head Bihar BPSC Samanya Gyan Gk in English ONE LINE GK
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Bihar BPSC Samanya Gyan Gk in English ONE LINE GK

  1. Which coal is used in production of gas? —Kenel Coal
  2. Which region receives highest rainfall in Bihar? —Tarai region
  3. What rate of interest is charged under the Chief Minister Minority Employment Loan Scheme? —5 percent
  4. What is the mean temperature of Bihar? —32˚ centigrade
  5. Where has Bihar been mentioned for the first time? —Shatpath Brahman
  6. Mukhyamantri Shram Shakti Yojna is regulated by which ministry? —Micro, small and medium industries department
  7. What is the longitudinal extent of Bihar? —83˚19’50” to 88˚17’40” approx.
  8. When was the first road map for agriculture in Bihar prepared? — In 2008
  9. How much stipend is paid to students to encourage them to study agriculture? —` 2,000
  10. When was IIT Patna established? — In 2008
  11. On the basis of population, where does Bihar stand in India? —At 3rd place
  12. What is the latitudinal extent of Bihar? —24˚21’10” to 27˚31’15”
  13. In which districts the Bihar government has established centre of excellence to provide harvesting materials to the farmers? —Chandi (Nalanda) and Desari (Vaishali)
  14. What was Bihar known as in ancient times? —Magadha Pradesh 520. Bihar Socialist Party was founded in which year? —In 1934
  15. Which was the first state to develop a road map for disaster and risk reduction for fifteen years (2015-30) in the backdrop of Sendai Frame Work Agreement? —Bihar
  16. When did Vindhyavasini Devi, the singer also known as Bihar Kokila, gave her first public performance? —In 1945
  17. An MoU has been signed with which institution for disaster risk reduction road map? —Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (Bangkok, Thailand)
  18. What was the term used to refer the government owned land in Mauryan era? —Seeta
  19. Which was the first European Company to reach Bihar? —Portugal
  20. When and where was the renowned regional author Phanishwar Nath ‘Renu’ born? —4th March 1921, Aurahi Hingna (Arariya)
  21. Which state stands at the last position in literacy as per census-2011? —Bihar
  22. Who is the first ‘Mahakavi’ of Bihar? —Vidyapati
  23. When was AIIMS Patna established? —In 2012
  24. Which districts of Bihar touch the border of Nepal? —East Champaran, West Champaran, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, Supaul, Arariya and Kishenganj
  25. Which astrologer told King Suyodhan that Buddha will become a ascetic? —Kaladeval
  26. Which districts of Bihar touch the border of Uttar Pradesh? —Rohtas, Kaimur, Buxar, Bhojpur, Saran, Siwan, Gopalganj, west Champaran
  27. On the eastern Border which districts touch West Bengal? —Kishanganj, Purnea and Katihar
  28. Which are the districts of Bihar whose part was given to West Bengal? —Purnea and Manbhoom
  29. How much part of Bihar is covered by water? —3.9 percent
  30. Where was the founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha born? —Amrakunj in Lumbini Village Kapilvastu
  31. What is the percentage area covered by forest in Bihar? —7.27 percent
  32. Out of 56 districts of erstwhile Bihar, how many districts became a part of Jharkhand? —18
  33. How many farmers were issued credit cards in 2016-17 under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme? —5,368
  34. How much area is covered by forest in Bihar? —6,845 sq. km
  35. Which state has maximum coal mines in India? —Jharkhand
  36. How many Nagar Parishads (City Councils) are there in Bihar? —42
  37. When and where was the renowned litterateur Devki Nandan Khatri born? —18th June, 1861, Pusa (Muzaffarpur)
  38. What is the target increase of plantation percentage from 12.8 percent by 2017? —15 percent
  39. What is Hariyali Mission associated with? —Tree plantation
  40. Evidences of volcanic structure can be found in which place in Bihar? —Navinagar in Aurangabad
  41. During the period of which poet, the Nachari songs were sung in every household of Bihar? —Mahakavi Vidyapati
  42. Which institution sustains the “Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness Programme”? —World Bank
  43. Buddhism brought together two communities which had a significant impact on the society. Which were those? —Women & Shudras
  44. The parts of which districts of Bihar were included in West Bengal in 1956? —Kishanganj and Purulia
  45. Dolomite is found in which place in Bihar? —Bhojpur
  46. Whom did Iltutmish appoint the first Governor of Bihar? —Malik Jani
  47. Which district has the maximum number of families living below the poverty line in Bihar? —Kishanganj
  48. Which district is the largest cultivator of opium? —Munger
  49. Where is Vikramshila bridge over Ganga being built? —Bhagalpur
  50. Which airport in Bihar is used to fly to Nepal? —Raxaul
  51. Bhagat Singh came to Hazipur several times to meet which revolutionary leader of Bihar? —Yogendra Shukla
  52. What are the North eastern peninsular region of India also known as? —Heartland of Indian minerals
  53. India’s second Women Employment Office has been set up in which district of Bihar? —Patna
  54. Where is the Gliding Club in Bihar? —Patna
  55. Which book in the Buddhist Literature is an important source of information about ancient Bihar? —Dighnikaya
  56. Where did Buddha attain enlightenment? —Bodhgaya
  57. What is the point of origination of earthquake waves called? —Epicenter
  58. Who led the Peasant Movement in Bihar alongwith Mahatma Gandhi? —Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  59. Who was the General Secretary in Bankipur Congress Session in 1912? —Sachidanand Sinha
  60. In which city is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Science City being built? —Patna
  61. The Hindi monthly magazine ‘baalak’ was published from which place? —Patna
  62. How many districts of Bihar share border with Uttar Pradesh? —8 districts
  63. How many districts of Bihar share border with West Bengal? —3 districts
  64. How many districts of Bihar share border with Jharkhand? —7 districts
  65. How many districts of Bihar share border with Nepal? —7 districts
  66. At present which districts of Bihar are included in Anga Mahajanpad? —Bhagalpur & Munger
  67. Which kind of soil is found in Purnea, Saharsa, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur? —Bangar soil
  68. Which is the most ancient literary source to know about the ancient history of Bihar? —Atharvaveda
  69. When was the Legislative Council of Bihar separated from Odisha? —28th March, 1936
  70. Which is the most ancient source of geographical regions of Bihar? —Shatpath Brahman
  71. Which Mahajanpad was a republic? —Vajji
  72. What is the percentage overlay of complete immunization? —84 percent
  73. Patna and Gaya were a part of which Mahajanpada? —Magadha
  74. Who was the editor of Newspaper ‘Bihari’? —Babu Maheshwar Prasad
  75. Who was the finance minister in first state council of ministers of Congress (1937–39)? —Anugrah Narayan Singh
  76. When was the English newspaper ‘The Bihar Herald’ published? —In 1875
  77. Who was the first governor of Bihar in the British rule? —Satyendra Prasad Sinha
  78. Which hospital is being built by Global Health Private Limited (Medanta) Gurugram under the Public-Private Partnership Scheme? —Jayaprabha Medanta VVIP Hospital, Patna
  79. Which hospital started the kidney transplantation facility in February 2016? —Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna
  80. What is the name of first newspaper published from Bihar? —Biharbandhu
  81. Videshiya dance is associated with which state? —Bihar
  82. Which revolutionary leader participated in the meeting of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army from Bihar in September 1928? —Phanindranath Ghosh
  83. Which river divides the northern plains of Bihar into two parts? —Budhi Gandak
  84. Manjusha Painting is famous in which region? —Anga
  85. Who is the current Chief Justice of Patna High Court? —Rajendra Menon
  86. Where in Bihar is the centre of Thumri? —Gaya
  87. Who is the present Director General of Police in Bihar? —P.K. Thakur
  88. Where in Bihar is the state Cancer Centre being built? —Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna
  89. Which era gives the primitive evidence of existence of primitive men in Bihar? —Pre Stone Age
  90. The inscription found in Apsadh, Gaya provides knowledge about which dynasty? —Later Gupta dynasty
  91. When was the Magadha University founded in Gaya? —In 1962
  92. When was Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act-2016 put into force? —2nd October, 2016
  93. Hazipur is the headquarter of which railway zone? —East-Central Zone
  94. Which was the important education centre in the Mauryan era? —Taxila

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