BPSC Bihar Lok Seva Ayog Samanya Adhayan Practice Sets (English)

  1. Sonpur is situated on the banks of which river? Ans: Gandak River
  2. Which Mahajanpadas were situated in Bihar? Ans: Magadha, Anga, and Vajji
  3. Which district has the least population density in Bihar? Ans: Kaimur (848 persons per sq km)
  4. Gautam Buddha was married to whom at the age of sixteen? Ans: Shakya princess, Yashodhara
  5. At which place is the Koshi Hydel Power Plant situated? Ans: Kataiyaa
  6. When was Bihar Cricket Association founded? Ans: In 1937
  7. Which association was founded by Swami Sahajanand Saraswati in the year 1930? Ans: All India Kisan Sabha
  8. When was New and Renewable Sources of Energy Enhancement Policy implemented in Bihar? Ans: In 2017
  9. Renowned litterateur Yogeshwar Singh writes in which language? Ans: Magahi
  10. Which is the most densely populated district of Bihar? Ans: Madhepura
  11. Which is the most populous district of Bihar? Ans: Patna (58,38,465)
  12. Where is Lauriya Nandangarh Mela organised? Ans: Purnea
  13. Which district has the largest population of scheduled casts? Ans: Gaya (29.6 percent)
  14. Which zoologist from Bihar is known as Dolphin-Man? Ans: Dr. R. K. Sinha
  15. When was the first forest policy of independent India framed? Ans: In 1952
  16. When were the first elections of Bihar held as per the constitution of India? Ans: In 1952
  17. Who was the first Chief Justice of Patna High Court in independent India? Ans: Justice Sir Clifford Manmohan Aggarwal
  18. When was the Department of Ancient Indian History and Archeology included in Patna University? Ans: In 1949
  19. What was the medium of landlords to save their political powers in the pre independence era? Ans: Economic condition
  20. What is the origin point of Sone? Ans: Amarkantak


  1. Who was the first Chief Minister of independent Bihar? Ans: Shrikrishna Singh.
  2. Who did Gandhiji give the title of ‘Deshbhushan’? Ans: Maulana Mazrul Haque
  3. Which composition of Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ earned him the title of ‘Rashtrakavi’? Ans: Renuka
  4. When was ‘Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan’ launched in India? Ans: In 2001
  5. Who was the first Magadha ruler to make Vaishali his capital apart from Girivraj (Rajgrih)? Ans: Shishunaag
  6. Who interpreted the inscriptions of Ashoka and when? Ans: James Prinsep, 1837 A.D.
  7. Where is Surya Kunda? Ans: Rajgir
  8. When and where was the renowned critic Manager Pandey born? Ans: 23rd September 1941, Lohti Village (Gopalganj)
  9. In which year after his accession to the throne did Ashoka build Sudama Gufa (cave)? Ans: 12th year
  10. What is the other name of Sudama Gufa (cave)? Ans: Nyagrodh Gufa
  11. Who has compiled ‘Suttapitak’? Ans: Anand
  12. What has the Arabic traveller Suleman called Pala dynasty? Ans: Ruhaiyaa
  13. Who identified Sandrocottus as Chandragupta? Ans: William Jones
  14. When and where was Sayed Ahmed Barelvi born? Ans: In 1776, Raibareli in Uttar Pradesh
  15. When did Sayed Ahmed Barelvi visit Patna? Ans: In 1821
  16. Where is St. Joseph Church, Bankipur located? Ans: Patna
  17. Renowned artists Sevak Ram and Hulas Lal can be associated with which style of art? Ans: Patna Kalam
  18. Who founded the Sena Dynasty? Ans: Lakshman Sen
  19. Who invented the decimal system? Ans: Aryabhatta
  20. Which daughter of Selukas was married to Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Helena


  1. Who was the ambassador sent by Selukas in the court of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Megasthenes
  2. Which regions were given to Chandragupta in dowry by Selukas? Ans: Herat, Kandhar, Makran Coast, Kabul
  3. Who led Bihar in the revolution of 1857? Ans: Kunwar Singh
  4. Where was ascetic Baikunth Shukla born? Ans: Jalalpur Village (Vaishali)
  5. Who was the President of Indian National Congress during Gaya Session in 1922? Ans: Chitranjan Das
  6. What is Lorik Maniyar? Ans: Elaborate songs
  7. Who was the first Governor of Independent Bihar? Ans: Jayram Das Daulatram
  8. Who was the last ruler of Sen Dynasty? Ans: Samant Sen
  9. When was Sunlight Sena founded? Ans: In 1989
  10. As per the State Forest report -2015 what percent of total forest area of Bihar is covered by highly dense forests? Ans: 0.26 percent
  11. In which financial year was the Students Guidance Centre Scheme launched in Bihar? Ans: 2009-10
  12. When and where was the popular poet, singer and dramatist, Bhikhari Thakur born? Ans: In 1887, Qutubpur Village (Saran)
  13. Where is Surya Temple situated? Ans: Aurangabad
  14. Which ruler built the Sun Temple in Aurangabad? Ans: Bhairvendra Singh
  15. Which river forms the Sukhaldari Waterfall? Ans: Kanhar river
  16. Where was Dr. Rajendra Prasad jailed after he was arrested on 9th August, 1942? Ans: Bankipur jail
  17. In which field is Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha award presented? Ans: Legal literature
  18. What is the rule of sacrificing one’s body by fasting in Jainism called? Ans: Sallekhana (Santhara) and Nishiddhi
  19. Which region was declared by the Santhals as their state in 1855-56? Ans: Bhagalpur Rajmahal
  20. Who was the first Governor General of independent India? Ans: Raj Gopalachari


  1. Who was the first chairman of Orissa-Bihar Legislative Council? Ans: Sir Walter Maande
  2. Who was the first person to use absolute model to measure poverty? Ans: R. Wade (1945)
  3. Where is Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary located? Ans: Western Champaran
  4. What are the two ways to measure relative poverty? Ans: Lorentz Curve Method and Gini Coefficient Method
  5. Who developed the Gini Coefficient Method? Ans: Corrado Gini (1912)
  6. Udayan, the son of Ajaatshatru was the Governor of which place? Ans: Champa
  7. When and where was the renowned Urdu poet, Shah Azeemabaadi, the pride of Bihar, born? Ans: In 1846, Patna
  8. When was Patna College built as a godown by the Dutch East India Company? Ans: In 1853
  9. Under which article is the High Court stated as the Court of Records? Ans: Article 215
  10. When did Orissa-Bihar legislative assembly come into existence? Ans: 7th February, 1921
  11. What is the distance between northern and southern point of Bihar? Ans: 345 km
  12. Who is the author of ‘Jayprakash’, the biography of Jayprakash Narayan? Ans: Ramvriksh Benipuri
  13. Where in Bihar were the materials related to latter Neo Stone Age found in Bihar? Ans: Chirand (Saran)
  14. What is the landfill in the northern Gangatic plains which is naturally submersed in water called? Ans: Chaur or Mann
  15. Which decade recorded the largest population growth in Bihar? Ans: 1971-81 (24.16 percent)
  16. Which district has the minimum population of scheduled tribes in Bihar? Ans: Kishanganj (66 percent)
  17. When was the first formal attempt to define the poverty line done by the Planning Commission? Ans: Jul-62
  18. Who published ‘The Bihar Herald’? Ans: Guru Prasad Sen (In 1875)
  19. In 6th century B.C., Magadh was a reserve of which metal? Ans: Iron
  20. When was a special team founded by Planning Commission under the chairmanship of Prof. D.T. Lakrawala to analyse the poverty in the country? Ans: In 1989


  1. Which river that flows in southern Bihar is the largest tributary of Ganga? Ans: Sone river
  2. What is the inclination of southern plain of Ganga? Ans: South to North
  3. What was the Chief of Deewan-i-Wajarat known as? Ans: Wazeer
  4. Which leader from Bihar accompanied Gandhiji in Dandi March? Ans: Girivardhari Chaudhary alias Kaaro Babu
  5. Which script is written from right to left? Ans: Kharoshti script
  6. When was Dashrath Manjhi Skill Development Scheme launched in Bihar? Ans: Jun-13
  7. When was Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act passed? Ans: In 1908
  8. What is the soil found at the merger region of Chhotanagpur plateau and southern plain of Ganga called? Ans: Balthar soil
  9. What is Suresh Tendulkar Committee associated with? Ans: Determination of poverty line
  10. Where was the Tenth and the last Sikh Guru Gobind Singh born in 1666 A.D.? Ans: Patna
  11. Which project is second to Koshi Dairy Project in the rate of procurement in the Dairy Associations? Ans: Magadha Milk Project
  12. Where is Durgavati Waterfall situated? Ans: Kaimur
  13. What is Chhatri Chauhan? Ans: Valour based folk tales
  14. Where is India’s largest cattle fair organised? Ans: Bihar
  15. Where was Ustad Bismillah Khan, the recipient of highest state honour “Bharat Ratna”, born? Ans: Buxar
  16. Who was the first person from Bihar to become the Vice President of the country? Ans: Babu Jagjivan Ram
  17. Where was Shehnai player Bismillah Khan, the recipient of four distinct civilian honours, “Bharat Ratna”, “Padma Vibhushan”, “Padma Bhushan” and “Padmashri” born? Ans: 21st March 1916, Dumraon (Buxar)
  18. When and during whose reign the decade based regular census started? Ans: 1881 A.D., Lord Rippon
  19. When was family planning scheme launched in India? Ans: In 1948
  20. What is the targeted year to stabilise the population of the country according to National Population Policy-1999? Ans: The year 2045


  1. Which two regions had called for Non Co-operation before the Calcutta Conference in their regional meetings? Ans: Gujarat and Bihar
  2. Deshi, arlybedana, shahi, madranji (china), kaswa etc. are the varieties of which fruit? Ans: Litchi
  3. Who has been honoured with the title ‘Deshratna’? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  4. Which committee was founded in 1973 for measuring unemployment? Ans: Bhagwati Ayog
  5. At which place in Valmiki Nagar a dam was constructed under the Gandak Project in 1969-70? Ans: Triveni Ghaat
  6. What is the other name for general unemployment rate? Ans: Chronic unemployment rate
  7. What is the population of Bihar according to census-2011? Ans: 10.41 Crore
  8. What is the rate of increase in the number of tourists who visited Bihar in 2011-2015? Ans: 50 percent (Approx.)
  9. Grant for which shelter has been approved under the Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitat Scheme in the year 2014-15? Ans: Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. For which epic was Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ awarded the Jnanpeeth award? Ans: Urvashi
  11. Who is the author of ‘India Divided’? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  12. Where was the first meeting of Congress Socialist Party convened? Ans: Patna
  13. Who played a key role in the formation of Nana Sena in Nepal? Ans: Amar Singh
  14. Who was the last ruler of Vrihdrath Dynasty? Ans: Ripunjay
  15. What was the capital of Vajji union? Ans: Vaishali
  16. Which Magadha ruler defeated the Lichhivis of Vajji union? Ans: Ajaatshatru
  17. Who is the composer of ‘Revolutionary Quest’? Ans: Jayprakash Narayan
  18. Who was the first commander of British Army against Kunwar Singh? Ans: Captain Denver
  19. Who is the composer of ‘Bapu ke Kadmo main’? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  20. Which sect believes in the core religious principles of Buddhism? Ans: Hinayan


  1. Who is the first Mughal ruler whose records have been found in Bihar? Ans: Akbar
  2. Who was the first Indian to be granted the membership of House of Lords and Privy Council? Ans: Sachchidanand Sinha
  3. Prabodh Sahitya Sammaan is the highest literary honour of which language? Ans: Maithili
  4. Who was the promoter of Wahabi movement? Ans: Abdul Wahab (Arab)
  5. When was Vir Kunwar Singh University established? Ans: In 1992
  6. Who is addressed as Bihar Kesri? Ans: Dr. Shrikrishna Singh 7. In whose court Architect Mahagovind resided? Ans: Bimbisar
  7. When was Jayprakash Narayan awarded the Bharat Ratna? Ans: In 1999
  8. Which state was the first to launch the mobile services of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd? Ans: Bihar
  9. Where is Valmiki National Park located? Ans: Western Champaran (1989)
  10. When did Jayprakash Narayan announce Complete Revolution in Patna? Ans: 5th June, 1974
  11. When was Lorik Sena founded? Ans: In 1985
  12. Whose memorial is Nav Nalanda Mahavihara? Ans: Huen Tsang memorial 14. How many departments are there in Bihar Secretariat? Ans: 44
  13. Which University is being renovated with the assistance of China? Ans: Nalanda University
  14. To which generation the present Bodhi tree is associated? Ans: Fifth generation
  15. Who is the current Speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha? Ans: Shri Vijay Chaudhary
  16. Which Afghan leader from Bihar revolted against the Lodhi ruler, Ibrahim Lodhi? Ans: Dariya Khan Noohani
  17. How many National Parks are there in Bihar? Ans: 1
  18. How many wildlife sanctuaries are there in Bihar at present? Ans: 12


  1. When did Lord Cornwallis implement the Zamindari system under the Permanent Settlement in Bihar-Bengal region? Ans: 1793 A.D.
  2. The state highways in Bihar are being developed under which scheme in Bihar? Ans: Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojna
  3. At what position does Bihar stand in the top ten states of India from the viewpoint of tourism at present? Ans: 7th position
  4. Who chaired the Bombay Conference of Muslim League in the year 1915? Ans: Maulana Mazrul Haque
  5. What were the main weapons used by Ajaatshatru in battles? Ans: Thorne Rock (kantak shila) and Gadamusal
  6. When was Vaishali Archeological Museum established? Ans: In 1945
  7. Whose two records have been found in Basaadh (Vaishali)? Ans: Mahadevi Prabhudaya
  8. In which book of the Vedas, the documented description of Videh of Bihar can be found? Ans: Shatpath Brahmin
  9. Renowned wildlife conservation activist, Shri Ravindra Kumar Sinha was awarded with which award in the field of wildlife conservation in the year 2016? Ans: Padmashri
  10. On which level is the compensation granted to the losses incurred to the crop, cattle, house and human life, somebody rendered handicapped by the wild animals? Ans: Forest Divisional Officer
  11. Which state is the exception in the implementation of Wildlife Protection Act-1972? Ans: Jammu & Kashmir
  12. Who is the author of Prison Diary? Ans: Jayprakash Narayan
  13. What is the area of Bihar? Ans: 94, 163 sq km (36,357 sq mile)
  14. What is the ratio of area of Bihar to that of the area of India? Ans: 2.86 percent
  15. Who was the Prime Minister of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Chanakya
  16. Who was the first English traveller to visit Bihar? Ans: Ralph Fitch
  17. Who sent Megasthenese in the court of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans: Selukas
  18. Where was first Jain Council organised? Ans: Patliputra
  19. Who built Champa (Bhagalpur)? Ans: Mahagovind
  20. Who was the leader of Champaran Indigo Revolt? Ans: Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Which was the first place in Bihar where the remains of Neo Stone Age were found? Ans: Chirand (Chhapra)
  2. In which century did the Chinese traveller Itsing visit Bihar? Ans: 7th century
  3. During whose reign, Huen Tsang travelled all over Bihar? Ans: Harshvardhan
  4. Who was the first person from Bihar to become the Chief Justice of India? Ans: Bhuvneshwar Prasad Sinha
  5. Chanakya Awards are presented in which field? Ans: Political Science
  6. Which is the first electronic city of Bihar? Ans: Hazipur
  7. Which district is the largest producer of tea? Ans: Kishanganj
  8. The statue of Chamargrahini Yakshini is a symbol of superiority of folk art during the Mauryan era. Where was this statue found at? Ans: Deedarganj
  9. What is the rank of Bihar in the Human Development Index of India-2015? Ans: 21st
  10. What is the rank of Bihar in production of Rice? Ans: 5th
  11. When was the Public Grievances Redressal Act launched in Bihar? Ans: 5th June, 2016
  12. Which is the first Yoga University of the world? Ans: Munger Yoga University
  13. When was the battle of Chausa fought? Ans: 26 June, 1539
  14. Which water dweller (bhishti) saved Humayun’s life after the battle of Chausa? Ans: Nizam
  15. Chaudah Purvaas is the only literary composition of which Jaini? Ans: Digambar Jain
  16. When and by whom was Chechar found? Ans: In 1978, Dr. Yogendra Mishra
  17. Where is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Temple situated? Ans: Gayaghat, Patna City
  18. Where is Chandragupta Basadi Temple situated? Ans: Shravanbelgola
  19. Which is the second largest city of Bihar after Patna as per 2011 census? Ans: Gaya
  20. Which religion did Chandragupta Maurya follow? Ans: Jainism


  1. The renowned teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya belonged to which educational institution? Ans: Taxila
  2. When did Chandragupta Maurya fight Selukas? Ans: 303 B.C.
  3. Who was the first person from Bihar to receive Ashok Chakra? Ans: Randheer Verma
  4. Where is the lime stone based cement factory located? Ans: Banjari
  5. Who was the first chairperson of Bihar Women Commission? Ans: Manju Prakash
  6. Who was Fanishwarnath Renu? Ans: Poet
  7. When and where was Father Kamil Bulke born? Ans: 1st September 1909, Belgium
  8. Which city is situated on the banks of river Falgu? Ans: Gaya
  9. At which place was Third Buddhist Council held? Ans: Patliputra
  10. What was the name of pillar built by Ashoka at Taxila? Ans: Dharmrajika Stupa 11. When was third round table conference held? Ans: In 1932
  11. What kind of settlement is predominantly found in the Tarai region due to rugged land? Ans: Miscellaneous settlements
  12. Who has written Taarikh-i- Shershahi? Ans: Abbas Khan Shervaani
  13. Which city is the chief producer of Tasar? Ans: Bhagalpur
  14. Which literary source gives the information about the Turk invasion? Ans: Shahnama, by Firdausi
  15. What was the capital of Bihar in the Tughlaq era? Ans: Biharsharif
  16. Teur Canal has been carved out of which river? Ans: Gandak 18. In which city is Talhar Lake located? Ans: Rohtas
  17. Who was the first ruler to issue silver coins? Ans: Shershah
  18. 20. What is Jayprakash Narayan also known as? Ans: Loknayak

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