaya? Ans: 29.6 percent
  83. When was Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Limited formed? Ans: 11th June, 1975
  84. When and where did Rajkumar Shukla die? Ans: 20th May, 1929, Motihari
  85. Where is Sheetla Mata Temple situated? Ans: Gulzarbagh (Patna)
  86. What is the phenomenon of attainment of knowledge (enlightenment) called in Buddhism? Ans: Nirvaan
  87. What is the number of Municipal Councils in Bihar? Ans: Twelve
  88. Which state is at the top in tribal literacy rate? Ans: Munger (42.6 percent)
  89. Which state is at the bottom in tribal literacy rate? Ans: Sheohar (16.9 percent
  90. Which state has the best tribal gender ratio in Bihar? Ans: Siwan
  91. Which state has the worst tribal gender ratio in Bihar? Ans: Bhagalpur
  92. What is the tribal gender ratio of the state? Ans: 923
  93. What is the tribal literacy rate of the state? Ans: 28.5 percent
  94. Who is the leader of state legislature? Ans: Chief Minister
  95. Who appoints the State Election Commissioner? Ans: Governor
  96. When was the First Rajgir Mahotsav held? Ans: In 1986
  97. Which ruler founded the fort and pillar (stupa) in Rajgir? Ans: Ajaatshatru
  1. Which regional spots will be developed by the state government in an agreement with the state government? Ans: Kesariya, Maner, and Tomb of Shersha
  2. Who is the constitutional head of the state government? Ans: The Governor
  3. How many Railway Boards are there in Bihar? Ans: Four
  4. Where is Bhagwan Narsingh Avtaar Stambh situated in Bihar? Ans: Banmankhi (Purnea)
  5. Which Article describes the power of the Governor? Ans: From Article 153 to Article 162
  6. Which district has recorded the maximum increase in urban population? Ans: Begusarai (426.89 percent)
  7. Which city has the maximum scheduled caste population? Ans: Gaya (29.6 percent)
  8. When did the Parliament declare the Khuda Baksh Libraray as an institution of national importance? Ans: In 1969
  9. The Bihpur incidence in Bihar is associated with which movement? Ans: Quit India movement
  10. What did Prince Azim rename Patna to? Ans: Azimabad
  11. Where is St. Francis Assisi Church located in Bihar? Ans: Muzaffarpur
  12. Where is Rajendra Agriculture University, Pusa located? Ans: Samastipur
  13. Who founded Students’s Council of Bihar? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  14. On which hill in Rajgriha, Japan government has built the world’s tallest Shanti Stupa? Ans: Ratnagiri hills
  15. Where is the State Education Research and Training Council in Bihar? Ans: Mahendru, Patna
  16. Which architect planned Rajgriha? Ans: Mahagovind
  17. On which river is Rajendra Bridge built? Ans: Ganga
  18. How many tiers were recommended By the Ashok Mehta Committee under the Panchayati Raj system? Ans: 2
  19. Katihar Rail Board falls in which Railway zone? Ans: North-Eatsern Frontier Railway, Guwahati
  20. What is the main aim of Panchayati Raj? Ans: Decentralisation of power  Set-27
  21. What is the rank of Bihar in India in context of production of Ragi? Ans: First
  22. Shruti Jaiswal is associated with which sport? Ans: Tennis
  23. When was Regulating Act passed? Ans: In 1773
  24. Who recognises any political party as a regional or national party? Ans: Election Commission
  25. How many stations from Bihar have been selected by the Railway Ministry to develop as Model (Adarsh) stations? Ans: 9 stations
  26. Who was the last ruler of Shunga dynasty? Ans: Devbhuti
  27. Who assassinated the last ruler of Shunga dynasty? Ans: Basumitra
  28. What was the mortality rate of Bihar in 2005? Ans: 30.4 per thousand
  29. Which district has the lowest gender ratio in Bihar? Ans: Bhagalpur
  30. Which unit was used by Shershah for land measurement? Ans: Sikandari gaj and sun ki dandi
  31. What was Mahavira called after his enlightenment? Ans: Kaivalya
  32. Who published the newspaper ‘The Motherland’? Ans: Maulana Mazrul Haque
  33. Who was the first Indian Chairman of Bihar Legislative Council? Ans: Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha
  34. Who was the first Indian Governor of Bihar? Ans: Satyendra Prasad Sinha
  35. When and by whom was Shunga dynasty founded? Ans: 185 B.C., Pushyamitra Sunga
  36. After the assassination of which Mauryan ruler, the Shunga dynasty was founded? Ans: Vrihdrath
  37. Jayprakash Narayan, along with his collegues, escaped from which jail on 9th November, 1942? Ans: Hazaribagh jail
  38. Who took the advent of Aryan culture to North Bihar according to Shatpath Brahmin? Ans: Madhav Videh
  39. When and where was Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan born? Ans: 11th October 1902, Sitab Diara (Saran)
  40. What was the real name of Sher Khan? Ans: Fareed  Set-28
  41. Who is also known as Sher-i-Punjab? Ans: Lala Lajpat Rai
  42. When was the octagonal tomb of Shershah built? Ans: In 1545A.D.
  43. What was Buddha known as after enlightenment? Ans: Bodhisatva
  44. Which firearm caused the death of Shershah? Ans: Ukka
  45. Where did Mahavira give his first sermon after attaining enlightenment? Ans: Rajgriha
  46. When and where was Shershah born? Ans: In 1472 A.D., in Panjwara near Delhi,
  47. In which year of enlightenment did Buddha reach Vaishali, where he was donated a monestry by the Lichhivis? Ans: 8th year
  48. Shershah was the great grandson of which Afghan leader? Ans: Ibrahim Khan Sur
  49. Who is the first person from Bihar to receive Jnanpith Award? Ans: Dr. Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’
  50. What did the term ‘Muhasilana’ mean during Shershah’s regime? Ans: Tax collection fee
  51. Who took care of the external affairs during Shershah’s rule? Ans: Deewan-i-Rasalat or Deewan-i-Mohtasib
  52. When was Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act implemented? Ans: 11th November, 1908
  53. Who murdered Cliveland in 1784? Ans: Tilka Manjhi
  54. What did the term ‘Jaribana’ mean during Shershah’s regime? Ans: Survey charge
  55. What was the name of tax and economic affairs department in Shershah administration? Ans: Deewan-i-wajarat
  56. Whom did Shershah appoint as the governor of Malwa? Ans: Sujad Khan
  57. What does Syadvaad mean? Ans: Probably
  58. What is the term for Syadvaad? Ans: Saptbhangi nay
  59. Who was appointed as the first District Megistrate of Santhal Pargana? Ans: Ashlee Eden
  60. Which Article of the Constitution of India empowers the Governor to issue an ordinance? Ans: Article-213  Set-29
  61. Where is Chunapur Airport located? Ans: Purnea
  62. What is the share of thermal electricity (coal based) in the total energy production in Bihar? Ans: 83.6 percent
  63. What was the name of department of state order and correspondence in Shershah’s reign? Ans: Deewan-i-Insha
  64. What is the validity of ordinance issued by the Governor under Article-213? Ans:6 months
  65. When was Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power station installed? Ans: In 1992
  66. What is the name given to the mixture of Sanskrit, Prakrit and Maithili by Vidyapati? Ans: Avahatta
  67. Where is the residence of Saint Makhdum Shah Sheikh Sharfuddin? Ans: Makhdum Kund, Rajgir
  68. What is the total area of Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park? Ans: 153 Acre
  69. Which district has the minimum gender ratio? Ans: Munger (876)
  70. What was the name of intelligence department during Shershah’s reign? Ans: Deewan-i-Barid
  71. Which language of Bihar has been included in the Eighth Schedule? Ans: Maithili
  72. What was the chief of army called in Shershah’s rule? Ans: Deewan-i-Ariz
  73. Who is the composer of ‘Shatpath Brahman’, the oldest and largest Brahmin literature? Ans: Yaagvalakya
  74. When was Bhagalpur included in the Smart City Mission Project? Ans: May-16
  75. What is the height of Bihar from sea level? Ans: 53 m
  76. When did Shah Alam grant the Deewani rights of Bihar, Bangal and Orissa to The East India Company? Ans: 12th August, 1765
  77. Who was the founder of Sthaveer Clan? Ans: Mahakachhayan
  78. Permanent settlement was accorded with whom? Ans: Zamindar(landlords)
  79. When and where was Sachchidanand Sinha born? Ans: 10th November, 1871, Arrah
  80. Which forest belt is found in the northern frontier of Purnea and Saharsa? Ans: Shal forest
  81. Who has composed Siyar-ul-Muktakharin? Ans: Ghulam Hussain Tabtabai
  82. What is the notice period that has to be served to the Speaker or Deputy Speaker before they can be removed from office? Ans: 14 days
  83. When and where was Sir Ganesh Dutta born? Ans: In 1868, Nalanda
  84. In which year was the literacy mission launched nationwide? Ans: In 2011
  85. Which district of Bihar is the most literate? Ans: Rohtas (73.37 percent)
  86. Which artist can be associated with Sanjhi style of art? Ans: Braj region of Uttar Pradesh
  87. Prof. Inayat Ahmed has divided Bihar into how many agricultural zones using the statistical method? Ans: 12 Zones
  88. What is the capacity of Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Station? Ans: 2,340 Megawatt
  89. Who has built the Sanchi Stupa? Ans: Smrat Ashoka
  90. Where is Sabaur mela organised? Ans: Bhagalpur
  91. When was litterateur Shivpujan Sahay born? Ans: 9th August, 1893
  92. The remains of which era has been found in Chirand (Saran) and Chechar (Vaishali)? Ans: Neo Stone Age
  93. What kind of pillar is the National Emblem of India? Ans: Lion mounted pillar
  94. On which hills are the Someshwar pass, Bhikhani Thori pass and Marwaat pass located? Ans: Someshwar hills
  95. Where is Somnath Temple located in Bihar? Ans: Madhubani
  96. Where in Bihar is the Saurath mela organised? Ans: Madhubani district
  97. When was the Son Command Area Project developed? Ans: In 1874 A.D.
  1. Which is the least literate district of Bihar? Ans: Purnea (51.08 percent)
  2. Where is Barh Super Thermal Power Station located in Bihar? Ans: Patna
  3. Which is the least populated district of Bihar? Ans: Sheikhpura (6,36,342)

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