head bihar general knowledge for bpsc and all exam gk in english
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bihar general knowledge for bpsc and all exam gk in english

  1. When was the region of Bihar separated from Bengal? —1st April, 1912
  2. Where is Ekpira Chour located? —Kishanpur
  3. Where does Bihar stand in the country based on its area? —13th
  4. Which is the largest oxbow lake in Asia? —Kanwar Lake, Begusarai
  5. The Stone Age inscription of Dharampal found in Bodhgaya, mentions a person who built a Shiva temple there. Name the person. —Keshav
  6. Where and when is the largest cattle fair in Asia organised? —Sonpur, Kartik Purnima
  7. Where is the rail wheel plant in Bihar located? —Bela, Dariyapur, Saran
  8. Where did the sculptors, Dhiman and his son Bithpal of Pal era, belong to? —Nalanda
  9. What was the total number of commercial banks in Bihar till the end of March 2016? —661
  10. Which period is the earliest to use metal coins? —Buddha Period, 6th Century B.C.
  11. According to the Junagarh inscription by Rudradaman, what was the name of the hill on which Sudarshan Lake was built? —Urjayant Hill, Gujarat
  12. Khaddar soil is deficient of which nutrient? —Nitrogen
  13. What is the total number of members in Rajya Sabha from Bihar after the formation of Jharkhand? —16
  14. When did the Bihar government start the Yukti Yojna? —23rd April, 2011
  15. What is Nava Nalanda Mahavihar renowned for? —Pali Research Institute
  16. Who has been referred to as, Amitrochates or Amitraghat, meaning “slayer of the enemies” by the Greeks? —Bindusara
  17. In whose court in Patliputra, did the Greek Ambassador and the author of ‘Indica’, Megasthenese arrive? —Chandragupta Maurya
  18. Where is the Ghogha Lake located? —Manihari, Katihar
  19. Who led the Kharwar Movement? —Bhagiratha Manjhi
  20. Who built the Sudarshan Lake? —Chandragupta Maurya with Pushyagupta
  21. Where does the Khond Tribe reside in Bihar? —Bhojpur (Shahabad)
  22. When was the Khuda Baksh library founded? —5th October, 1891
  23. What is the total number of Lok Sabha members from Bihar? —40
  24. Which actor is also known as ‘Bihari Babu’? —Shatrughan Sinha
  25. Where was the twelfth session of Bihar provincial conference held from 18-29 August 1920? —Bhagalpur
  26. “All humans are my children” was the statement of which ruler? —Ashoka
  27. The book, ‘Chhandogya Duspadhhatti’, is composed by whom? —Vireshwar Thakur
  28. What is the other name for Patthar ki Masjid (Mosque of stone) situated at Patna? —Sangi Masjid
  29. Where is Bharat Wagon and Engineering Company located? —Mokama (Patna)
  30. Which Gupta king was adopted the title of ‘Vikramaditya’? —Chandragupta-II
  31. Which hymn and part (Mandal) of the Rigveda describes the class system? —Purush Sukta, Tenth Part
  32. Who succeeded Dharampal as the ruler of Pal Dynasty? —Devpal
  33. Who was appointed as the ruler of Kannauj by Dharampal? —Chakrayudh
  34. Who introduced the concept of Rolling Plan in the economy of developing nations for the first time? —Gunnar Myrdal
  35. What is the literacy rate of Bihar according to 2011 Census? —63.82%
  36. Which place was the main center for Islamic religion and culture in the 15th century? —Jaunpur
  37. Who led the revolt of 1857 in Bihar? —Kunwar Singh
  38. Which district of Bihar will be most benefited by Koyal Karo Project in Jharkhand? —Aurangabad
  39. When was the Planning Commission of India established? —In March 1950
  40. When was Bihar State Khadi Gramodyog founded? — In 1956
  41. Which archaeological site shows the presence of iron in around 1050 B.C.? —Atranjikhera (Uttar Pradesh)
  42. Where was the third world conference on disaster risk reduction held from 14–18 March, 2015? —Sendai (Japan)
  43. What is the strength of Bihar Legislative Council after the formation of Jharkhand? —75
  44. Which place in Patna was selected to break the salt law on 16th April 1930? —Nakhaspind
  45. In 1758, which company secured the monopoly of saltpetre trade in Bihar? —British East India Company
  46. Where is it mentioned that the King of Videha gave away gold coins, and cows as gift? —Brihadaranyak Upanishad
  47. Who presided over the twelfth Bihar provincial conference held from 18–29 August 1920? —Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  48. In the year 1830, Patna was an important centre for which religious movement? —Wahabi Movement
  49. According to 2011 census, what percentage population of Bihar resides in cities? —11.30 percent
  50. After the death of Kunwar Singh, who became the leader of revolt of 1857 in Bihar? —Amar Singh
  51. Which kingdoms and their fellow landlords provided monetary and personnel assistance to the British in 1857? —Darbhanga, Dumrao and Hathua
  52. Which oil field has been connected to Barauni oil refinery through pipeline? —Naharkatia (Assam)
  53. What is the total strength of Bihar Legislative Assembly after the formation of Jharkhand? —243
  54. Dhiman and his son Bitpal were contemporary to which Pal ruler(s)? —Dharampal and Devpal
  55. Who was the Governor-General of India during the revolt of 1857? —Lord Canning
  56. Bihar is the principal producer of which mineral resource? —Pyrite
  57. Which act gave the right over land to the tenants in Bihar and Bengal? —Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885
  58. Who spearheaded the Munda Revolt in 1899–1900? —Birsa Munda
  59. Which land ownership system was barred through the Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act,1908? —Khutkatti System
  60. Who were the representatives of Bihar in the Lucknow session of Congress in 1916? —Rajkumar Shukla and Brajkishore Prasad
  61. Which college was established by Gandhiji in 1921 in Patna? —Bihar Vidyapeeth
  62. The 37th session of congress which was presided by Chitranjan Das in 1922 was held at which place in Bihar? —Gaya
  63. Where in Bihar is the NTPC regulated Kahalgaon Thermal Power Plant situated? —Bhagalpur
  64. The formal announcement of formation of which party was made at the Anjuman Islamia Hall at Patna in 1934? —Indian Congress Socialist Party
  65. How many seats were allocated to the legislative assembly and legislative council of Bihar respectively under the 1935 Act? —152 and 30 respectively
  66. Where is Beryllium found in Bihar? —Gaya
  67. Who was appointed as the first non government Vice Chancellor of Patna University? —Sachidanand Sinha
  68. Where was the 53rd session of Congress in 1940 held? —Ramgarh, Jharkhand
  69. Where was Dr. Rajendra Prasad jailed during Quit India Movement? —Bankipur Jail
  70. Where did Secretariate massacre take place in Bihar on 11th August 1942? —Patna
  71. Who was appointed as the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1946? —Shri Krishna Singh
  72. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the minister of which department in the interim government? —Food and Agriculture
  73. Who was appointed as the President of Indian National Congress, post independence in November 1947? —Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  74. What was the strength of Bihar Legislative Assembly in 1952? —331
  75. Which decade recorded the highest population growth rate in Bihar? —1991–2001 (28.62 percent)
  76. Who was elected as the Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly on 20th July 1937? —Prof. Abdul Bari
  77. Which district in Bihar recorded the least population growth rate in the decade of 2001–2011? —Gopalganj (18.33 percent)
  78. Which district in Bihar recorded the highest population growth rate in the decade of 2001–2011? —Madhepura (30.65 percent)
  79. What is the expected share of Bihar State Gross Domestic Product in the fiscal deficit for the financial year 2017–18? —2.8 percent
  80. Which state provides coal to Barauni Thermal Power Station? —Jharkhand
  81. Kataiya (Supaul) Hydel Power Plant is a part of which river project? —Koshi
  82. In which year did Ajatshatru assassinate his father Bimbisar to become the ruler of Magadh? —493 B.C.
  83. In which year did the rail transport start in Bihar? —1860 A.D.
  84. Buddhist Holy Scriptures are commonly known by what name? —Tripitakas
  85. What is the total population of Bihar according to census of 2011? —10, 40, 99, 452
  86. Which river group divides the boundary of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh? —Karmnasha, Gandak and Ghaghra
  87. Which British commander was defeated by the santhals in 1855? —Major Buro
  88. In which region of Bihar is the Kharwar Tribe found? —Rohtas
  89. The bronze statues of Buddhist architecture were a speciality of which period? —Pala Era
  90. Who is the leader of the council of ministers in state? —Chief Minister
  91. By which name is Bakhtiyar Khilji also known as? —Gazi Ikhtiyar
  92. When and where, was the first Buddhist Council organised? —483 B.C., Rajgriha
  93. What has the reason of all sorrows been referred to in Buddhism? —Pratitya Samutpaad
  94. When was the Kalinga war fought? —261 B.C. 95. What was the name of the ruler of Koshal Mahajanpad with whom Ajaatshatru fought a battle for Kashi? —Prasenjit
  95. What is the tenure of the council of ministers? —5 years
  96. What was the name of the mother of Mahavir? —Trishla (Videhdutta)
  97. When was the Chandrabhari Museum in Darbhanga established? —In 1957
  98. Who was the last ruler of Karnat Dynasty? —Harisingh
  99. Which river joins the Ganga to the south? —Punpun

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